Weekend Links / / Flat Tire Injuries

Hey! I’m sorry I missed posting a Weekend Links on Friday.

Last week was long for many reasons, but adding to it all, I got a flat tire Wednesday night. Cars are a necessary annoyance, am I right? The culprit? A nail in my tire. I arrived to work fine, thankfully, but when I walked out, at 10:30 pm, my tire was completely flat. Phoenix makes everything so worth it, but in moments like this you realize kids do complicate matters. In other years, Jordan would just come get me, but we try to avoid waking a sleeping baby!

I’m grateful for friends who don’t mind taking you home.

Thursday morning a friend drove Jordan to our car and once we realized we would have to call a tow truck, Phoenix and I went to pick Jordan up. Phoenix was happy and content watching all of the commotion. He sits up and scoots constantly and gets himself into all sorts of funny positions. It’s fun to watch except when he does it during nap time. HAHA.

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Weekend Links / / Vanishing Mean Girls

Weekend Links / / Vanishing Mean Girls

^ A sneak peak of our New Years card I finally received this week!

Phoenix kept me on my toes this week, but I managed to finish listening to the audio of War and Peace and I’m only a few chapters away from the end of Maisie Dobbs. Next up (for my reading challenge) is Sense and Sensibility. I’m realizing reading and practicing yoga (even a few times a week) help me feel like I’ve accomplished something in my day.

Phoenix has started to sit-up and crawl. Just in time for his six month birthday. Let’s not talk about how old he is getting. After Phoenix’s well-visit this afternoon, my parents arrive for the weekend! I wasn’t prepared for him to become mobile this early. HA!

We don’t have any major plans during my parent’s visit, except Jordan and I hope to steal away to see a movie. Most likely, La La Land. Have you seen it?

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Weekend Links / / Survive and Thrive

Weekend Links | Survive and Thrive

Some weeks you thrive, while some you only survive. This week was all about survival. Phoenix is still sick and besides coffee runs, we mostly stayed home. Only time, hydration, and sleep will cure this cold (of course try telling a six month old to sleep longer!). I wanted to allow for as many successful naps as he’d give me since nights are hit or miss.

Prior to getting sick, we had arrived at a relatively reliable place of bedtime around 6-6:30 with two wakings between 12-4 AM to eat. A couple of nights this week Phoenix was up frequently coughing and had a really difficult time settling back down. It felt like newborn days again.

One of those nights, we had friends over for a movie night and it felt like I was upstairs more than I was downstairs watching the movie. Poor buddy. I’m grateful winter in Nashville isn’t as long. At least when you have a cold in the summer you can go on walks!

This week is ending on a high note. Last night was January’s Wine Club which came at the perfect time. I needed to get away and chat with other women!

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Weekend Links / / Peace, Snow and Sickness

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Snow Day Fun

Nashville experienced its first snow last weekend, obviously, we bundled Phoenix up. Phoenix didn’t quite know what to make of the snow when we set him in it.

Jordan got hit with a nasty cold and has spent most of the week out of commission. Phoenix is now full blown teething. A teeny tiny tooth has emerged! I don’t think it’s related to teething, but he also has his first cold. We told Phoenix it’s good to share, except for our germs. 😉 After several very cold days the weather is warming up this weekend. Hopefully, the added moisture will help us all.

Miraculously, I was off work last weekend so we laid extremely low — lots of cuddling (for the babes), football and Golden Globes on the tv  and plenty of coffee since Phoenix woke up earlier than normal. #teething

The pictures I planned to hang over the weekend are still on the ground But, we finally disassembled the Christmas tree (I miss the twinkle lights) and replaced the greenery with houseplants! Our house lets in a lot of natural light, so hopefully the plants will survive the winter and my black thumb!

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Weekend Links / / Happy New Years

Happy 2017, Everyone!

I unintentionally skipped posting my Weekend Links last Friday. The end of December was a bit of a whirlwind! Let’s recap the last couple of weeks.

Phoenix’s fist Christmas was both special and uneventful. Perfect, really. Jordan and I hadn’t been to church since Phoenix was born (moving and a fussy newborn was an overwhelming combination) but we really wanted to attend the Christmas Eve service. Phoenix loved it! He literally didn’t make a peep the entire service.

Every year my mom makes a Swedish tea ring for Christmas morning. I decided to carry on the tradition, except my yeast must have gone bad because it never rose! Thankfully, despite being rather dense, the pastry still tasted delicious. We spent the rest of the day at our friend’s house playing games and watching football.

We hosted my in-laws for a late Christmas last week. Even at five months, it’s really special to see Phoenix begin to recognize family members. This is when I’m extra thankful for modern technology such as FaceTime! He can have regular interactions from afar. Quite literally as soon as Jordan’s parents left, his brother and girlfriend arrived to spend a few days. It’s so nice to have space for hosting!

The four of us attended a New Years Eve party hosted by the co-working space Jordan works at. Before the party began, we went to dinner at Butchertown Hall and ate Jeni’s ice cream for dessert. When in Rome, right? I left the party early partly because I had work in the morning and also because Phoenix still eats twice in the night. I’m looking forward to next year when he can just have a sleepover somewhere. 😉

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Weekend Links / / It’s Christmas Time

Christmas Time

The holiday season is often bittersweet. My particular work place generally doesn’t close on Christmas day (location specific) and because of the give and take nature of time off, I’ve worked the last five Christmases. It was hard to miss out on family moments, but I told myself early on it wouldn’t always be like this. Plus, there was that one year I met Nicole Kidman on Christmas day. I found out, only a few days ago, someone generously took my shift! Yippee!

It’s been a tradition now for several years to attend some sort of Christmas concert, but between having a baby and moving I didn’t think much about making it happen this year. You can imagine my surprise when Jordan revealed tickets to The Nutcracker Ballet last weekend. I have a slight obsession with the ballet and it was really special to attend an actual professional performance. It was the perfect holiday date night.

We are carrying on the tradition of eating Christmas dinner at our friends house. Last year, I was still experiencing morning/all-day-sickness, so I’m looking forward to really enjoying it this year!

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Weekend Links / / Gift Guide Edition

gift guide

How is Christmas next week already? I’m hardly prepared! Jordan’s youngest sisters flew in late Wednesday night to visit with us for the week. Lately life feels full and overwhelming, so having family around to help with Phoenix is a blessing. Speaking of family, we took family photos this week. Jordan and I opt to send New Years cards. It’s less stressful that way. Phoenix did so well. We were so proud of him! He even treated us to an epic meltdown on the car ride home. 😉

It was only last year I wrote about taking family photos when nothing has changed. It felt very full circle to be here, a year later, taking family photos when so much has changed. I’m excited to share the photos soon. If you would like a New Years card message me your address!

This week got away from me, so instead of my usual blog reads I’m sliding in a gift guide! Maybe you finished your holiday shopping months ago but if you are like me, and tend to start early but end late, I have a few more suggestions. None of these items are holiday specific, so they could be given for a birthday too!

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Weekend Links / / Talking Fast and Holiday Hacks

Lauren Graham Talking as Fast as I Can

^ I can’t wait to begin reading this!

I usually start gathering my weekend links on Tuesday, but Thursday rolled around and I realized the end of the week was nearly here! I’m working a lot right now and it’s been challenging to stay on top of everything — blogging, housework, Phoenix… I mentioned last week I was hoping to begin decorating, but after working all weekend we couldn’t quite make it happen. Jordan and I did decide to purchase a real tree, which we’ll pick up on Sunday.

Two of Jordan’s sisters are flying in on Wednesday to stay with us for a week. I’m really excited! And not only for the help with Phoenix, but to cozy up and drink hot chocolate and watch Christmas movies. I always think those type of holiday traditions are even more enjoyable with family around. When I was in college I would drive the two hours to stay with my brother and sister-in-law during school breaks.

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Weekend Links / / Holiday Decorating, Maybe

Holiday Decorating

As the Gilmore Guys said in their recent recap episode, “We are living in a post Gilmore Girls: A Year in a Life world”. How are you all feeling about the four mini-episodes? I’m not going to delve into specifics, but if you’d like, reach out on social media to chat about it!

Jordan and I returned from our week in Chicago late Sunday night. The drive home went fairly smooth, despite Phoenix’s two separate one hour scream sessions. I can’t blame the kid though. He was tired while also being tired of sitting in his car seat. I see why people don’t travel with small children. It’s not easy!

I’m hoping we can do a little holiday decorating this week in-between our work schedules. Jordan flew out to Denver on Monday and returned home late last night so we haven’t had a chance to bring out the decorations. I’m debating still on whether or not to go all out with a real tree this year. I’ve never had one so the idea sounds endearing but people also keep telling me how much work they are. Do you have a real or fake tree?

There is still one more day to enter the Gilmore Girls themed giveaway!

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Weekend Links / / GILMORE GIRLS

Gilmore Girls Giveaway

Hello! I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving. Jordan and I survived our first road trip with Phoenix on Tuesday. It was interesting to say the least. Our original plan was to drive through the night, but by midnight with still two hours to go we caved and spent the night in a hotel. BEST DECISION EVER! We all slept in until 8:40. Phoenix usually is up by 6:15.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and having Phoenix makes this year even more special. Phoenix is loving all of the extra attention from his grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. Last year, morning sickness literally hit me Thanksgiving week so I had a lot of eating to make up for — so much pie, zero guilt!

In other news, Gilmore Girls : A Year in A Life is out! But first, no spoilers!! I haven’t watched any of the new revival episodes yet. This show means an enormous amount to me. I taped the premier back in 2001 after seeing previews run on the WB and never stopped watching. In college (even after transferring) I watched every episode with my roommates.

In celebration, I’ve teamed up with a great group of fellow Gilmore Girls fans for a special Gilmore themed giveaway. I’m jealous of whoever wins!

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