New Frames with Warby Parker

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Warby Parker Spring 2016 Launch

Glasses and I developed a relationship way back when in 1994. I was eight years old. I didn’t realize at the time what sort of bond would form between us. Now, glasses might as well be considered another appendage. My eyes are no good solo. Once when I lost my glasses white water rafting in Idaho I tried to persevere without them, but that’s a story for another day.

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Warby Parker Spring 2016 Launch

Warby Parker Spring 2016 Launch

My love for Warby Parker glasses is well-known by now. I have been rocking my Edgeworth pair for about two years and I receive compliments on them almost daily.

Glasses have been a staple in my ensemble since I was seven years old. My eyesight is terrible so they are an everyday necessity for me! The only problem is that paying for quality frames/lenses as an adult usually means parting ways with a good chunk of change. When I first heard about Warby Parker, how I could buy frames and lenses for less than $100 and that the company donates a pair for each purchase, I was hooked. I will admit I have a long way to go before all of my purchases are from ethically responsible companies but I at least feel confident about the purchase of my glasses.

Today, Warby Parker launches their spring 2016 line: We’re Heading to The Circus. It is full of bold colors and three new silhouettes. When Warby Parker asked me to help promote their new line, it came at just the right time. I have been in the market for another pair of glasses to add to my collection. In the past I never would have been able to afford to own multiple pairs at once but, with a $95 price point, it is completely feasible to have a few to mix and match.

I  ordered several for their Home-Try On program and will share my options and ultimate winner in different looks coming very soon!

Have you ever ordered glasses from Warby Parker?

Styled | 70s, Meet the 90s

denim skirt

Before we get into this outfit, I have to give a shout out to Megan. Earlier this month, she did a round-up of 14 Fashion Finds for Fall. One of the pieces mentioned was an a-line suede skirt. I commented about my excitement for a-line skirts coming back in vogue, but was looking for an a-line denim skirt with front buttons.

Well, she went a searching, sent me a link and voilà! I have a new denim skirt! Blogging buddies are the best.

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Warby Parker

Warby Parker Glasses

Let’s talk about glasses for a minute, shall we? I don’t remember my eyesight transitioning from good to poor, I just remember selecting my first pair of glasses. I was seven and they were strictly for reading. The next year I graduated to full-fledged bifocals (lines included!). Every two years I would get a new pair of glasses once my prescription changed: initially my color choice was pink or purple and then I matured to blue or beige.

Because I began swimming competitively when I was 10, I eventually had to start wearing contacts underneath my goggles (this was realized once I couldn’t read the giant digital clock anymore). In high school I outgrew the need for bifocals which made wearing contacts much easier. Contacts became my main source of vision assistance until problems arose: dry eyes and protein deposits that were the result of an allergy. Prescription eye drops helped, but only if used everyday. I switched to one-a-day contacts, which eliminated the need for the eye drops, but were too expensive to use everyday. About three years ago, I decided to buy a pair of glasses that I really liked to alternate with my contacts. I began to really like wearing glasses again and now only wear contacts occasionally.

As a person who wears glasses primarily, I desired to have more than one pair (a nice pair of glasses and a play pair of glasses) but $250/$350 just wasn’t in my budget. Then I remembered Warby Parker. They provide reasonably priced glasses and also partner with organizations to give a pair to people in need (like the Toms Shoes model). I was a little skeptical that purchasing glasses online would work for me. I was wrong!

Let’s break down the specifics. First you can select up to five pairs of glasses for the free, home try on program. My initial idea was to go with a rounder frame (my current pair was more rectangular). Luckily I scored on the first go-round, but if I hadn’t liked any of them, I could have picked five more until I found a winner. Next you have to acquire a current prescription from your optometrists office. Finally, follow the online instructions for uploading your prescription and you are all set!

The glasses start at $95 which includes frames AND lenses! Because my prescription is above a certain strength they cost an extra $30 dollars, but I still couldn’t believe I got such a beautiful product for under $130. The frames do feel lighter than previous frames, but if a little less plastic means a more economical price I am ok with it. Anytime I get new glasses my eyes take about a day to adjust and it wasn’t any different with these.  One of my main concerns was how I would get them adjusted, but they fit perfectly and I’m assuming my optometrist would do it for me in the future.

Warby Parker Glasses

Warby Parker Glasses

Have any of you used Warby Parker before?

**I’m wearing Edgeworth in Whiskey Tortoise.