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Hey Friends! Late last night we arrived safely at my parents’ house just in time to send my nieces off to bed. I’ve missed them and they are already taller and smarter. We are relishing this time with our families.

Spring literally sprung this week and I’m loving it! On our way to church on Easter morning, we passed by several magnolia trees and I just had to take a picture. My parents have a magnolia tree in their front yard and this little reminder of home was extra special.

/ / I began the week by celebrating two years of blogging! I love investing time into this space. Anna reflected on her first three months of blogging and I couldn’t agree more with her statement. “I love having a space where I am free to try new things, find out what I like to write, and find out what you like to read.” 

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/ / Daisy has a way of breaking down and simplifying complicated tasks on her blog: style, travel, cooking, and entertaining. Her simple outdoor BBQ menu is seasonally, fresh, and easily thrown together. I love the ease of outdoor entertaining.

/ / Speaking of simplifying, Apartment Therapy shared 10 Commandments of a Clutter-Free Life. I love simplicity but I’m not quite a minimalist. Both Jordan and I enjoy collecting a few things (cookbooks, records, vintage cookware, etc.) and our house has mementos of family and adventures. Despite that, our apartment simply doesn’t have space for a lot of items we don’t love/use. Every week I try to go through a drawer and purge, but I appreciate Apartment Therapy’s fourth commandment: “Don’t underestimate the importance of a junk drawer.” Amen!

/ / Can woman really wear the same thing everyday? An interesting Huffington Post op-ed asked the question, can working women (it was more geared towards office attire) wear a signature uniform like Mark Zuckerberg’s grey tee-shirt everyday? I actually enjoy wearing a “uniform” to work, but how professional is a grey tee-shirt really?

Happy Weekend, all!

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^Anniversary trips to Curtis Orchard in 05′ & ’10, respectivly.

Jordan posted a throwback thursday photo to Instagram yesterday. This led me to look through my iPhoto albums, finding several pictures I had forgotten about! October 14 marked nine years together. I still vividly remember the day where we became “official” (Even my outfit! Leggings, short jean skirt, & my fighting Illini t-shirt). Other moments from these past nine years aren’t as clear. So, I’m thankful for photographs to help jog my memory. Purchasing our DSLR camera three years ago was one of the best purchases we’ve made!

Last Saturday, Jordan and I finally signed up for a library card. I feel like that is official resident status, right? We browsed for a bit to figure out the vibe of this library branch (we are able to go to any of the Nashville libraries). I checked out an audio version of Jane Austen’s Emma from Books On Tape. I love listening to British accents!

Now onto my favorite links from the week!

/ / Amy Poehler’s great interview on Fresh Air.

/ / Natalie Jean’s round-up of 90’s fashion trends that are back. This had me cracking up and while I’m rocking a few of these now, I’m glad the cut/fabrics are better now!

/ / Bed and Breakfasting by Ashley. I found Ashley’s blog before I moved to Nashville and her recommendations around town mean even more to me now that I live here! Ashley and her husband stayed at the cutest little B & B along the Natchez Trace. It looked like the perfect little getaway.

/ / Cassie on her blog, Sage The Blog, started a marriage series. Each week she features a different blogger discussing an aspect of marriage dear to them. My blogging friend turned real-life Nashville friend, Rebecca, shared on fidelity this week.

Meaning to truly show my husband fidelity, I need to support his dreams and give him a safe place to express his desires without feeling like I am judging him.

Despite that fact that he is often an action-oriented person, Jordan is totally a creative and a dreamer. I hope that I’m always able to be his safe place to share his dreams.

What have you been reading this week?

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The Big Apple


Greetings from New York City!

Jordan and I have had a whirlwind past few days — getting up early, taking the NJ transit into the city, and walking all over. So much walking, you guys… That is until we eventually figured out the subway, which is surprisingly easy to use.

The first couple of hours on our first day in the city was a little overwhelming, but we quickly settled in and found a good rhythm.

We are going through our list of places we wanted to visit, all while finding sweet little gems a long the way; our perfect vacation cocktail. But at the moment (while writing this), we are relaxing with my family and watching the World Cup final.

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The Packing Dilemma


Packing, oh packing! I am not a minimalist by nature. My purse is almost always (over) stocked with (non) essentials like 25 bobbi pins, three lipsticks, and backup glasses for contact days. This isn’t really an issue for everyday jaunts, but when I need to anticipate clothing needs for a week or more, things get tricky. The first couple of years of our marriage luggage was still free on flights, it was a rude awakening the first time we had to limit to a carry on!

I almost always end up bringing the pants that only work with that one pair of shoes or the shirt that should have been ironed/happens to have a stain (true story from our road trip). The completely neutral, mix and match wardrobe, would be ideal not only in life, but travel. I’m not there yet. Maybe when I grow up 😉

If you follow me on Pinterest you’ve probably noticed my obsession with packing lists. Sometimes I find them a little unrealistic, especially considering most people will want to change into something different for evening activities. I don’t know about you, but after I’ve walked all day, I like to freshen up.

When you are reading this Jordan and I will already be in New York City! I really enjoy seeing how other’s pack and than practically wear those items. I loosely based my packing list off of this one, but since I no longer need room for a blow dryer/flat iron (longer length + grown out bangs = less high maintenance hair), I brought a couple extra pieces.

Packing List (6 full days + 2 travel days)

4 bottoms (2 pants, 2 shorts)
3 dresses (1 dressy for Broadway show, 1 sundress that will double as a coverup if we decide to go to the Jersey Shore, 1 extra dress for day or night)
3 Sleeveless tops
3 Tee shirts
1 Chambray button up
1 Jean jacket
1 Pull over sweatshirt for planes and cold bedrooms
3 pairs of shoes (sandals, wedges, and sneakers)

And of course the extras…

Undergarments, toiletries, bathing suit, and jewelry.


^ Vacations are one of the only times that my jewelry gets worn. Now that I don’t work in an office, they often sit on my dresser untouched. 🙁


Our NYC itinerary is loosely planned, so I took flexibility into consideration with my choices. I still managed to have space in my carry on! Success!

/ / Do you find it difficult to pack everything into a carry on?

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Scenes from the Road


After 19 + hours on the road, traveling through Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas we are finally in New Mexico! Whew! I seriously don’t know how truck drivers do their job. My body does not like to sit for that long.

A few lessons I learned on the road:

1 | Stop frequently to swap out drivers or just stretch your legs! We probably added an extra hour, but in the long run it was worth taking that moment to snap photos of that Texas storm and get some fresh air.

2 | Avoid the dollar menu. Splurge a little and order that salad. Fast food is somewhat unavoidable on the road (unless you are really organized and and pack all your meals), but most places have healthier options.

3 | Ignore your instincts to leave the hairspray behind. You will want it.

4 | Time will go by quicker if you allow yourself to get a little silly. Jordan and his brother spent about 20 minutes conversing exclusively in exaggerated southern accents. Every time I tried joining in, I couldn’t stop laughing.

5 | “Car face” is a real condition.


^ Taking a dance break.


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