San Francisco | Brunch at Plow

Jordan and I spent 2.5 weeks in April and May of 2016 driving the coast of California. If you’d like to start at the beginning click here.

San Francisco Street

After exploring San Francisco by bus, we met fellow blogger, Kelly, for brunch at Plow on our last full day. Afterwards, Jordan and I spent the afternoon exploring, shopping and eating ice cream in the Mission district. As always, we took too many photos to put our day all in one post. First up, brunch at Plow!

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Palace of Fine Arts

Jordan and I spent 2.5 weeks in April and May of 2016 driving the coast of California. If you’d like to start at the beginning click here.

Palace of Fine Arts

It is strange to write these California posts and see my pregnant belly now that Phoenix is 16 weeks old! I look at pictures and then look over at my son and think to myself, “It was you all along.”

Now being in the throes of newborn land, I am even more thankful Jordan and I went to California for an extended vacation. I look forward to sharing stories from our adventures with Phoenix, especially this trip since he was there too!

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Taking San Francisco by Bus

Jordan and I spent 2.5 weeks in April and May of 2016 driving the coast of California. If you’d like to start at the beginning click here.

San Francisco Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour

After our first full day exploring San Francisco, Jordan and I realized my energy level was tapering off. Hello third trimester! We still had a lot of ground to cover, but we quickly realized our game plan had to change. So we did something we’ve never done on vacation, ride a hop-on-hop-off bus tour!

Usually, in large cities, we opt for walking or public transportation though I will say San Francisco’s public transportation isn’t the easiest to maneuver. We thought riding the bus, would not only give my legs a break, but be a new and interesting way to hear facts about the city. And we were right!

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The Mill in San Francisco

Jordan and I spent 2.5 weeks in April and May of 2016 driving the coast of California. If you’d like to start at the beginning click here.


After our time admiring the Painted Ladies, Jordan and I needed a coffee (i.e. bathroom) break. After performing a quick Google search, I found plenty of coffee shops the next block over. We settled on the Mill in San Francisco which is part bakery, part coffee shop and completely adorable.

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A Full House in San Francisco

Jordan and I spent 2.5 weeks in April and May of 2016 driving the coast of California. If you’d like to start at the beginning click here.

Painted Ladies San Francisco

Oh, San Francisco. I’m not completely sure what to think about you. On one hand, you are breathtakingly beautiful. From oceans to mountains to old Victorian homes, it al paints a serene picture. On the other hand, you are difficult to maneuver, expensive and your homeless population is widespread.

After visiting a large city, Jordan and I like to compare and contrast them with one another. So, while San Francisco loses points on the public transportation front, it does win in many other areas; especially with its historic landmarks. Those are worth seeing.

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Weekend Links / / Perfect Snugapuppy

Weekend Links Baby K'tan

Currently I’m sitting on our couch while baby Phoenix naps in his Snugapuppy bouncer. A friend loaned us their bouncer and in the last few days Phoenix has preferred to nap this way. Speaking of sleep (in addition to tracking his feedings) on Wednesday I started tracking naps. I figure by tracking, I’ll start to notice Phoenix’s own natural rhythm. For instance, his first sleep of the night is his longest stretch. The past few days he’s slept from 7pm-11pm. This is our best chance for sleep too!

We have friends in town this weekend. I’m excited to spend time outside of the house and for them to meet Phoenix! The hardest part of these past two weeks has been being (mostly) housebound. This was necessary, as I’m recovering from surgery, but I’m feeling the itch to explore. I’m hoping the humidity will begin to break soon so we can go on daily walks without melting!

Onto the links!

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San Luis Obispo

The Madonna Inn

Even though technically the drive from Los Angeles to San Fransisco is only six hours and easily done in one day, Jordan and I split the drive into two. San Luis Obispo is the perfect middle point which made it an ideal place to spend our one night on the road. Despite SLO sort of being in the middle of farmland, it’s a college town and has a lively and thriving local community.

(Fun fact: Jamba Juice began as a senior project from a graduate of California Polytechnic Institute!)

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Beverly Hills, that’s where I want to be… 

Beverly Hills California

Our West Coast trip began in Southern California and ended in Northern California. Usually, our stateside trips involve one major city at a time but I really enjoyed exploring different parts of California. Besides my home state of Illinois, I’ve now seen more of California than any other state.

Although Jordan and I stayed closer to the coast, I still feel like I got good glimpses into the personalities of regions of southern, central and northern California. I discovered that Southern California is more my speed but the views as you drive the Pacific Coast Highway towards San Francisco are unbeatable. But that is post for another day. Today we are going to talk about Beverly Hills!

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Weekend Links / / Piles of Laundry

Jordan and I arrived home very late on Wednesday night. Our laundry pile might be out of control, but there is watermelon and La Croix in the fridge and lasagna defrosting for dinner. I made a very smart (unintentional) decision to wait a few days before going back to work. This isn’t always an option but is so helpful, especially in the third trimester. It gives me extra time for all our laundry. 😉

Yesterday, was my glucose test and here’s to hoping I passed! The drink was rather disgusting, especially since the last thing I wanted to consume after a long vacation was added sugar. Afterwards, I scheduled appointments for the remainder of this pregnancy. WHAT?! I can’t believe we are approaching the finish line.

Onto the links!

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Currently / / May

China Town San Francisco

Celebrating | Entering my third trimester! After waiting nearly three years it’s a little hard to believe I’m in the tail of this experience.

Reading | Not nearly as much as I would like. I always think I’ll read a lot on trips, but Jordan and I stay busy so once my head hits the bed I crash. I am about halfway through A Homemade Life which I am loving.

Pondering | The end of a successful road trip through California. These next few months are going to be filled with a lot of baby prep so it was really special having time where life was put on hold.

Sipping | Sparkling water with lots of lime or decaf iced mochas. I have tried a lot of iced mochas on this trip and I have to say the best one I had was from Peet’s Coffee.

Going | Home! Today we are flying home and will have about a week to re-acclimate before we travel to Chicago for our baby shower.

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