Third Trimester Musings

Third Trimester Pregnancy

Despite the discomfort that comes with growing a human, I really enjoyed being pregnant. Some seasons were easier than others but attempting to live moment to moment helped me move through the more challenging symptoms.

The third trimester of pregnancy begins on week 28 and lasts until your baby arrives! I entered my third trimester while on our California road trip. There was a distinctive shift (while walking around San Francisco) in my energy and endurance level as I transitioned into my third trimester. Our Baby was getting bigger and my body required more effort to move throughout the day.

“Your little one will get a whole lot larger in the third trimester, growing from about 2 1/2 pounds and 16 inches long in week 28 of pregnancy to between 6 and 9 pounds and 19 to 22 inches long in week 40.” — What to Expect

I didn’t have too many new symptoms arise in the third trimester, but let’s dive into my final trimester.

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Weekend Links / / Flight of WOW

39 Weeks Pregnant

A few months ago, Jordan and I bought tickets for Flight of the Conchords’ stateside tour. It was a bit of a risk considering we knew I’d be 39 weeks pregnant, but we figured we’d see how I was feeling. Reselling was always an option or Jordan could bring a buddy. Thankfully, I have been feeling well and so we settled in for the night (I have a few snaps from the night. Click on the Snapchat button to watch!). Jordan and I have been fans of Bret and Jemaine since their television show was on HBO. I’m so happy we had a chance to see them live!

In other Short family news, earlier this week, Jordan and I signed up for a Costco membership which truly feels like the most adult thing we’ve ever done. We were practically giddy browsing the aisles despite being fully stocked with groceries at home! What are your favorite Costco purchases?

So, how am I feeling at 39 weeks pregnant? Pretty good! Knowing baby boy will arrive any day now is a strange and exciting feeling.

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Weekend Links / / Thirty-Eight Weeks

Weekend Reading

I’m sitting here watching an early season two episode of Gilmore Girls lacking any sort of motivation to empty the dishwasher and make our bed. People ask me daily if I’m over it, especially at thirty-eight weeks pregnant, and ready for this baby to arrive, but honestly I’m not. I’m already feeling nostalgic for his kicks.

In other news…

This week has been filled with a little more reading, a lot of Wimbledon tennis watching and a hair color refresh as all women who are about to go into labor should do something that’ll make them feel more like themselves.

This week has also been extremely heartbreaking and infuriating and as a white female I often don’t really know how to respond. I will leave you with one of Leslie Odom Jr.’s tweets, “I will live. I will work. I will make art. A life with love at its center is radical protest in the face of evil.” I’m praying for all those families who have lost loved ones this week in senseless shootings. We need heart change.

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Weekend Links / / Parenting, Potlucks & Podcasts

Thirty-Six Weeks Pregnant

This week Jordan and I are making progress on transitioning our space for the baby. Yesterday, I went shopping for mama and Yoshi. I needed to purchase lounge clothes for the first few weeks and more newborn/0-3 clothes. It is not easy to find affordable basic baby clothes without crazy sayings and wild colors! Our carseat and stroller also arrived this week. Yay!

We sold a chair to make room for our crib, so over the weekend Jordan is going to assemble the crib and install our carseat. Our plan is actually to trade in one of our vehicles, but we want it ready just in case little man decides to make an early entrance! There is nothing like having a baby to encourage a massive overhaul of your belongings.

Our hospital tour was this week as well. It’s a good feeling knowing where to park and enter because whenever I visit someone in the hospital I always get lost! Even though there are no signs this little guy will make an early appearance, Jordan and I both feel more prepared in case something were to happen.

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Weekend Links / / Açaí Bowling

Açaí Bowls

As of Wednesday I am 35 weeks pregnant! Eek! Time is flying by in both amazing and slightly nerve-racking ways. This weekend is all about installing our car seat and beginning to pack the hospital bag. Though there aren’t any clear signs our little man has intentions to make an early arrival. For all you mommas, what was one unconventional item you either wished you brought with you or was glad you had in your hospital bag?

In other news, I received my first set of eyelash extensions this week! My friend, Kara Gaylor, is a certified lash specialist in town and performed her magic on me. Lash extensions were something I had wanted for quite sometime and now seemed like perfect timing. For me to feel awake and ready for anything, I like to apply at least concealer and mascara. Well, even great mascara doesn’t do much for my blonde lashes so why not eliminate one step?

For any of my Nashville locals, Kara is offering a special where your first fill is free! Just make sure to mention my name when you call.

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Weekend Links / / Summer Essentials

Strawberry Picking

^ Strawberry picking from last weekend.

Jordan and I had a pretty picturesque weekend and whenever we have several days off together (even when we’re still working on projects) I have a difficult time transitioning back to a normal schedule. Our time as a twosome is coming to an end and I’m soaking it all up.

My 33 week appointment was yesterday and the reality of Baby Yoshi’s arrival being in single digits is finally settling in. I began the paperwork needed for my leave and while I’m so thankful I have leave, trying to get all of my questions answered has been challenging! I was transferred to three different departments and I’m still waiting on a few answers.

To top it all off, I ruined several of Jordan’s shirts in the wash when I spilled bleach all over the floor yesterday afternoon. To say I’m looking forward to the weekend is an understatement.

Onto the links!

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