Thanksgiving 2016


A Thanksgiving recap, two weeks later!!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It has everything, family, food, football and pie! So much pie! Jordan and I have had a busy four months and we were looking forward to relaxing with family. The eight hour drive to Chicago was our first trip with Phoenix. We learned a lot. Such as, driving through the night only works if you leave on time. Otherwise, you’ll need to spend the night in a small town in Central Illinois. ūüėČ

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Weekend Links / / A Giveaway


Greetings from Chicago! I hope you all are having a great week. I work in retail, and while I was able to get time off this week I will be working Christmas so I am soaking this time with our families. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and¬†it was a great day.¬†I have three nieces and a nephew all under the age of 7. My parent’s house gets crazy in 2.5 seconds, but it’s a fun kind of chaos.

On Wednesday, I mentioned I would be on the newest episode of Vernacular Podcast and the episode was released today! I was brought on to discuss my gift guide and to tease the Vernacular Podcast + A Short Blonde Holiday Giveaway! We gathered together some of our favorite items to send to one lucky winner: Nashville BBQ sauce, coffee from a local Nashville roaster, this cookbook (the author, Ashley Rodriguez, was interviewed on the podcast) and many more fun goodies. Good Luck!

Onto the links!

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Weekend links / / Frozen MacBooks

Yoga with Adriene

This week went very differently then originally intended. While Jordan was in LA for work, I planned on scheduling posts, catching up on emails and projects until my computer (his hand-me-down) MacBook froze on me! I’m having the worst luck with technology lately! Haha.

I spent a good chunk of time with the wonderful Apple Geniuses yesterday and miraculously it looks like my MacBook will come back working! In other news, I’m still going strong with Yoga with Adriene’s 30 Days of Yoga.

What are your plans for Thanksgiving? We’ll be traveling to Chicago and can’t wait! I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy the time together with your friends and family.

Onto the links!

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Styled | Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day Style

In my family, Thanksgiving is our committed weekend to all be together. Christmas is different every year, but Thanksgiving is my family’s holiday. It’s also when we take our yearly¬†family photo! I love this time of year.

Between traveling, cooking, and present buying, the hustle and bustle of holiday season can leave us frazzled. Add one more element (such as selecting what to wear for a photo to be sent out to friends and remain on your parent’s mantle for generations) can seem like too much.

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Currently / / November

A Short Blonde - November - Flannel - Jean Jacket

I have been participating in Jenna and Anne’s¬†“Currently Link-up” for exactly one year! I love their prompts and I hope you enjoy reading my monthly snippets.

Planning¬†/ / Jordan’s new computer came in last week (woohoo!) and instantly we (ok, mostly Jordan!) went to work transferring files and catching up on deadlines.¬†Jordan will be¬†traveling quite a bit this month, so we took advantage of our few days off together and¬†did¬†photoshoots¬†for several upcoming posts.

Cooking / / I eat differently than a lot of my friends and family, so sometimes it is easier to provide my own food. I wouldn’t expect¬†everyone¬†to completely alter their food plans for me. Thus, I’m playing around with a few simple dishes to bring with me for Thanksgiving. I’m experimenting with saut√©ed tofu to eat with a side of rice and beans (plenty of veggies will be supplied). It isn’t your typical Thanksgiving fare but I am eating plenty of pumpkin and fall inspired meals at home! For me, it’s more important to spend time with my family.

Smelling / / My fall candle obsession is still growing strong. We finished “Sweater Weather” and now have “Pumpkin Pecan Waffle” burning.¬†It’s like we’re living in a bakery.

Appreciating / / On the few mornings I’m not at work before 6 AM I fully embrace slow mornings: cuddling in bed, making coffee (and drinking it with my new favorite almond milk creamer from Silk which is a game changer!) and reading. It’s especially nice this time of year when an extra blanket is needed to cozy up in!

Anticipating / /¬†I am so excited to visit Chicago this month. There isn’t always a guarantee to receive time off during the holidays when working retail. My store is really accommodating and I feel extremely fortunate to have five days off to spend time with our families.

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Thanksgiving in Photos


^ Our snowy drive.


^ My parents have Thanksgiving prep down to an exact science, but some dishes are better made the day of consumption. ūüôā


^ Luke’s first Thanksgiving! He roamed wherever he could find the space.


^ My nieces are at the age where they enjoy helping. They were tasked with setting the table.


^ The original place card I created when I was younger.


^ Thanksgiving Day Family Photo!


^ The one and only round of Bananagrams that I won. Jordan’s sisters are winning machines.

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Weekend Links / / Sea Salt Memories


^ My mom’s dried lavender.

How was your Holiday weekend?¬†I spent a whirlwind two days back in Chicago for Thanksgiving (pictures coming next week!). It was great seeing family and friends, but the seven hour drive home while still having to work the rest of the week was rough! I’m just now catching up.

Jordan didn’t need to rush back, so he stayed until Wednesday. I’m glad he had that extra time with family and friends. I did what all girls do when their husbands leave for a week, I watched sad movies (TFIOS¬†and¬†Wish I was Here) and caught up on¬†blog¬†reading.

Here are a few of my favorites!

/ / Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Popcorn. I love popcorn and often eat it for a light meal. This combo sounds utterly divine and would be a great party snack!

/ / Rae’s reasons why she chooses to bring her camera with her and¬†photograph the little moments¬†are spot on! When do we ever look back at old photographs and wonder why we captured them? We really don’t. I have regretted not taking photos.

/ / I kind of wish¬†Tracy¬†was my older sister (if I had an older sister). Her¬†gift guide¬†has a little bit of everything: fashion, home and crafts. Even if I don’t purchase a specific item from someones gift guide, it does give me lots of ideas.

/ / Elizabeth wrote about¬†praying intentionally¬†for our husbands on¬†Cassie’s¬†blog series, Equally Yoked. She gave tips such as¬†having note cards with scripture that allows us to dive deeper.

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/ / Linking with Meagan.

My Movember Man


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. The essence of Christmas and Advent season is sacred to me, but the actual process of getting to December 25th can be stressful. My family is comprised of foodies. Everyone cooks and cooks really good food, so Thanksgiving has always been our special time.

I’m so extremely thankful I was able to get just enough time off of work to make it home to Chicago for Thanksgiving this year. It’ll be the quickest trip, but a trip none the less. We can’t wait to see our families.

Can I talk about my husband for a moment? If I’m going to say one thing I am thankful for this year, it is Jordan Short. He is kind, strong, funny, and the hardest working man I know. He supports my creative endeavors and holds me during the¬†hard moments. I wouldn’t want to spend my days with anyone else.

I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving! And let’s remember, calories don’t count on holidays.

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Pumpkin Apple Crisp

Are there¬†two foods more associated with autumn than pumpkin and apple? Every Thanksgiving my dad makes apple and pumpkin pie, but I never thought to combine the flavors. Along with the mass amounts of apples in my fridge, I’ve been hoarding Trader Joe’s canned pumpkin. They only keep them seasonally so I want to be prepared for when they leave the store! I’m not quite ready for this season to end (though retail stores like to think Christmas begins in November).
I had an event last week where I needed to bring a dessert and decided upon an apple¬†crisp with a twist. Crisps are simple, easy and an excellent¬†way to use up¬†apples if you’ve been to an orchard. I searched on Pinterest for some inspiration (like I always do) and stumbled upon this recipe. Do you follow Minimalist Baker? Well, if you don’t you should start now! Most of the recipes by this husband and wife duo are vegan and/or grain-free with¬†10 ingredients or less. I’m not gluten-free at the moment, but I have many¬†friends who are, so I’m always browsing their site for suggestions!
The pumpkin/apple filling comes from Minimalist Baker, but to better utilize ingredients I had on hand I used a different crisp recipe.
4 1/2 – 5 cups sliced, peeled apples (I used granny smith)
1/4 tsp sea salt
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
1/4 tsp pumpkin pie spice (cinnamon, all spice, nutmeg & ginger)
1/3 cup sugar (I used part brown sugar, part cane sugar)
2 Tbsp pumpkin butter* (or sub pumpkin puree and add a bit more sugar + cinnamon {this is what I did})
1 1/2 Tbsp unbleached all-purpose flour
Cut¬†apples, keep peels on or off, and toss together with the¬†other ingredients. The longer you leave the apples and sugar resting, the more juices you’ll create. I should have let it sit longer (I gave it 30 minutes).


2 1/2 cups oats
5 tbsp almond flour/meal (or ground almonds) (I used all-purpose flour, though if I would have had almonds I would have ground them)
a pinch of salt
¬Ĺ tsp vanilla
5 tbsp maple syrup or honey
5 tbsp cold-pressed coconut oil, room temperature

Mix dry ingredients, add in the wet, combine with your hands. Sprinkle evenly over top. Bake at 350 for 45-50 minutes or until the apples bubble and oats look golden brown.

Serve plain, with ice cream or coconut cream!

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