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The Shorts Go To Florida

Hey all!

Jordan and I are in Florida on a last-minute trip. The original reason we chose to come is to attend an event tonight in honor of Relevant Podcast celebrating 10 years of podcasting! I remember Jordan sharing their podcast (& magazine) with me during the early years of our relationship. When this live show event was announced, we jumped straight away to ordering our tickets!

I’ll share more about our weekend soon, but holy humidity! Florida can be intense! Haha.

Before we dive into the links, I wanted to mention my posting schedule will be lighter for the next few weeks. Finding a balance between producing and creating content has been difficult for me this summer. I’m giving myself permission to pursue and build new content while tidying up with behind the scenes maintenance. I am excited to share!

On to the links!

/ / DIY Rose Water Spray. No joke, I was researching rose-water sprays when I stumbled upon this make your own recipe. I like using a facial moisture spray to refresh my face throughout the day or simply as a prep for make-up. I’m almost out of my Paul Mitchell Awaphui spray and was curious to try something different.

/ / PSA: Get Your Skin Checked. After following this story, I immediately told Jordan we needed to schedule appointments to have a skin screening. Jordan was traveling at the time and then summer happened. I felt like all I had done since the beginning of the year was schedule doctors appointments, so I put it off. I’m so thankful Emily shared her dermatology experience (which wasn’t the best!) — it was the reminder I needed.

/ / Exercise: A Like Story. Kate’s writing and humor either has me laughing or crying.Her recent story about her relationship to exercise had me in stitches.

“Official Yelp Review—>

I had heard about Exercise for many years and decided to finally give it an honest try at The Gym. Pros: emotional release, stronger muscles, social activity, increased sex drive. Cons: Still kind of hate exercise. 4/5 stars.”

/ / Building Intimacy in Your Marriage When There’s Abuse In Your Past. While Brittany’s story does not resemble mine, I do know when infertility became a part of my story reading blogs, books and articles were my refuge. I found my people. Many woman will feel less alone after reading this.

/ / Blueberry Picking in Michigan. I follow several bloggers from Michigan. When they share about visits home (especially during the summer months) I seriously question why Jordan and I never visited the coastal towns on Lake Michigan?

Happy Weekend, all!

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For Your Listening Pleasure

Popular Podcasts

My brothers and I listened to a lot of music and children’s radio programs when we were young. Recordings of The Sound of Music and Anne of Green Gables were in constant rotation. When I was around five, I received a Fisher-Price tape recorder for either a birthday or Christmas present. It had a rounded handle, colored buttons, and a microphone! Now for the first time, I had a way to listen my own stuff on the go!

On family road trips we often listened to Adventures in Odyssey, a radio drama program. Adventures in Odyssey began as a radio show in 1987 and has since released the episodes for home listening (we had them on cassette tape!). Odysessy is a fully realized world, with interesting and deep characters that are challenged with real life dilemmas. Most episodes take place in the present, but they also focus on historical events. When I sing the U.S. National Anthem, I think of the Adventures in Odyssey episode where they retell the event that influenced the poem!

After listening to a few episodes with my family, I would grab my trusty tape recorder, start an episode and toss a blanket over my head to isolate myself with the story. I would spend countless hours each week listening, learning, and using my imagination. At first, reading didn’t come easy to me, but these audio tapes allowed me to delve into a different world, just like books can.

When I began commuting to Chicago, I learned early on that music wasn’t the best distraction for the drive. Podcasts are fresh and new – you don’t know when one segment will end and another will begin, while songs can become predictable – they are usually around 3 – 3.5 minutes each (for this same reason, I don’t usually to listen to music while I workout).

I am constantly listening to podcasts: on my way to and from work, when I cook or clean or while I’m working from home. Just like when Jordan and I began watching The Big Bang Theory this summer, when I discover a new podcast I binge listen!  Below are a few of my favorite podcasts, which can all be found through iTunes or listened directly from their websites.

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