The Best Parenting Podcasts

Best Parenting Podcasts

Do you listen to podcasts? Podcasts are treats to me while cleaning or cooking. It seems every week I find a new podcast to subscribe too. It’s hard for me to keep up!

Listening to podcasts used to be an arduous task. Each episode had to either be played on your computer or downloaded onto an iPod. The process is much simpler now! The free podcast app on your phone allows you to search and download episodes to your favorite shows. The episodes than live directly inside the app.

I listen to podcasts not only for entertainment, but also education and encouragement.

Today, I’m sharing my favorite parenting podcasts.

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Relevant Podcast Live

Relevant Podcast Anniversary Show

Live podcasting events are fairly common now, at least amongst popular talk radio style shows. For example, the Gilmore Guys have been touring all summer: LA, Austin, NYC and Philadelphia. I listen to these live recordings, but I never gave much thought about traveling to attend one. Last month, Relevant Podcast announced it would celebrate its 10th Anniversary by hosting a live event in Orlando.

Jordan’s been listening to the Relevant Podcast since 2005 and expressed a desire to go the live event. After looking into it, we were able to secure two tickets. I then had to figure out if I could get off work last-minute. After rearranging my schedule and working (too many) days in a row, we jumped in our Camry and hit the open road!

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Podcasts | Revisited

Top Podcasts

Last year I shared six of my favorite podcasts. My love of streaming radio (IE podcasts) has only continued to increase and I thought it was time to update that list.

While I still listen to the original six I mentioned, I’ve fallen into the rabbit hole of the podcast genre I call, people-candidly-talk-about-the-random-things-they-love. These types of shows are a little more talk radio and a little less structured news segments.

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Weekend Links / / Podcast Famous


“We talk to ordinary people and tell their extraordinary stories.”

Last Sunday night, Jordan and I recorded an episode of Vernacular Podcast. I am a HUGE podcast lover and while I was excited and honored to be asked on as a guest, I was a bit nervous. It’s always interesting to be recorded and hear/see the verbal/personal ticks one has. I totally understand why actors don’t watch their own movies!

Thankfully, the recording process with Zac and Sally was a blast and my nerves diminished quickly.

Vernacular Podcast is split into three segments: current events, lifestyle and a more in-depth interview on the week’s guest. In our episode, we talk on a variety of topics including: blogging (why I started, my process etc), web design (more specifically what makes a good website), our move to Nashville, suggestions on local places to visit and things we’ve learned through our infertility journey.

I love the mission behind Vernacular Podcast and hope you subscribe to listen to more of their episodes. You can listen to ours on the Vernacular Podcast website or search Vernacular Podcast on iTunes. Let me know what you think!

/ / Five Questions to Consider When Purchasing a DSLR. Jordan and I bought our Nikon D5100 used. Because it was such a great deal (including an extra lens) we couldn’t pass up the opportunity; the decision-making process was narrowed significantly for us. Jordan is currently scheming about purchasing our next camera but our current one is still a gem. Samantha’s questions to ask yourself are really helpful in narrowing down your specific needs.

/ / Things that make your life easier aka high fives to yourself! Kelsey, a full-time working mother of two (and podcast extraordinaire), explains the little things she does in her week to be more efficient. Tasks such as Sunday meal prep (inspired by Shutterbean!), prep the night before (I try to prep my lunch in advance), and clean your house before travel (who likes coming home to a messy house after vacation?). What high-fives are you giving your future self?

/ / Dairy-free chocolate ice cream! Yes!

/ / Speaking of dairy-free food, this variation on a greek salad sounds heavenly. I’ve been off dairy for over a year and while I’ve adjusted well, I really miss feta cheese. This recipe calls for you to substitute avocado for feta cheese. I pretty much slather avocado on everything to replace the creamy sensation of cheese, so this recipe just made sense!

/ / Tips for surviving a cross-country move. Jordan and I were lucky when we moved from Chicago to Nashville that our drive was only 8 hours. We were able to leave with the truck in the morning and drop it off the next day.

// If you need a little pick-up on this Friday, try playing Paul Simon’s Graceland and have a dance party like Jordan and I had last night. You’d be surprised what it does to lift your spirits!

Happy Weekend, all!

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