Phoenix | Month Four

Month Four Update

Phoenix is four months old as of November 27th! I wrote a two and three-month update, but never posted it. To be quite honest, those were hard months. Phoenix was F U S S Y with a capital F. He slept poorly and generally was a challenge, despite being perfectly healthy. On top of juggling my fussy baby, I was packing for our move! I am very glad that season is behind me.

Here is a peak into month four of Phoenix’s life!

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So, You’re Having a Cesarean Section

cesarean section c-section delivery

Prior to Phoenix’s delivery, I drafted a post on how I was preparing myself for postpartum recovery. After delivery my needs completely changed since I didn’t have a vaginal delivery. Instead, I’m sharing my cesarean section recovery experience and tips I found helpful. First, I’d love to address the stigma surrounding cesarean sections. Is that ok?

It’s scary to hear you’ll need an emergency cesarean section. The hormones and adrenaline pumping through a mother is intense. This is why it’s so important to trust your medical team! The stigma surrounding needing medical birth intervention baffles me. A mother isn’t inhibiting her entire parenting experiencing by not delivering “naturally”. I’m here to say, if you need a cesarean section, you haven’t failed!

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Phoenix David | A Birth Story 

Birth Story Phoenix David

While pregnant, I wasn’t sure I would share the birth story of Phoenix. I wanted to allow myself privacy if necessary as the postpartum emotional state isn’t predictable. Phoenix’s birth involved a couple twists and turns but overall I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

This story is a little long, so let’s get comfortable!

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Currently / / September

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Currently September

September is birthday month in the Short household! September should bring cooler temperatures, the beginnings of Holiday season preparations and new beginnings. I’m not in school anymore, but I still think about the year according to the school calendar. Anyone else?

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On Being One Month Old

newborn one month

Last Saturday, my baby turned one month old. I stare at Phoenix daily and recognize how much he’s grown while reminding myself he’s still my little baby. He’ll always be my baby. On the eve of him turning one month, I thought about the baggage an entire month used to carry. When trying to conceive, for nearly three years, hope and pain continued to cycle through each month.

Now months are filled with milestones, both big and small!

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Weekend Links / / Frosé Rosé

Whites Mercantile

Car seat Cover

My week was fairly low-key. I left the house with Phoenix by myself twice! The second time was far more successful. The trickiest part about leaving the house right now is assessing the window before Phoenix needs to eat again. It’s funny how a no-cry coffee run sets the tone for the rest of my day.

In other news, after a rather fussy Sunday, I spent the rest of the week working on keeping Phoenix’s wake time periods short. He consistently naps in the morning but as the day progresses, into the evening, it’s hit or miss. Tuesday evening we had a sad puppy but he ended up sleeping from 8pm – 1am, so we’re making progress.

What are your weekend plans? We haven’t brought Phoenix out much at night (mostly because we are exhausted and the Olympics!), but we have a house party to attend on Saturday. I’m hoping Phoenix will settle in his wrap. Wish us luck!

Onto the links!

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The First Two Weeks of Newborn Life

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first two weeks newborn

Many friends told me the first two weeks of a baby’s life involve the biggest transition. As a parent you just have to resolutely march through them. I’m sure this is due to the combination of sleep deprivation, a mother’s own need to recover (and dad having to step in to pick up the extra slack while also working) and learning your baby’s preferences. Now that I’m in week three (so experienced here, HA!) I thought I’d share some thoughts on the first two weeks of newborn life.

Prior to Phoenix’s delivery, I read posts like this in hopes of gleaning tips. All babies personalities are different but there are developmental similarities.

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Weekend Links / / Perfect Snugapuppy

Weekend Links Baby K'tan

Currently I’m sitting on our couch while baby Phoenix naps in his Snugapuppy bouncer. A friend loaned us their bouncer and in the last few days Phoenix has preferred to nap this way. Speaking of sleep (in addition to tracking his feedings) on Wednesday I started tracking naps. I figure by tracking, I’ll start to notice Phoenix’s own natural rhythm. For instance, his first sleep of the night is his longest stretch. The past few days he’s slept from 7pm-11pm. This is our best chance for sleep too!

We have friends in town this weekend. I’m excited to spend time outside of the house and for them to meet Phoenix! The hardest part of these past two weeks has been being (mostly) housebound. This was necessary, as I’m recovering from surgery, but I’m feeling the itch to explore. I’m hoping the humidity will begin to break soon so we can go on daily walks without melting!

Onto the links!

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Phoenix David Short

Phoenix David Short

He’s here and he’s perfect. World, meet Phoenix David Short.

After laboring for seven hours, Phoenix surprised us all by his breech positioning. He was delivered by cesarean section at 7:19 am Wednesday, July 27th. A complete, 8 lbs 2 oz and 19 inch bundle of squishy goodness.

We can’t get enough. We’re completely smitten.

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