Rainy Days in Franklin, Tennessee

Rainy Days Exploring Franklin Tennessee

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In my recent reader survey, more travel posts were mentioned as something you wanted. Specifically, travel related to Nashville! Jordan and I enjoy discovering new areas of town, but we also gravitate towards the familiar especially when we don’t have a lot of time.

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A Fall Walk in Percy Warner Park

Fall Walk Percy Warner Park

Fall holds a special place in my heart. I met Jordan in the fall. We started dating in the fall and also got engaged in the fall. And one of the most special moments, finding out I was pregnant, also happened in the fall. It’s also my favorite weather for spending time outside. Fall in Chicago was usually pretty short, but thankfully it lingers in Nashville.

Fall is is showing off this year. The temperatures have been regularly 15 degrees warmer than the average. Though that hasn’t stopped the leaves from turning intense shades of red, orange and yellow. One morning, while Jordan’s mom was visiting, we walked around Percy Warner Park. The light bouncing off the leaves created a perfect golden cast.

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Visit Nashville / / Sevier Park Fest

Sevier Park Fest

We went to Sevier Park Fest on Saturday and it was the perfect way to end our three-week vacation. My hometown hosted a very similar weekend festival every summer. The streets of the traditional downtown area would close for cars so that shops and restaurants could open out onto the sidewalk. There was music, games and lots of good food. It was a popular event and in high school I would often stay late into the evening doing who knows what. Just kidding we were most likely eating Dairy Queen Blizzards in the park. 😉

I was very excited to discover that our neighborhood in Nashville puts on a similar event! Jordan was in London for last year’s fest, but I made a mental note to go with him this year.

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Styled | The Navy Blue Dress

BUMPstyle Box Tees by Tina Crinkle Maternity Navy Blue Dress

When I first opened my BUMPstyle Box, I unwrapped it with glee, ferociously unpacking each item. While looking over the clothes, I hesitantly held up this navy blue dress… skepticism all over my face. Jordan saw the dress and confidently stated it was his favorite item from the box.

I assumed (because of how small it looked) it would be far too tight and short for my liking. Well, clothes simply fit my pregnant body differently and some styles I would be uncomfortable wearing before are my preference now. More often than not, I am my own worst fashion critic and will write something off because I don’t think it’ll look good on my body. Add nearly 20 pounds of baby and I don’t know what to think! Thankfully, I have a husband who encourages me to step outside my proverbial fashion box.

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Weekend Links / / On-going Babymoon

22 week baby bump

Jordan and I had what felt like a decadent weekend. After a really long work week, my motivation to cook was lacking so we indulged and ate out/ordered in for most of our meals. Friday night we rented Inside Out from Redbox and munched on really delicious pizza from DeSanos. Chicago is known for good pizza (and not just deep dish) but I had yet to be impressed by any place in town, until now! DeSanos is where it’s at.

Saturday morning we stopped by Nisolo’s weekend sale where I bought this beauty! I had been saving for a great leather tote bag but it’s always better when you find it on sale. The rest of the morning we walked all around Germantown where it seems like new shops and restaurants are popping up every weekend.

I think treating every weekend from here on out as a babymoon is the way to go!

Onto the links!

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Weekend Links / / A Cleaning Circus


Did you all have a good week? I hope you did. The weather is slowly warming up in Nashville (we hit the high 60’s this week!) and farmer’s market season is almost in full swing, both of which hint at a full-blown spring revival just around the corner. Jordan and I celebrated Leap Day by going to the doctor and seeing our sweet baby again. Leap Day will always hold a special place in my heart. 😉

Did I ever mention my dad performed ultrasounds for 14 years? This was in the 70s and 80s when scans were just starting to be used, but generally only for high-risk cases. While my mom was pregnant with my siblings and me, my dad had her come in for scans all the time for fun. Haha! Ultrasounds didn’t become routine until more recently (my mother-in-law only had them on her last pregnancy in 1999). Science is incredible!

Onto the links!

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Valentine’s Bagels

Proper Bagel Nashville

Jordan and I have had our fair share of interesting Valentine’s Days together. Some of which included car wrecks, mono and stomach bugs. Thankfully, most of the 11 Valentine’s we’ve spent as a couple have been amazing and don’t involve doctors! For many years our go-to dates centered around Chicagoland with delicious bowls of pasta and tiramisu filling our bellies.

This year we kept our day simple with coffee and cream cheese.

While driving around our neighborhood a few weeks ago, a sign for a new restaurant called Proper Bagel stuck out to me. I immediately made a mental note to visit once it opened. Flash forward to Valentine’s Day week and Jordan and I were battling a cold, so a low-key day was on the docket. Instead of going out to dinner we thought Valentine’s Day would be the perfect time to eat at Proper Bagel.
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A Southern Snowfall

Nashville Snow 2016

Blizzard Jonas didn’t forget Nashville as it buried the north-east in a mountain of snow. The fringes of the storm brought Nashville its largest snowfall in 13 years on Friday! Eight inches was reported for the area in which Jordan and I live. Now, if you live in a place where snow is a regular winter occurrence, you might say, “Eight inches isn’t enough to cause mayhem.” I used to be one of those people who scoffed at the south shutting down with the threat of snow. That is until I experienced a few winters down here.

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Weekend Links / / Branching Out

Epice Nashville

It’s becoming a tradition for Jordan and I to try one new restaurant on Sundays. At least on the Sundays I’m off from work. Nashville is bursting with flavor outside of traditional southern fare and while we still eat primarily at home, we don’t want to miss out on the many great offerings available in our city. After a late morning photoshoot last weekend, we were starving and chose to eat at Epice, a Lebanese restaurant in our neighborhood. We hadn’t heard much about the restaurant despite passing it all of the time. I’m glad we took a gamble because our meals did not disappoint! Our neighborhood continues to surprise me.

Nashville is experiencing a legit snow day today. 8+ inches of snow has fallen, covering the streets and creating a beautiful winter wonderland. I hope you are safe and warm wherever you find yourself on this Friday.

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New Years Eve in Photos

#WELDNYE Nashville

Last week I mentioned that Jordan and I went to a huge NYE party at his co-working space, WELD Nashville. It was so much fun! Thinking ahead, Jordan stashed our camera in one of the offices and, before the night was over, was able to walk around and capture a few shots of the evening.

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