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Hey all! This week has been full of early mornings, afternoon naps and oatmeal raisin cookies. ūüôā My pantry is almost fully stocked; the latest addition, raisins. Stocking a kitchen is a lot of work and involves several grocery stores (Flour may come from one place, but I don’t like their peanut butter. Now I need to go across town…) I remember trying to do this when we first got married and coming home¬†with random ingredients that didn’t quite fit our needs.

In other news, we finally finished the last season of How I Met Your Mother. I got¬†emotional as we watched the last¬†few¬†episodes. The series is so good that I kind of just want to start from the beginning again. I don’t want¬†spoil the ending for anyone who hasn’t seen it, but I’d love to discuss it with you.¬†Email me?¬†I have a lot of thoughts!

Let’s dive into the links, shall we?

/ / Have you watched any¬†Marcel the Shell with Shoes On videos? Writer/actress Jenny Slate and her husband,¬†Dean Fleischer-Camp have created a wonderful series (and children’s book)¬†following Marcel throughout her day. ¬†Their third Marcel video was¬†released this week and¬†Jordan and I are a little obsessed!

/ / As soon as our moving truck was unloaded, Jordan spent the next several weeks building his new website. I am so proud of him! It was quite the task to undertake on top of his normal work load. I love the color scheme too!

/ /¬†I’m working through back issues of Real Simple and bookmarked this baked egg dish. Shakshuka is traditionally a turkish meal and I loved the simplicity of it. I subbed kale for spinach because I had that on hand and added peppers. We eat a lot of eggs but this feels distinctly dinner (vs. omelette’s) and is a great vegetarian meal.

/ / Learning to Thrive in the Waiting Season. This season of infertility leaves me feeling very¬†in-between. Far too many days are spent fighting self-destructive thoughts¬†such as, “I’m¬†wasting good precious “fertile” years.” Katie reminded me that in all seasons it’s important to live¬†intentionally.

Teresa beautifully shared her thoughts on being in limbo.¬†It’s encouraging to¬†know I’m not the only one that feels frustration during transitional phases. This has exposed my inner desire to want to be in control.

Cheers to your weekend!

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