The Hills from Up High

Hollywood Hills

Greetings from California! Currently, Jordan and I are relaxing in San Francisco after a busy few days driving the Pacific Coast Highway. But before I go into all of that, let’s backtrack to our first exploration day amongst the Hollywood Hills.

Our general vacation planning involves breaking down areas of interests while leaving the daily start and end times open. Jordan and I were in California in the summer of 2009, but we only had one day to explore LA and Hollywood. While planning this trip, we realized we missed a lot! First up was the Griffith Observatory to view the Hollywood Hills.
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Spotlight | LaCroixs Over Boys

Chelsea Steele | LaCroixs Over Boys

WELD is the co-working space Jordan works out of in Nashville. He feels like it’s been the best decision of his career since making the initial leap to self-employment. WELD is a special place where people can work in a community of like-minded people. It combines the best parts about having co-workers without having to actually rely on them to get projects done! 😉 Not only are WELDer’s supportive of each other, but they are welcoming to their families and friends. It’s really beautiful.

Jordan affectionately calls Chelsea Steele the “Queen of the Interns” at WELD. Jordan and Chelsea bonded quickly over their mutual love of alt comedy and the city of London. One evening, Jordan returned home and told me about “Lacroixs Over Boys,” a phrase Chelsea had put on a t-shirt, and how LaCroix picked it up. Suddenly she got featured on Bloomberg Business, Business Insider and BuzzFeed. I needed to know more.

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