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Pregnancy Nesting

Jordan and I arrived home on Monday from our Chicago baby shower. We felt loved and cared for all weekend and I can’t wait to share more about our time. Since coming home we immediately jumped right into our Nashville life and suffice it to say I’m exhausted! My body gently reminded me this week that more sleep is required and I’m doing my best to oblige.

Up until this weekend, if you walked into our apartment you would not think we were expecting a child. I restrained myself from purchasing much until after our showers but because of that we didn’t have the need to rearrange our current home situation. All that changed when we arrived with our gifts. Jordan went into a tape-measuring frenzy and came up with several furniture solutions that’ll give us more storage. I’m rather excited. Bring on the nesting!

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When People of the Internet Go Away

Blogger Hey Natalie Jean

I was casually scrolling through Twitter (aka procrastinating my to-do list) when I saw my favorite blogger, Hey Natalie Jean share a post. She said it was her last. While still looking at my phone, I immediately started crying.

That might sound like the most pathetic sentence I have ever written but gosh darn it, it’s completely earnest and not entirely due to pregnancy hormones. Let me explain…

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Hey Natalie Jean


“Over time the balance started to shift. The big obstacles remained — I still couldn’t get pregnant, I still hated my job, I couldn’t move those obstacles with all the tractors in all the Palouse — but my days had become so populated with all these little miracles that I had run out of room for the rest of it. The good had caught up to the bad and eclipsed it altogether.”

I began reading Natalie Holbrook’s blog in 2010 right after the birth of her son, Henry. Up till that point, I had mainly read food and home decor blogs. Discovering the lifestyle genre opened up a whole new world to me and I fell in love with Natalie’s voice right away. Her writing is descriptive, honest and funny. It really resonated with me. Natalie is my spirit animal.

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Weekend Links / / Tennessee Ten


I experienced the most intense caffeine high last weekend from Portland Brew’s iced coffee. It was amazing. You’d think that wouldn’t happen to someone who is surrounded by coffee all day long, but you would be mistaken!

Last Friday night we went to the Ten out of Tenn 10th anniversary show at the Ryman Auditorium. This was my first visit to The Mother Church and I really enjoyed it. The sound was incredible and it has me even more excited to see TV on the Radio later this month. If you haven’t heard of Ten out of Tenn, it is a collective of artists from Nashville who join forces and tour. The artists are constantly rotating instruments while playing on one another’s songs. Both Jordan and I have had the opportunity to see them multiple times — it truly is a unique concert experience.

I’m still listening to Erin McCarley’s (one of the artist on the tour) song, Let Me Love You on repeat. During the show, K.S. Rhoads played an interlude of Clair De Lune (possibly my favorite piece of music), right in the middle of Let me Love You —  that was a beautiful moment.

/ / I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump lately. Every book I dive into leaves me wanting and I haven’t actually finished a book since reading Yes, Please. I do enjoy Marla’s monthly reading suggestions and have saved a few to check out and hopefully I find a winner!

Chelsea’s monthly book reviews are also extremely helpful.

/ / If you follow Joanna from A Cup of Jo, you’re aware that sadly, this winter, her family experienced the loss of two dear family members. A Cup of Jo is always full of fun and useful information, I really appreciated the practical tips Joanna shared on talking to your children about death.

/ / I read two different post on haters, criticism and how not to become hardened and bitter this week. Natalie shared about her ongoing battle with extremely critical and hurtful blog readers (she’s actually had people email her sponsors to ask them to drop her? I mean come on people, it’s just an ad!).

This quote from Erin’s post really stuck out to me.

“We can harden ourselves to the choir and don thicker robes, or we can use our thin skin to feel something different. We can allow ourselves to feel scratched, and we can let it heal in time. We can gain a new perspective. We can agree, or disagree, and we can continue working within our limitations, just as before.”

/ / Keeping our grocery budget in order become more difficult after I went gluten-free. We drink a lot of almond milk and if I bake, gluten-free flour is far more expensive than traditional all-purpose. I recognize certain areas where I could improve (better planning, etc), but I still need guidance.  I’m in love with BreAnna’s entire blog as she shares real numbers, tips, and recipes centered around feeding two people on $70 a week!

/ / Did you know you can make sweeten condensed milk from coconut cream? Yes, please! This vegan Vietnamese iced coffee recipe sounds absolutely divine.

Happy Weekend, all!

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Dressing Seasonally / / Sweaters



^ Top knots all day, everyday. 🙂

I feel fairly comfortable dressing for summer and winter. I know which fabrics keep me cool when it’s 80° and how many layers are necessary to stay warm when it’s 20°. It’s those in-between temperatures (basically all of fall and spring!) that I never quite get right. I usually dress to match the high temperature of the day and completely forget how cold the days begin! Nashville’s peak temperature is much later in the day (around 4 or 5 pm) and I’m slowly adjusting. In Chicago, the peak is right at noon. Friends gave me advice about dressing in a lot of layers to survive the changing temperatures.

Jordan recently took a trip to our storage unit to unearth our winter gear. After assessing my clothes, I realized not many of my sweaters fit underneath my light jacket. It’s not quite time to wear my winter coat all day long, so I was happy to find this color block sweater from the Gap. It’s warm, but lightweight enough to layer underneath my jacket!

How do you dress for the in-between seasons?

Jacket from JCrew | Sweater from Gap (similar) | Pants from Uniqlo (similar)

And a few more sweaters I’m loving right now.

One | Two | Three | Four

/ / Natalie’s series on wool has been really interesting and informative!

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Style Obsession / / Clogs


Photo Links / / 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

There are many fashion styles I feared would never resurface: overalls, adult backpacks, (tiny) floral patterned dresses, but most of all clogs. (Basically everything Angela Chase wore on My So-Called Life.) I had clogs growing up, but they certainly weren’t cute. They looked more like these (except the inexpensive/cheap store brand). A few years ago, I started seeing clogs resurface on the streets of Chicago. I wasn’t exactly sure what I thought about them, but slowly my mind began to change especially after seeing how they were being styled (here, herehere & here).

Last winter I went thrifting for sweaters and found a lone pair of clogs just waiting for a new home. By some miracle they were exactly my size and have been a perfect addition to my closet!

I’ve talked before about my desire to purchase quality over quantity in regards to fashion. I used to buy cheap $20 shoes constantly and more often than not, they revealed themselves to be completely uncomfortable and poorly constructed. I’ve weeded most of those shoes out of my closet and have begun replacing them with higher quality products (I still have this pair on my wish list). Despite what you might think of wooden soles, clogs are extremely comfortable and durable shoes. I look forward to having them for many years to come!

Have you been wearing something lately you thought you’d never try? What are your thoughts about the resurgence of clogs?

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