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Fruition Salon Nashville

This was a rather uneventful week except for Monday. On Monday I had the pleasure of modeling for Fruition Salon’s latest campaign. You might remember the Holiday Hair event I co-hosted at Fruition Salon in the fall. Jordan is building their website and also photographed the first half of the day (on location in the neighborhood). Later in the day our friend, Austin Lord, took photos in the WELD studio. I’m surrounded by really some talented people. It’s so inspiring.

I broke up my seven-day work stretch with a pre-natal massage. This also happened to be my first professional massage. I found a great deal on Groupon, so for all you pregnant ladies, I highly recommend purchasing one for yourself! My reward for working seven days in a row is having an extra long weekend off. Our Nashville baby shower is on Sunday and I’m really looking forward to celebrating with our friends.

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Around These (Short) Parts

ashortblonde - Christmas Tree Lot

Hey. I feel like it’s been a hot minute since I’ve sat down to write. I find it hard to consistently blog in December, so I allowed myself the grace to just not. 😉 Instead, I’ve been reading, working on projects, listening to the second season of Serial, eating far too many cookies, buying Christmas presents and taking an obscene amount of trips to the post office. Oh, and working. I’m looking forward to January when retail holiday season is over and things quiet down.

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