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Gilmore Girls Giveaway

Hello! I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving. Jordan and I survived our first road trip with Phoenix on Tuesday. It was interesting to say the least. Our original plan was to drive through the night, but by midnight with still two hours to go we caved and spent the night in a hotel. BEST DECISION EVER! We all slept in until 8:40. Phoenix usually is up by 6:15.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and having Phoenix makes this year even more special. Phoenix is loving all of the extra attention from his grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. Last year, morning sickness literally hit me Thanksgiving week so I had a lot of eating to make up for — so much pie, zero guilt!

In other news, Gilmore Girls : A Year in A Life is out! But first, no spoilers!! I haven’t watched any of the new revival episodes yet. This show means an enormous amount to me. I taped the premier back in 2001 after seeing previews run on the WB and never stopped watching. In college (even after transferring) I watched every episode with my roommates.

In celebration, I’ve teamed up with a great group of fellow Gilmore Girls fans for a special Gilmore themed giveaway. I’m jealous of whoever wins!

Onto the links!

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Weekend Links / / Thirty-Eight Weeks

Weekend Reading

I’m sitting here watching an early season two episode of Gilmore Girls lacking any sort of motivation to empty the dishwasher and make our bed. People ask me daily if I’m over it, especially at thirty-eight weeks pregnant, and ready for this baby to arrive, but honestly I’m not. I’m already feeling nostalgic for his kicks.

In other news…

This week has been filled with a little more reading, a lot of Wimbledon tennis watching and a hair color refresh as all women who are about to go into labor should do something that’ll make them feel more like themselves.

This week has also been extremely heartbreaking and infuriating and as a white female I often don’t really know how to respond. I will leave you with one of Leslie Odom Jr.’s tweets, “I will live. I will work. I will make art. A life with love at its center is radical protest in the face of evil.” I’m praying for all those families who have lost loved ones this week in senseless shootings. We need heart change.

Onto the links!

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Jenis Ice Cream

It’s the start to a new month in which means another currently post! Share what you are currently up to this June in the comments below.

Planning | My non-work time. As of today I am 33 weeks pregnant. Eek! Depending on my energy level, I’m slowly checking off small tasks around the house. Jordan and I cleared out a lot of unnecessary items in our apartment this weekend, but we still have more organizing to finish.

Enjoying | Slow days that include naps, listening to the Gilmore Guys podcast with Jordan (we’re preparing for the reunion!), throwing junk away and Jenis ice cream dates.

Buying | Furniture. Jordan found two shelving units to replace what we had in our bathroom and put them together over the weekend. These pieces give us so much more storage, which is exactly what we need.

Craving | Watermelons. I’ve eaten one a week for the last few weeks basically all by myself.

Pinning | Baby sleep schedules. I’m gathering general ideas so Jordan and I can come up with something that works for us and our baby. I will return to work so it’ll be important to find a rhythm that works for all parties…most of the time of course!

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Weekend Links / / Revival Girls


Guys, it’s happening! A Gilmore Girls revival is in the works. Amy Sherman-Palladino (the show-runner) is on record saying she went into the series knowing what the final spoken words would be, but Sherman-Palladino left before the last season finished. If you aren’t familiar, contractual disagreements hindered the original creators from returning before the series finished. If anything it’ll be wonderful to spend a few more hours with my favorite ladies. Speaking of Lauren Graham, Lauren and Mae Whitman are developing The Royal We into a movie, one more reason to read that book!

Jordan and I both experienced computer issues this week, with Jordan being the only victor. Haha. My nearly seven-year-old iMac has given us worry in the past but this time it might truly be the end. I didn’t feel very productive blogging wise but I’m thankful my computer crashed after I backed up my recent files! It’s been a long week, friends. I’m ready for the weekend!

Onto the links!

Fall Uniform | I like clothes and styling but I am terrible at selecting an outfit when faced with too many options. I love the idea of creating an outfit uniform guideline to fall back on when time is of the essence! What have you been wearing lately? Yesterday afternoon, we were in the 80s (Fahrenheit) while Wednesday’s early morning low was in the high 30s — I truly don’t know how to dress for that sort of fluctuation!

Bold | How a bold outfit can encourage bold life choices.

Track Your Travels | I’ve always loved the idea of showcasing our travel progress on a giant map. Esther has found several great ideas from large scale art pieces to smaller DIY projects. Do any of you display where you’ve traveled in your home? One thing we started to do was put our ticket stubs (travel, concerts, movies) in a mason jar. We’ve had so much fun that we really need a bigger jar!

Overcoming Busyness | When I took a mini version of the Meyers Brigg personality test earlier this year I was surprised with my results: ESTJ. The T (thinking) and J (judging) did not surprise me but the E (extrovert) wasn’t expected. I’ve realized though I can be out and about and spontaneous (with adequate sleep, haha). When unplanned events arise and I’m tired, forget it. I had to say no to a few social events last week and it was hard. But a huge part of taking care of myself is knowing my limits.

Oh So Basic | You might recognize one of the photos Taylor has featured for the week! After scrolling through Instagram for your daily corgi puppy fix (just me?) might I suggest #thedailybasic — for all of your basic fall essentials: pumpkins, coffee, scarves and plaid!

One more thing…

Jordan and his brother, Josh, are giving away their new single, Damage of Love! Let me know what you think of it!

Happy Weekend, all!

Father Hands | Damage of Love

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Weekend Links / / New Year


How are we all feeling about January 2015? So far, I like it much better than January 2014, mainly because Nashville isn’t in the middle of a polar vortex. Two thumbs up for Southern living!

I received the sweetest package from Kelsey and Erica, the hosts of one of my favorite podcasts: The Girl Next Door Podcast. They ran a giveaway in honor of their shared birthday and I actually won! They filled my box with their latest obsessions. The mulled cider candle left the whole box smelling like Christmas.

Vegan Green Bean Casserole / / I will be saving this for Thanksgiving next year. I’m assuming I could simply sub out all-purpose flour for GF flour? Anyone tried that before?

DIY Candles / / Allie shows us step by step how to create our own candles. I love how she recycled an old Anthropologie Volcano jar for the finished product.

Gilmore Guys / / Jordan and I have been in another Gilmore Girl’s marathon recently. This happens almost every year (you can’t just watch one) and I am not complaining! I never tire of Stars Hallow. The Lorelai’s were on my brain when I discovered the Gilmore Guys podcast. It’s interesting to hear a guy’s perspective on the show. It’s just too much fun.

Explore / / Katie’s perspective on exploring locally, completely aligns with how Jordan and I like to live. Out of state travel can sometimes put a dent in the budget, but we’ve always tried to take advantage of local spots to satisfy our adventurous spirit in between larger trips.

Happy Weekend, all!

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Weekend Links / / Crowns, Dunhams, and Gilmore Girls


Nashville has been wet and rainy for the last week and a half. And while the clouds have given me a nice excuse to curl up and read a good book (finally finished Julie & Julia, now on to Lena), we’ve been craving exploration. Any time I’m cooped up in a space for too long, I start to feel a little claustrophobic. Finally it looks like the weather is going to clear up in the next few days!

In our apartment, pictures are slowly being hung and drawers organized. Our place has begun to feel more like home.

Cooking has become more regular, thanks to Blue Apron. Also baking, thanks to Pinterest. I made apple bread the other day, but I sort of wish I had just made apple pie.


Onto the links!

/ / Kate reviews Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham.

/ / Niamh’s tutorial for paper honeycomb crowns. These would be great for kids (or adult!) birthday parties or perhaps a Christmas party.

/ / We had been warned about the lack of a pizza scene in Nashville. Coming from Chicago, where good pizza is literally at every corner, I knew that would be hard to get used too. Ashley recently visited a pizza place in town that promises to be in the style of Chicago deep dish. I’ll ditch being dairy-free for a night and let you all know if it lives up.

/ / Tj always has the best braided hair tutorials. My hair is growing out and I can’t wait till my layers are a bit easier to work with to try this style.

/ / Netflix revealing Gilmore Girls would be available for streaming didn’t really phase me as I already owned all seven seasons on DVD. Prior to Twitter and the social media storm, it was hard knowing if your beloved show was in fact beloved. I was that 14 year old girl on fan forum websites discussing favorite “shippings”, looking up Nielsen ratings, and hitting record on the VCR each week. I knew a couple people (besides my family who became hooked) who watched Gilmore Girls since the beginning, but over the years I’ve also loaned my copies to new fans.

My heart, while a little shocked, has been so happy to see the outpouring of love thrown on Gilmore Girls.

A few Gilmore articles to note: the New York Times op-ed discusses GG obsession. Hep Alien had a reunion. Wired breaks down how to watch all seven season. How GG deals with money and love.

/ / What articles and blog posts have you been reading?

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I had many obsessions growing up. If I saw a new movie or tv show I would research it to death until I knew the origin and every actors home town. The internet felt very new and unused. Often the research would lead me to the original source material, a book or older film. When I was about 15 the Tudors and Henry VIII 6 wives were the most intriguing. I used them as the topic of many school papers/presentations. Earlier this month Jordan and I visited the Tower of London where Anne Boleyn was beheaded! My 15 year old self was very excited.

The summer before my freshman year of high school I saw preview for a new TV show that I was certain my mom wouldn’t want me to watch. I would record the show on VHS and watch them in secret. That is until my mother walked in during an early episode and surprisingly loved it! Starting then I would watch each episode with my parents. As I graduated high school and left for college my parents turned into roommates and even my husband. Gilmore Girls ran for  7 seasons and a lot happened in that time frame. Watching the show now is such a joy because it reminds me of a wonderful simple time in my life.

You can see Lauren Graham on Parenthood.

She also has a novel which comes out this month.