Styled | The Navy Blue Dress

BUMPstyle Box Tees by Tina Crinkle Maternity Navy Blue Dress

When I first opened my BUMPstyle Box, I unwrapped it with glee, ferociously unpacking each item. While looking over the clothes, I hesitantly held up this navy blue dress… skepticism all over my face. Jordan saw the dress and confidently stated it was his favorite item from the box.

I assumed (because of how small it looked) it would be far too tight and short for my liking. Well, clothes simply fit my pregnant body differently and some styles I would be uncomfortable wearing before are my preference now. More often than not, I am my own worst fashion critic and will write something off because I don’t think it’ll look good on my body. Add nearly 20 pounds of baby and I don’t know what to think! Thankfully, I have a husband who encourages me to step outside my proverbial fashion box.

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A Revolving Door of Jewelry

Rocksbox Jewelry Subscription

I have no trouble rotating out certain items in my closet when they no longer fit my body or my lifestyle. Jeans, for instance, I regularly edit but I struggle to part with jewelry. It’s not like a woman stops fitting in her jewelry! Ha. Most of my jewelry is from high school, college or vintage pieces from my grandmother. At some point I liked everything, but recently I found myself rarely reaching inside my jewelry box because most of it didn’t excite me.

I’ve been organizing like crazy lately. While sorting through all of my jewelry, I finally rid myself of the guilt causing me to keep those cheap earrings from 2003. I feel so much better but the problem is I still don’t know what I want my capsule jewelry collection to look like. Enter Rocksbox!

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New Frames with Warby Parker

I am a member of the Warby Parker affiliate program and this post has affiliate links. My opinions and review are my own. As always thank you for supporting the brands which help my space grow. Love ya’ll.

Warby Parker Spring 2016 Launch

Glasses and I developed a relationship way back when in 1994. I was eight years old. I didn’t realize at the time what sort of bond would form between us. Now, glasses might as well be considered another appendage. My eyes are no good solo. Once when I lost my glasses white water rafting in Idaho I tried to persevere without them, but that’s a story for another day.

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Spotlight | LaCroixs Over Boys

Chelsea Steele | LaCroixs Over Boys

WELD is the co-working space Jordan works out of in Nashville. He feels like it’s been the best decision of his career since making the initial leap to self-employment. WELD is a special place where people can work in a community of like-minded people. It combines the best parts about having co-workers without having to actually rely on them to get projects done! 😉 Not only are WELDer’s supportive of each other, but they are welcoming to their families and friends. It’s really beautiful.

Jordan affectionately calls Chelsea Steele the “Queen of the Interns” at WELD. Jordan and Chelsea bonded quickly over their mutual love of alt comedy and the city of London. One evening, Jordan returned home and told me about “Lacroixs Over Boys,” a phrase Chelsea had put on a t-shirt, and how LaCroix picked it up. Suddenly she got featured on Bloomberg Business, Business Insider and BuzzFeed. I needed to know more.

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Styled | Transitional Clothing

Tribal Sweater

Fall and spring are challenging seasons to properly dress for. You need the right weights of fabric and the perfect amount of layering. It’s tricky to get these elements in perfect balance. Living my whole life in the midwest (until now), I grew accustomed to what autumn weather feels like. Generally speaking once Halloween hits, the temperatures are consistently in the 50s-40s (Fahrenheit) and continue to dip even lower!

In the fall, Nashville temperatures can vary vastly in the course of a day. The early mornings might be in the 30s or 40s but by the afternoon it can soar up into the 70s! It is the beginning of November and we’ve still had a few days in the 70s. This change in weather pattern has been difficult for my midwestern brain. Should I put my summer clothes away? When is it time to commit to winter gear? Instead of completely storing my warm weather clothes, I’ve invested in several transitional pieces to carry me through fall.

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Styled | 70s, Meet the 90s

denim skirt

Before we get into this outfit, I have to give a shout out to Megan. Earlier this month, she did a round-up of 14 Fashion Finds for Fall. One of the pieces mentioned was an a-line suede skirt. I commented about my excitement for a-line skirts coming back in vogue, but was looking for an a-line denim skirt with front buttons.

Well, she went a searching, sent me a link and voilà! I have a new denim skirt! Blogging buddies are the best.

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Styled | Crop Tops + Overalls

Crop Tops + Overalls

One of my favorite style bloggers is Kendi. Do you read her blog? Her style is a little more ladylike and dressed up for my current lifestyle, but I still love how her everyday outfits are simplistic and tangible. If I worked in an office and needed a work wardrobe, I would wear pretty much everything she pieces together.

Last summer, Kendi began wearing crop tops and I was intrigued. Could I wear them? Should I wear them? One fashion rule I learned from watching countless episodes of What Not To Wear (RIP) is choose one or two areas to show skin. Shorter hem lengths shouldn’t be pared with a low neckline and vice versa. The longer the sleeve the shorter the hemlines or neckline etc. I can do crop tops when paired with the right pieces.

Crop tops work well with overalls or high-waisted pants and skirts. The result is edgy, but not risqué. I am only slightly edgy, but definitely not risqué! Haha. Tie on a flannel and call me Angela.

So, what about you? How do you feel about crop tops?


Crop Top + Overalls


Something about this resurgence of 90s fashion speaks to me. I have a lot of nostalgia for this decade: Aunt Becky was the prettiest, The Cranberries had the best music and My So-Called Life and Clarissa Explains it All the ultimate television shows. My oldest brother was a teenager in the early-mid nineties and much of my taste comes from his influence.

What decade do you identify with the most?




Madewell Overalls | Abercrombie & Fitch Crop Top (similar)  | Sandals — Old (similar) | Jordan’s Fossil Sunglasses (similar/similar)

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The Summer Pant


I bought these Abercrombie & Fitch pants towards the end of summer last year. I left the mall that day really excited about my purchase. I had been on the hunt for a pair of printed pants after seeing them styled on Sydney’s blog. Initially, I thought I had bought the right size, but after further inspection I realized the waist was too big. They sat on my hips, but I really wanted them to sit higher on my natural waist. After not wearing the pants for several months, I took them to my tailor the same day I had these jeans hemmed. I was so pleased when I picked them up from the tailor. They hit exactly where I wanted them to, giving me the flexibility to wear them both higher or lower on my hips.

I kinda love these pants. The fabric is light and airy which is perfect for southern summers. Everyone needs a good pair of elastic waisted pants, they are easily dressed up or down. Plus, if you eat that second scoop of ice-cream no one can even tell. 🙂







Old Navy Tank (Old) | Abercrombie & Fitch Harem Pants (Similar) | Cordani Clogs (Thrifted) | Off Switch Tote



My style is constantly evolving. When I graduated college, my first job had a limited dress code of black and white with colored accessories. Eventually the color options in my closet shrunk and once I left that job, I went color crazy and purchased a rainbow…in shirts. 😉

I feel a little bit in-between with my style. I enjoy color, but color isn’t as versatile when working with a smaller, more curated wardrobe. Currently, I’m gravitating towards pieces that are in the navy, gray, white, and denim palate. I find this turn of events ironic considering the South is more color friendly while the color palate in Chicago is pretty neutral heavy.

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Fashion + Debt-Free Living


I scheduled our last car payment a few weeks ago. As of February, we are completely debt-free! Though I know eventually we will have other loans, I almost can’t believe it.

When your husband comes to you and says he’d like to leave his job to pursue a freelance career, “financial stability” doesn’t show up on the pro side of the pro/con list. But honestly, I just wasn’t that concerned. Stability is a relative term and we decided not to let fear prevent us from taking this leap of faith toward a more fulfilled life. It was’t a blind leap; we had thought it out and made some calculations but it was a big jump nonetheless.

Despite that risk, in the past five years, we’ve managed to pay off my school and two car loans, start a business, travel, and improve our financial situation. God has been good to us and we want to be wise with what we’ve been given.


After a full holiday season, I put myself on a shopping break. Clothes have never been a source of debt but that’s not my issue. I find it’s really easy to find a cute shirt at Target when all you really needed was laundry detergent and lemon Pledge; those little things add up. And don’t even talk to me about what I could spend at Anthropologie! In light of this, I am making a conscious effort this winter/spring to better utilize my closet. I wear a uniform at work so you’d think experimenting outside the job would naturally happen since I don’t wear “real” clothes everyday. But I have to remind myself to look past the first few hangers instead of grabbing whatever’s easy.

I bought this shirt at a boutique in Chicago several years ago, but I haven’t worn it in months. I paired it with my black Abercrombie & Fitch, high-waisted jean legging and black Madewell booties. I really liked the result.  Restrictions and parameters are good for not only my wallet, but also my creativity!



Shirt from Cerato (old) | Pants from Abercrombie & Fitch | Shoes from Madewell (similar) | Sunglasses from Gap (Old)

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