San Luis Obispo

The Madonna Inn

Even though technically the drive from Los Angeles to San Fransisco is only six hours and easily done in one day, Jordan and I split the drive into two. San Luis Obispo is the perfect middle point which made it an ideal place to spend our one night on the road. Despite SLO sort of being in the middle of farmland, it’s a college town and has a lively and thriving local community.

(Fun fact: Jamba Juice began as a senior project from a graduate of California Polytechnic Institute!)

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Weekend Links / / Reunited


Today is a good day. Today, Jordan returns home from London! I can’t wait to meet him at the airpot! I’m grateful he’s had the opportunity to travel more for work, but I sure did miss him. I found plenty of ways to occupy my time this week (err 10 days) — I baked some, cleaned some and met up with friends, but Jordan is my person and I just love being near him.

It’s been in the 80’s all week, our farmers market opened on Tuesday, and I finally ordered a new swim suit. Summer in Nashville has arrived!

I had A LOT of time to read blogs this week and it wasn’t easy to narrow down which posts to share! Let’s get right to it.

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