A Night at The Symphony


Jordan and I value time spent with each other and our loved ones. I’ve seen far too many people live a lonely existence as they allow friendships to fizzle with age. We’ve realized that being proactive in planning special events throughout the year is essential. Life gets busy and unless you really think in advance, date nights or get-togethers with friends become infrequent. Because of this, Jordan and I fill our calendar with parties, day trips, vacations and concerts sometimes six months in advance.

Back in September, our friends mentioned that the Nashville Symphony was putting on a special Christmas production of Home Alone. While I wasn’t even thinking about Christmas in September we decided to purchase the tickets and make a double date out of it. I love how, after a busy couple of weeks preparing and traveling for Thanksgiving, we already had a fun night planned to reconnect.

The Schermerhorn Symphony Center is located downtown and we arrived a little early so we could walk around the city. December in Nashville is downright perfect. I haven’t had to wear my winter coat yet!

Even though I’ve seen Home Alone countless times, watching it communally with live music renewed my love for this holiday classic. Laughs were shared during the McCallister rush to the airport, shrieks echoed throughout the hall as Harry and Marv stepped on Christmas ornaments, and happy tears were shed when Kevin and his mother reunited.

I hope they do this again next year because it was such a great experience.






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Date Night Tuesday


Tuesday night Jordan and I braved the impending storm to spend the evening in Chicago. We shopped a little, ate dinner and took a nice long walk through the Gold Coast which is one of our favorite downtown neighborhoods. Those are my favorite kind of date nights. Sometimes it’s fun to have a fully planned agenda, but the summer months cultivate a sense of spontaneity in me. The streets are alive with a specific energy and if you feel like turning left you can turn left or stop at a park bench and talk. This is much harder to do when it is cold!

The rain was intense only for about 15 minutes, but it forced us to finally purchase that umbrella we kept telling ourselves to buy. We are now fully prepared for the next summer night storm.

P.S. I’m loving the resurgence of hats this summer. Why did they ever leave?





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