Currently / / November

trick or treat newborn

^ My hero in a half-shell before he had an epic trick or treat meltdown. He was upset he couldn’t eat the candy. ūüėČ

Hey! I’ve been a little MIA lately, but for an exciting reason. Jordan and I closed on our first home early Friday morning! We’re also still without internet, BUT it should be hooked up this morning. Fingers crossed.¬†I’ll share more about the process and pictures in Friday’s Weekend Links post.

In other news, today, I’m co-hosting my favorite monthly link-up with Anne¬†— her currently series! Let’s take¬†a look into November.

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Currently / / October

currently october

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” Anne of Green Gables

Cheers-ing |¬†A few things: Fall and Phoenix’s first holiday season, the safe arrival of friend’s babies and¬†a development I’ll share very soon!

Organizing | My closet! I packed away my maternity clothes and weeded out the pieces that no longer fit or aren’t practical for my life anymore. Breastfeeding changes what I wear on a day-to-day basis.

Dreaming | What¬†Phoenix will be for Halloween. I’m not sure if I’ll buy a costume or piece meal one together. Originally, Jordan was flying out for work that evening but the dates moved! I’m excited to trick-or-treat with our friends again. I didn’t know it, but last year I was pregnant!

Buying |¬†New Jeans. My bones shifted during pregnancy¬†and even though I’ve lost most of the baby weight,¬†my hips are wider. During Levi’s sale, I ordered several and found the perfect pair of¬†jeans. The high rise offers the perfect coverage for breastfeeding!

Listening |¬†Podcasts, always and the new Bon Iver album. It’s delicious and perfect for a cozy fall evening.

Don’t forget to¬†join in with Anne’s currently challenge next month. I’m the co-host!

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Currently / / September

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Currently September

September is birthday month in the Short household! September should bring cooler temperatures, the beginnings of Holiday season preparations and new beginnings. I’m not in school anymore, but I still think about the year according to the school calendar. Anyone else?

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Currently / / August

Currently August Phoenix David

As of today Phoenix is one week old! Jordan and I didn’t know the exact date our baby boy would arrive, we did know we’d have a baby by August. And well, we’ve arrived to August with a healthy baby. Life is good.

Currently, here is what August looks like.

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Currently / / July


Well, I did it. I made it to July! Baby boy’s birth month! I have so many thoughts swirling in my head, it’s hard to know where to begin. Despite this pregnancy being very intentional, I still find myself feeling overwhelmed by all of the last-minute details. I’m doing my best to have our bases covered, but it’s difficult knowing what one really will needs!

Let’s dive in to July…

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Currently / / June

Jenis Ice Cream

It’s the start to a new month in which means another currently post! Share what you are currently up to this June in the comments below.

Planning | My non-work time. As of today I am 33 weeks pregnant. Eek! Depending on my energy level, I’m slowly checking off small tasks around the house. Jordan and I cleared out a lot of unnecessary items in our apartment this weekend, but we still have more organizing to finish.

Enjoying | Slow days that include naps, listening to the Gilmore Guys podcast with Jordan (we’re preparing for the reunion!), throwing junk away and Jenis ice cream dates.

Buying | Furniture. Jordan found two shelving units to replace what we had in our bathroom and put them together over the weekend. These pieces give us so much more storage, which is exactly what we need.

Craving | Watermelons. I’ve eaten one a week for the last few weeks basically all by myself.

Pinning | Baby sleep schedules. I’m gathering general ideas so Jordan and I can come up with something that works for us and our baby. I will return to work so it’ll be important to find a rhythm that works for all parties…most of the time of course!

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Currently / / May

China Town San Francisco

Celebrating | Entering my third trimester! After waiting nearly three years it’s a little hard to believe I’m in the tail of this experience.

Reading | Not nearly as much as I would like. I always think I’ll read a lot on trips, but Jordan and I stay busy so once my head hits the bed I crash. I am about halfway through A Homemade Life which I am loving.

Pondering | The end of a successful road trip through California. These next few months are going to be filled with a lot of baby prep so it was really special having time where life was put on hold.

Sipping | Sparkling water with lots of lime or decaf iced mochas. I have tried a lot of iced mochas on this trip and I have to say the best one I had was from¬†Peet’s Coffee.

Going | Home! Today we are flying home and will have about a week to re-acclimate before we travel to Chicago for our baby shower.

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Currently / / April

Nashville Art

April is one of my favorite months of the year! It’s our wedding anniversary and the true turn towards spring. I’m excited to see what this month holds.

Making | Piles to donate, piles to store away for another season and piles to throw away. Spring cleaning is in full force!

Wishlisting |¬†Last summer I wrote a post about the 10 shoes every women should own.¬†Well, after putting a good portion of our tax rebate towards savings, Jordan and I allocated a certain amount for each of us to buy something special. I’m finally going to purchase the pair of clogs I’ve wanted for a few years now!

Cleaning | Cabinets and drawers. While we don’t have a lot of closet space we do have several pieces of furniture with extra drawers, so with a little creative rearranging I’ve been able to make room for baby things.

Posting |¬†I’m working on the recap of the third book I read for my 2016 reading challenge. My present conundrum is wanting to abandon the fourth book on my list. I’m about 1/4 the way through and it is such a slog. How do you feel about forcing yourself to read books you’re not fully enjoying, but could possibly enjoy if you simply stick with it?

Tasting | While menu planning this week I felt drawn to dishes involving tomatoes. I made a turkey bolognese on Monday but I also bought ingredients to make tomato soup and grilled cheese!

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Currently / / March

19 week bump photo

Wishing |¬†Someone would visit me every morning and style my hair. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Craving | Everything! Haha. I was¬†extremely hungry in the beginning of this pregnancy, but it slowed down for a few weeks only to amp back up around 18 weeks.¬†I’m craving healthy food (apples and salads) but also pastries. #weakness

Going |
March is the first month I’m not traveling since October (and before that it was June), so the plan is to stay in.¬†I need to finish our baby registry and taxes before April.

Wearing |
These jeans and Blanqi leggings¬†(that link will get you 20% off!).¬†I’m on the hunt for a good pair of full panel maternity jean shorts. I ordered a pair with store credit from ThredUP¬†(that link gives $10 for all first time customers)¬†and I’m hoping they fit.

Learning | 
I’m constantly relearning while I may not be in control of all situations in my life, I am in control of how I react to those situations.

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Currently / / February

Bon Apetit

Sending¬†|¬†Thank you notes from Christmas. It was on my to-do list for the entire month of January and while I’d like to blame this pregnancy on my lack of motivation it’s just me not getting my act together! HAHA.

Eating¬†|¬†My favorite breakfast as of late is a combination of Greek yogurt, granola and a sliced banana. Since becoming pregnant dairy and gluten have been added back into my life. Greek yogurt has a lot of protein and it’s been a filling breakfast.

Dreaming | Of the warmer weather, which taunted us last weekend, and our upcoming trips this spring!

Smelling¬†|¬†We’ve been diffusing On Guard since Christmas. It’s a warm wintry scent, as clove is one of the main essential oils. I’d like to try a new blend as we transition into spring and summer. Maybe something like Purify¬†which has more citrus notes to it.

Hearting | All of you!¬†It’s going to take me a bit to respond to all of the sweet comments left from our¬†announcement.

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