Exploring Cincinnati’s Over-The-Rhine

Cincinnati | Over-The-Rhine

A few weeks ago Jordan, Phoenix, and I spent a long weekend in Cincinnati. Cincinnati holds a special place in our hearts. When we were dating, Jordan and I visited Cincinnati several times a year and still manage to go back every couple of years. Usually, Mount Adams is the Cincinnati neighborhood we explore but this time we stayed in Over-The-Rhine.

This part of town is experiencing a major revitalization (you can visually see where you it still needs work) and is now home to lots of fun little shops and restaurants.

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Cincinnati | Findlay Market

Cincinnati | Findlay Market

While in Cincinnati, Jordan and I, along with our friends, spent a few hours exploring and eating lunch at Findlay Market. I’m not sure if I have mentioned this before, but after high school Jordan spent a year in Cincinnati going through an internship program. While he was an intern he lived with a host family and over the past decade we have remained close, even vacationing together!

I was born in Dayton, Ohio about an hour away from Cincinnati but my understanding of the city is only from our different visits. Did you know Cincinnati was settled in the late 1780s? I really didn’t realize it was so old; To give a comparison, Chicago wasn’t incorporated until 1837. Cincy’s Findlay Market is located in historic Over-the-Rhine, which has some amazingly old buildings surrounding it.

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Mount Adams Love

Mount Adams Cincinnati

Jordan and I spent last weekend in Cincinnati, Ohio. Since Death Cab for Cutie wasn’t stopping in Nashville on this current tour, we decided to take a trip to Cincinnati and see them there. Because some of our dearest friends live in Cincy, we ended up making a full weekend out of it!

Cincinnati is a little less than five hours away from Nashville, which makes for an easy weekend getaway. We drove through a bit of rush hour traffic on Thursday (which added some time) but on our Sunday drive back, we cruised home. One of our top priorities for this trip was to visit Mount Adams, one of our favorite little neighborhoods. We last visited two summers ago, which you can read about here!

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Ohio | Mount Adams


Along the banks of the Ohio River, sits a metropolis affectionately known as the Queen City. Overlooking the city, a hill rises. Mount Adams watches over the city, the river, and the banks of Kentucky. Even though Cincinnati isn’t as large or maybe as exciting as Chicago, it has a charm all its own. This neighborhood oozes charm and is one of my favorite places to visit.

The first time Jordan took me to Mount Adams was New Years Eve weekend in 2005, a few months into our relationship. He had lived in Cincinnati the previous year and was looking forward to showing me around. We only had a few hours to visit the mount before needing to attend a party elsewhere in the city. Thankfully, those road trips to Ohio continued in the following years and visiting Mount Adams became a part of the ritual.

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