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Butchertown Hall

^ Last weekends girl brunch date at Butchertown Hall.

This week was filled to the brim with emotions. A mixture of nervous energy and reflection. How has this pregnancy neared its completion? There are parts of me that aren’t ready for pregnancy to be over but a much larger (4o weeks) part of me simply wants to meet my baby boy. Life is full of unknowns and knowing he can arrive any day now is hard to fathom.

Wednesday was my due date and well, here we are on Friday and baby is still chilling. I have a scheduled induction to begin on Tuesday night, so there is an end in sight. I never felt like he would come early (I haven’t been uncomfortable enough).

I’ve forced myself to leave the house everyday to run a small errand or at least grab coffee. Distraction is key! I’d love to enjoy one more brunch date this weekend if we aren’t in labor.

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An Anniversary Weekend


A few months ago we found out our friend, Tony Rabit, was going to have his art featured at Rotofugi Gallery. The opening turned out to be the night before our anniversary so we decided to stay downtown for the night and make a weekend out of it! Tony’s work is so whimsical and fun. We can’t wait to add the piece we bought to one of our wall galleries.

The weather was perfect on Saturday. I wore my Saltwater Sandals (being hopeful that it would stay warm) and by the afternoon we were stripping off our light jackets.

My only request to Jordan for our weekend was to eat brunch together. I love breakfast food but since I’m usually working early mornings, we don’t enjoy this meal together often. We chose The Gold Coast location of the Original Pancake House (we ate there on our one year anniversary 🙂 ) and landed a table outside on their patio! My 30 day dairy-free trial run ended on Friday, just in time to enjoy diner coffee with cream…but it’s looking like I’ll be eliminating it again. My acne flared up pretty bad almost immediately!

We wanted to enjoy being outside, so we kept on walking and found ourselves in Lincoln Park (plus the walk helped burn off those pancakes). I thought we had seen everything at the zoo from our visits last summer, but we somehow had never gone inside the Lincoln Park Conservatory, which sits on the same property. It is so beautiful and lush; just the foliage we needed to experience after this long winter.

Most of all I just appreciated this time together: talking about the past, present and our future without the usual distractions. Thanks for another great anniversary, babe!

p.s. We played tennis on Sunday for the first time this year and oh my abs! Swinging the racquet is quite the workout. While I love practicing yoga there is nothing quite like working up a sweat outside.




^ The colors throughout the conservatory were amazing.


^ They had these little, prehistoric plastic animals all over. what a fun idea!

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