Skin First with Glossier


My skin went through several rough patches in my twenties. I had your typical teenage acne but made it through pretty unscathed. Adult acne is a whole other beast! I tried everything: diet changes, oral and topical prescription strength medication, supplements and of course many skincare lines.

Some of the above worked for a limited amount of time but usually only on certain parts of my face. Eliminating dairy and gluten significantly helped with the acne on my forehead, but did nothing for my hormonal cystic acne.

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I Love Me Some Odeme

Odeme Nail Polish

I recently threw away my old nail polish. My collection dated back to when I worked at a cosmetology school in Chicago, right out of college; they were severely past their prime. Recently, while browsing White’s Mercantile (a cute, modern-day general store near me), I came across the prettiest polish colors with the cutest packaging and the cheekiest names. I couldn’t pass them up!

Odeme knows what’s up. Founded in 2015, they are new to the beauty scene but they have made a huge splash with their line specially designed for the modern girl. I can’t get enough. I purchased three colors (Cinque Terre, The DerbyCuba Lebre) from Odeme’s line, but I want to go back for more!

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