Eight + Lessons Learned

I will be the first to admit I didn’t know anything about marriage when I said my vows at the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed age of 21. I may not have known the ins and outs of marriage but I knew Jordan and I would make a great team. Waking up today on our eighth year wedding … Continue reading “Eight + Lessons Learned”

Weekend Links | A Trendy Gallery Wall

Each day this week I set out to go through a drawer, file random papers, sift through jewelry or organize a kitchen cabinet. Some days it didn’t feel like much, but looking back even 15 minutes and one donate bag later made a huge difference! My energy level is pretty low once I get home … Continue reading “Weekend Links | A Trendy Gallery Wall”

Relevant Podcast Live

Live podcasting events are fairly common now, at least amongst popular talk radio style shows. For example, the Gilmore Guys have been touring all summer: LA, Austin, NYC and Philadelphia. I listen to these live recordings, but I never gave much thought about traveling to attend one. Last month, Relevant Podcast announced it would celebrate its 10th Anniversary by hosting … Continue reading “Relevant Podcast Live”

A Short Take on Disney World

I’m just gonna say it: Spontaneity is good for humans. Temporarily leaving behind responsibilities, obligations and everyday ruts routines to make room for new experiences is vital to our growth. Sometimes spontaneity looks like, leaving the city and going for a long afternoon hike, forgoing my planned dinner and eating at a new restaurant or seeing a matinée on … Continue reading “A Short Take on Disney World”

Weekend Links / / Trainwreck Sounds

Jordan and I signed another year lease on our apartment this week. I can’t believe we’re closing in on living in Nashville for one year! It was a leap of faith to leave behind the familiar, but we’re both starting to see the payoff from that choice. I went to see Amy Schumer’s new movie, Trainwreck … Continue reading “Weekend Links / / Trainwreck Sounds”

Weekend Links / / No Heat Masquerades

^ Flower market in London (Cheers for photos that have nothing to do with the post!). When I travel, I usually begin with grand visions (more like illusions!) of waking early to leisurely drink coffee while reading the book I brought along. In reality, I sleep too late and feel rushed to begin the day! In general, I’m not what … Continue reading “Weekend Links / / No Heat Masquerades”

Weekend Links / / Infertility Awareness

National Infertility Awareness Week began on Sunday. Jordan and I are that one in eight couples who struggle with infertility. It’s scary to be vulnerable, but I am honored to share my story. Learning to embrace myself has been difficult occasionally because I had assumed I would be a mother by now. In this time, I’ve taken … Continue reading “Weekend Links / / Infertility Awareness”

Weekend Links / / Golden Statue

Did you watch the Academy Awards on Sunday evening? I know they are essentially a popularity club and don’t really mean much in the long run, but I still enjoy tuning in every year. Last year we attended a viewing party, but after the crazy weather Nashville experienced, Jordan and I ordered Thai food and … Continue reading “Weekend Links / / Golden Statue”

Weekend Links / / Wanderlust

^Oxford, UK 2013 Throughout the week I scroll through my Bloglovin’ feed, marking posts that I want to revisit. Usually on Wednesday or Thursday, I spend time ultimately choosing which posts I’ll share. After looking over my list, I think a theme developed – clearly, I am ready to travel! / / Last year, we ate lunch at Longman … Continue reading “Weekend Links / / Wanderlust”

Favorites of 2014: Music

There was a brief moment in time this year when I worried I wouldn’t have enough albums to constitute a “Best of” list. Boy, was I wrong! This was a great year in music, albeit quite different from years past. One thought I had while narrowing down the choices was, do I compare one album against an artist’s … Continue reading “Favorites of 2014: Music”