Weekend Links / / No Heat Masquerades

^ Flower market in London (Cheers for photos that have nothing to do with the post!). When I travel, I usually begin with grand visions (more like illusions!) of waking early to leisurely drink coffee while reading the book I brought along. In reality, I sleep too late and feel rushed to begin the day! In general, I’m not what … Continue reading “Weekend Links / / No Heat Masquerades”

Weekend Links / / Infertility Awareness

National Infertility Awareness Week began on Sunday. Jordan and I are that one in eight couples who struggle with infertility. It’s scary to be vulnerable, but I am honored to share my story. Learning to embrace myself has been difficult occasionally because I had assumed I would be a mother by now. In this time, I’ve taken … Continue reading “Weekend Links / / Infertility Awareness”

Weekend Links / / Golden Statue

Did you watch the Academy Awards on Sunday evening? I know they are essentially a popularity club and don’t really mean much in the long run, but I still enjoy tuning in every year. Last year we attended a viewing party, but after the crazy weather Nashville experienced, Jordan and I ordered Thai food and … Continue reading “Weekend Links / / Golden Statue”

Weekend Links / / Wanderlust

^Oxford, UK 2013 Throughout the week I scroll through my Bloglovin’ feed, marking posts that I want to revisit. Usually on Wednesday or Thursday, I spend time ultimately choosing which posts I’ll share. After looking over my list, I think a theme developed – clearly, I am ready to travel! / / Last year, we ate lunch at Longman … Continue reading “Weekend Links / / Wanderlust”

Favorites of 2014: Music

There was a brief moment in time this year when I worried I wouldn’t have enough albums to constitute a “Best of” list. Boy, was I wrong! This was a great year in music, albeit quite different from years past. One thought I had while narrowing down the choices was, do I compare one album against an artist’s … Continue reading “Favorites of 2014: Music”

Weekend Links / / Labor Day

Last week I mentioned the unromantic stage of moving was in full swing in the Short household. I’m happy to report that signing up for car insurance, new bank accounts, and our moving truck have been crossed off! We downsized prior to moving in with my parents for the summer, but we are still finding ways to eliminate more … Continue reading “Weekend Links / / Labor Day”

Ohio | Mount Adams

Along the banks of the Ohio River, sits a metropolis affectionately known as the Queen City. Overlooking the city, a hill rises. Mount Adams watches over the city, the river, and the banks of Kentucky. Even though Cincinnati isn’t as large or maybe as exciting as Chicago, it has a charm all its own. This neighborhood oozes charm … Continue reading “Ohio | Mount Adams”