Two Pieces of Advice on Coping with Infertility


As many of you know, it took Jordan and I nearly three years to get pregnant with Phoenix. Eventually — after tests upon tests — we discovered I wasn’t ovulating. Or at least I wasn’t ovulating regularly enough to get pregnant on my own.

It’s been awhile since I last wrote about infertility. Recently, I have received a lot of questions on how to manage the emotional ups and downs of infertility. In honor of National Infertility Awareness Week, I want to share two things that, if I had understood, would have helped me.

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Weekend Links / / Ant Invasion

Weekend Links / / Ant Invasion

Before I go into our ant invasion, let’s backtrack to Easter Sunday. Jordan, Phoenix, and myself joined our friends for an Easter lunch at their neighbor’s house. It was a lovely meal. We also snuck in some family photos! We went with the understanding Phoenix would be skipping his afternoon nap. I had no idea how Phoenix would handle the day, but he did so great. Being outside, surrounded by nature and friends, gave him the right amount of distraction.

So, yes, back to ants. I noticed a few ants on our side porch on Tuesday, but I didn’t think much of it. Well, by Wednesday morning ants were all over our kitchen! ACK! I immediately called pest control and set up an account. In the meantime, I googled natural remedies. I soaked cotton balls in a paste mixture of water, borax, and powdered sugar (I’m sure regular sugar will work too). I placed the cotton balls on paper plates luring the ants while tricking them to go back home. It actually worked quite well! Homeownership, yay!

I’m hoping for a more relaxing weekend — one without ants!

Onto the links!

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Obsessions | Spring Edition

This post contains affiliate links.  You can see my full disclosure here.

Current Obsessions | Purposeful Planner

It’s been a little while since I’ve done a round-up of my current favorite products. These are some of my favorite blogposts (and YouTube videos) to read! In honor of spring I’m here today to share my current obsessions.

What are your current obsessions? I want to hear in the comments! 

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Weekend Links / / Pink Sunday

Weekend Links / / Pink Sunday

In honor of Easter, I chopped my hair off and dyed it pink! My stylist and best friend actually put in a little violet/pink a few months ago, but it didn’t adhere as vibrant. I love the color though the pink is already fading quickly. This isn’t the first time I’ve had my hair this short but it’s been a number of years.

Teething ran our house this week. I mentioned on Wednesday that Jordan and I were supposed to have a date night last Saturday, but Phoenix was acting really strange so we canceled. He has a blood blister on his upper lip and a constant runny nose, which of course makes for a sad and crabby baby. I ordered an amber teething necklace and will report back if I notice a difference.

I work on Saturday but on Easter we are having brunch with friends and hopefully, weather permitting, we can go on a family walk. What are your weekend plans?

Onto the links!

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NINE | When Your Marriage Looks Different

Marriage After Kids

Today is my ninth wedding anniversary! I still vividly remember the early days and yet here I am, staring down the big ONE-OH.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how children change a marriage. I am in awe of couples who, during the beginning of their marriage, have children in quick succession. Jordan and I both wouldn’t have handled the chaos well. We’re still finding a balance and some days we manage better than others.

I know I am not the only one who has read blog posts and articles on the importance of keeping your marriage at the forefront after children. As someone who is still in the thick of baby-land I am here to share a slightly different perspective, albeit my own perspective.

Even when you love your spouse, there will still be seasons when your marriage won’t be priority number one. Spoiler alert — this doesn’t mean your marriage is in trouble.

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Weekend Links / / Away in St. Louis

Weekend Links / / Away in St. Louis

Like I mentioned on Wednesday, Phoenix and I spent a long weekend in St. Louis. We visited my brother and his family and my dear friend, who recently had her second baby. St. Louis is about 4.5 hours from Nashville. Phoenix spends a lot of our long car rides crying but I knew I could manage this length of a drive myself.

Phoenix is teething and having a rough time with it, so sleeping well was a novelty, but all in all our weekend was a success! Before Phoenix, I never had to think a trip away could potentially be canceled, outside of maybe in climate weather. Kids get sick at the drop of the hat, so anything could have happened!

Weekend Links / / Away in St. Louis

The weekend mostly consisted of playing indoors and outside, including Phoenix’s fist time on a swing! He loved it by the way. On Tuesday, Sally and I took the babies to the St. Louis Zoo. The zoo is FREE and a really nice size. Chicago also has a free zoo but it’s pretty small in comparison. If you are okay with walking, you can find free parking nearby too.

Onto the links!

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Currently / / April

Currently / / April

Accomplishing | As you are reading this Phoenix and I are on our way back from an extended weekend in St. Louis. We visited my brother and his family and my friend, who recently had her second baby.

This was the first time Phoenix and I went on a trip together and the first time I was alone with Phoenix away from our house. Jordan has left Phoenix and I before for a work trip, but it’s different when you leave your surroundings. I had this weekend planned for weeks and I feel really accomplished it all worked out! With Five kids between three families, I kept thinking someone would get sick!

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The Best Parenting Podcasts

Best Parenting Podcasts

Do you listen to podcasts? Podcasts are treats to me while cleaning or cooking. It seems every week I find a new podcast to subscribe too. It’s hard for me to keep up!

Listening to podcasts used to be an arduous task. Each episode had to either be played on your computer or downloaded onto an iPod. The process is much simpler now! The free podcast app on your phone allows you to search and download episodes to your favorite shows. The episodes than live directly inside the app.

I listen to podcasts not only for entertainment, but also education and encouragement.

Today, I’m sharing my favorite parenting podcasts.

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Weekend Links / / Survey Results

Weekend Links / / Survey Results

I thought for this weeks installment of Weekend Links I’d include the reader survey results. THANK YOU so much for filling my survey out. Your thoughtful comments gave me a lot to think about. Here is a breakdown of the survey results and my takeaways.

The majority of you have been reading longer than one year. Most of you find my posts through an RSS reader (such as Bloglovin’), which makes sense since many of you are also bloggers. 79% said to keep my post frequency the same. This surprised me since some weeks I only post twice. Maybe you also have a hard time keeping up with reading blogs everyday! Ideally, I like posting three times a week. Emphasis on ideally. 🙂

Motherhood, Weekend Links, Style and Travel are your favorite topics to read about. Motherhood won at 42%. Can I say I was surprised how many of you put travel as your favorite category. No one said travel was their least favorite topic to read about. This surprised me as travel posts often don’t receive a lot of interaction. Maybe those posts are fun to read and look at, but they don’t garner a reason to comment. Which is fine!

I made the mistake of having an other option for “least favorite posts to read” as that category won. I appreciated the commenters who said that while motherhood isn’t their favorite, they understand that is the stage of life I am in. Some want more opinions on politics where as others don’t. 😉 Generally, you want more candid observations on the categories I already share.

So, what does this all mean?

More travel posts (including favorite Nashville locations) style, motherhood musings and media favorites (music, podcasts etc.).

I asked for shower songs from everyone. I thought it’d be fun to compile them into a playlist. You can find it here! It’s a fun mix!

Onto the links!

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San Francisco | Brunch at Plow

Jordan and I spent 2.5 weeks in April and May of 2016 driving the coast of California. If you’d like to start at the beginning click here.

San Francisco Street

After exploring San Francisco by bus, we met fellow blogger, Kelly, for brunch at Plow on our last full day. Afterwards, Jordan and I spent the afternoon exploring, shopping and eating ice cream in the Mission district. As always, we took too many photos to put our day all in one post. First up, brunch at Plow!

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