Weekend Links / / The Family Cold Season

I’m posting this Weekend Links edition a little late, but that’s apropos for my week. Everyone is or has been sick all week. Phoenix’s runny nose and cough started last weekend. His colds are susceptible to turning into croup so I was keeping a close eye. I bought a new humidifier. I couldn’t keep our last one from growing mold. Why design a humidifier with nooks and crannies you can’t keep clean?!

Phoenix’s cold went through various degrees of severity. He had a slight fever Friday night, but sadly Jordan was hit the worst. I joke working at Starbucks boosts my immune system, but I actually do believe it. I felt a little achy for roughly twenty-four hours and that’s pretty typical for me. Phoenix hasn’t slept the greatest this week, but he has been extra cuddly. To try to keep him from running around (and thus coughing more) I put on movies and to my surprise he’d sit on my lap and watch bits and pieces.

We had to cancel our baby-sitter for Saturday night but we did manage to buy our Christmas tree (not decorated yet) and visit Porter Flea’s Holiday Pop-Up Market. The market’s occur seasonally and are full of local talented artists.

Onto the links!

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