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There are combinations found in nature (ok, mostly in the kitchen) that are simply meant to be enjoyed together: peanut butter and jelly, grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, and chocolate chip cookies and milk. Similar pairings are also found in clothes. Finding those combinations, within your style, helps tremendously when piecing together an outfit.

When I purchased these camo pants nearly a year ago, I didn’t know they would become a major staple in my closet. I wear denim on denim regularly, but I love the ease of a dark green camo printed pant worn with a chambray shirt.

My chambray shirt collection is growing, but to keep them from all looking the same, I mix up patterns and shapes. This one is less structured than a traditional button down and the subtle polka dot print lends a playful feel.

What are your favorite style combinations?


Shirt from Kohls (old) | Pants from Gap (old) | Cordani Clogs (thrifted)

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Beautycounter + a Giveaway


I have been on a two year+ mission to treat my adult acne. Right around my 26th birthday, pimples began appearing on my cheek/mouth/chin and continued to increase with frequency. I was pretty baffled. I never had acne on my cheeks — my experience was with typical teenage acne on my forehead. I had great skin texture despite the teenage acne and scarring was beginning to take place because of these new problems.

I worried my skin had taken a permanent turn. I wasn’t seeing a budge towards any lasting results even with the frequent dermatology visits to procure medication and trying several skin care product/routines. I was frustrated.

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Fashion + Debt-Free Living


I scheduled our last car payment a few weeks ago. As of February, we are completely debt-free! Though I know eventually we will have other loans, I almost can’t believe it.

When your husband comes to you and says he’d like to leave his job to pursue a freelance career, “financial stability” doesn’t show up on the pro side of the pro/con list. But honestly, I just wasn’t that concerned. Stability is a relative term and we decided not to let fear prevent us from taking this leap of faith toward a more fulfilled life. It was’t a blind leap; we had thought it out and made some calculations but it was a big jump nonetheless.

Despite that risk, in the past five years, we’ve managed to pay off my school and two car loans, start a business, travel, and improve our financial situation. God has been good to us and we want to be wise with what we’ve been given.


After a full holiday season, I put myself on a shopping break. Clothes have never been a source of debt but that’s not my issue. I find it’s really easy to find a cute shirt at Target when all you really needed was laundry detergent and lemon Pledge; those little things add up. And don’t even talk to me about what I could spend at Anthropologie! In light of this, I am making a conscious effort this winter/spring to better utilize my closet. I wear a uniform at work so you’d think experimenting outside the job would naturally happen since I don’t wear “real” clothes everyday. But I have to remind myself to look past the first few hangers instead of grabbing whatever’s easy.

I bought this shirt at a boutique in Chicago several years ago, but I haven’t worn it in months. I paired it with my black Abercrombie & Fitch, high-waisted jean legging and black Madewell booties. I really liked the result.  Restrictions and parameters are good for not only my wallet, but also my creativity!



Shirt from Cerato (old) | Pants from Abercrombie & Fitch | Shoes from Madewell (similar) | Sunglasses from Gap (Old)

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The Cozy Sweater

Photos taken prior to #snowbama


Weather in the south is weird. I am not used to random 60 degree days in February. I’m used to buckets of snow, and trying to scrap ice off of my windshield with a credit card because I forgot to grab the actual ice scraper from my husband’s car (Note: always have multiple scrapers). Now, I’m certainly not complaining. I am figuring out how much of a winter wardrobe I need on hand versus how much should stay in storage.

Around Christmas time I purchased a few in-between weather pieces. Things that would carry me through weather transitions as fall and spring are longer in the south. This cardigan has recently become the main workhorse item in my closet. It looks stylish but is as comfortable as a giant cozy blanket. It’s also breathable and light enough to wear for a sunny winter afternoon. The perfect combination!

What is your workhorse clothing item?




Tank Top from Old Navy (similar) | Sweater from Abercrombie & Fitch (similar) | Jeans from Kasil (old) | Necklace from Madewell (similar) | Sunglasses (old)

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Flower Child


I loved everything about The Wonder YearsWinnie Cooper and Kevin Arnold’s childhood crushing was always real and tender. The honest struggle of raising a family during a tumultuous time in history (late 1960s) made this television show meaningful, even to a 12-year-old girl (me) watching it in syndication. I laughed and cried right along with each character.

Though the show’s focus was usually on Kevin and his friends, we mustn’t forget about his cool older sister Karen, who oozed effortless hippie chic in every way.

Boho isn’t my every-day style but I appreciate the simple, laid-back nature of layering with texture and print. Peasant tops had a resurgence this summer and I really wanted to find a vintage piece to add to my wardrobe. Last summer, Jordan and I spent a morning at the Brooklyn Flea market and I happened to find this really beautiful top.

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Krochet Style


I distinctly remember the first outfit Jordan gave me as a gift. It was for our first Valentine’s Day together in 2006. We went out to dinner to an Italian restaurant near my college campus. After our meal, we sat in his red Ford Focus to exchange our presents to one another. I have no idea what I gave him but my box consisted of this striped, short sleeve cropped sweater, a green tank top for layering and earrings. I wore out those items of clothing but the earrings I still own. 🙂

Jordan has great taste and a lot of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe are because of him. This sweater was a Christmas present and has quickly become a new favorite. I love that the sleeves are cotton and breathable, I can get really hot in wool sweaters.


As someone who enjoys clothes and fashion, I appreciate companies who are trying to do better. The rise of fast fashion, which makes experimenting with trends affordable, has distanced us from the effects of sweatshops and the real cost of our cheap decisions. I spent so much money in my late teens/early 20s on clothing from dubious sources that would essentially fall apart after a few washes.

Krochet Kids is passionate about providing great products, while offering an honest wage through their model of opportunity, education, and mentorship. Each crocheted piece is handmade by women in Peru and Uganda – a name is etched inside each item, so you know exactly who made your piece.

Mine was made in Peru by Rosemary.



Sweater from Krochet Kids | Jeans from Gap (similar) | Shoes from Target (similar) | I stole these old Fossil glasses from Jordan’s glove box.

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Dressing Seasonally / / Sweaters



^ Top knots all day, everyday. 🙂

I feel fairly comfortable dressing for summer and winter. I know which fabrics keep me cool when it’s 80° and how many layers are necessary to stay warm when it’s 20°. It’s those in-between temperatures (basically all of fall and spring!) that I never quite get right. I usually dress to match the high temperature of the day and completely forget how cold the days begin! Nashville’s peak temperature is much later in the day (around 4 or 5 pm) and I’m slowly adjusting. In Chicago, the peak is right at noon. Friends gave me advice about dressing in a lot of layers to survive the changing temperatures.

Jordan recently took a trip to our storage unit to unearth our winter gear. After assessing my clothes, I realized not many of my sweaters fit underneath my light jacket. It’s not quite time to wear my winter coat all day long, so I was happy to find this color block sweater from the Gap. It’s warm, but lightweight enough to layer underneath my jacket!

How do you dress for the in-between seasons?

Jacket from JCrew | Sweater from Gap (similar) | Pants from Uniqlo (similar)

And a few more sweaters I’m loving right now.

One | Two | Three | Four

/ / Natalie’s series on wool has been really interesting and informative!

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Toting with Off Switch


In high school I was really into tote bags. I would decorate blank canvas bags from craft stores by modpodging pictures torn out of magazines. Recently, I found my college messenger bag with a worn off picture of John Mayer glued to the front. Boy, did I love him, I mean it … I loved it, the bag.

Eventually after college, I veered from the canvas tote bag. The thing about purses is unless you pay for quality materials they fall apart easily. About three years ago, I paired down my collection to one Coach leather purse and some clutches for special occasions, plus one small crossbody bag from Kenneth Cole. I loved my crossbody purse, but after years of daily use it began to fall apart. The only downside about that purse was its size. I often brought another bag with me to keep in the car. I had reached bag lady status.

In NYC, over the summer, I bought a Dean & Deluca tote and I wondered, “Why did I veer from my high school ways?” Unlike some other manmade materials, canvas is durable and washable. I realized quickly a regular purse wasn’t necessary for my current lifestyle. I keep makeup and catch all’s such as receipts or gum in small zip containers, but I still have plenty of room for extras: snacks, reading material, a scarf, umbrella, or my camera. I like to be prepared. 🙂

I love my Dean & Deluca tote, but I wanted one that was a bit smaller. Enter the Be Kind tote from Off Switch. It’s the perfect everyday size and I don’t miss having a traditional purse.



/ / What kind of purse/bag do you use daily?

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Style Obsession / / Clogs


Photo Links / / 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

There are many fashion styles I feared would never resurface: overalls, adult backpacks, (tiny) floral patterned dresses, but most of all clogs. (Basically everything Angela Chase wore on My So-Called Life.) I had clogs growing up, but they certainly weren’t cute. They looked more like these (except the inexpensive/cheap store brand). A few years ago, I started seeing clogs resurface on the streets of Chicago. I wasn’t exactly sure what I thought about them, but slowly my mind began to change especially after seeing how they were being styled (here, herehere & here).

Last winter I went thrifting for sweaters and found a lone pair of clogs just waiting for a new home. By some miracle they were exactly my size and have been a perfect addition to my closet!

I’ve talked before about my desire to purchase quality over quantity in regards to fashion. I used to buy cheap $20 shoes constantly and more often than not, they revealed themselves to be completely uncomfortable and poorly constructed. I’ve weeded most of those shoes out of my closet and have begun replacing them with higher quality products (I still have this pair on my wish list). Despite what you might think of wooden soles, clogs are extremely comfortable and durable shoes. I look forward to having them for many years to come!

Have you been wearing something lately you thought you’d never try? What are your thoughts about the resurgence of clogs?

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