The Larimar Birthstone

Larimar Birthstone

Discovering my almost thirty-year old style aesthetic has been a journey. A journey I’ve documented several times on this blog of mine. I’ve written about the theory behind the French Five and the ten pairs of shoes every woman needs to own. While in the midst of fertility treatments last year, I felt a little stifled as far as my closet was concerned. I was ready to make a change, but it wasn’t the right time.

To make a small closet work, staples are essential. I didn’t feel it was wise to purchase many clothes since I was hoping a baby bell would cause me to grow out of those quickly (and thankfully, I was right!). Outside of shoes, jewelry was an area in which I felt I could capsulize and make more functional.

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Date Night Jewelry with Rocksbox

Date Night Jewelry Rocksbox

What is essential for taking any outfit from day-to-date night? Special date-night jewelry!

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed receiving my Rocksbox jewelry collections over the past couple of months (1,2,3,4). Some sets I’ve kept for a few weeks, while others I’ve rotated out quicker. One item I utilized a lot was this Perry Street necklace. It became the perfect piece to jazz up a plain jersey dress, which are now staples in my closet.

Swapping out street sneakers for heels and adding a necklace instantly transforms my stretchy black dresses for date night. Rocksbox’s subscription service allows anyone to have a little more variety in their wardrobe. Relying on accessories are a must especially with my limited maternity wardrobe.

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Styled | The Teal Dress


Jordan took these photos of me at the beginning of April. My how the bump has grown! As you might remember, I received a box from BUMPstyle  (a maternity clothing subscription service) which included several different outfits (1,2,3). You can read more about how their subscription service works here!

This dress from Jules & Jim was my favorite from the bunch. The fabric was extremely soft (which now really matters as I continue to grow into my third trimester) and teal is one of my preferred colors. I don’t wear a lot of color regularly, but I have a hard time turning away from teal.

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I Love Me Some Odeme

Odeme Nail Polish

I recently threw away my old nail polish. My collection dated back to when I worked at a cosmetology school in Chicago, right out of college; they were severely past their prime. Recently, while browsing White’s Mercantile (a cute, modern-day general store near me), I came across the prettiest polish colors with the cutest packaging and the cheekiest names. I couldn’t pass them up!

Odeme knows what’s up. Founded in 2015, they are new to the beauty scene but they have made a huge splash with their line specially designed for the modern girl. I can’t get enough. I purchased three colors (Cinque Terre, The DerbyCuba Lebre) from Odeme’s line, but I want to go back for more!

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Styled | The Navy Blue Dress

BUMPstyle Box Tees by Tina Crinkle Maternity Navy Blue Dress

When I first opened my BUMPstyle Box, I unwrapped it with glee, ferociously unpacking each item. While looking over the clothes, I hesitantly held up this navy blue dress… skepticism all over my face. Jordan saw the dress and confidently stated it was his favorite item from the box.

I assumed (because of how small it looked) it would be far too tight and short for my liking. Well, clothes simply fit my pregnant body differently and some styles I would be uncomfortable wearing before are my preference now. More often than not, I am my own worst fashion critic and will write something off because I don’t think it’ll look good on my body. Add nearly 20 pounds of baby and I don’t know what to think! Thankfully, I have a husband who encourages me to step outside my proverbial fashion box.

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For the Love of the Game

Normcore Pregnancy Style

Growing up, I had a father and two older brothers who loved a game. What game might you ask? All of the games. Baseball, basketball, badminton, football, tennis, golf, swimming and anything that happens to be played during the Olympics. Basically any sort of competition was fine (The only reason I don’t mention hockey in this list is because when we first moved to Chicago, the Blackhawks’ home games weren’t aired on TV).

Anyway….screaming, sideline cheering (and coaching), an occasional tear, a cramped leg or two and lots of high fives were abundant on fields of play and our television viewing room alike.

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Styled | Spring Flowers

BUMPstyle Box Review

I love reading reviews on different monthly clothing subscription boxes on the market, but I never felt compelled to try one for myself. I’ll admit most of the time I wasn’t impressed with the selection and since I live close to several shopping centers, I never felt the need to have someone else shop for me. Well, shopping for maternity clothes is a different ball game!

BUMPstyle Box Review

First off, only a small handful of stores offer maternity options. Within those stores the selection isn’t very large, so you still have to shop around for specific items. If you order online there is the conundrum of paying for shipping and potential returns. It’s hard to gage the quality of the pieces online and I’ve realized that quality does matter when it comes to maternity clothes. I have returned more items in the past five months (due to the pieces not holding up) than I have in years!

So when BUMPstyle Box reached out to me to try their subscription box service, I immediately said yes! 

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A Revolving Door of Jewelry

Rocksbox Jewelry Subscription

I have no trouble rotating out certain items in my closet when they no longer fit my body or my lifestyle. Jeans, for instance, I regularly edit but I struggle to part with jewelry. It’s not like a woman stops fitting in her jewelry! Ha. Most of my jewelry is from high school, college or vintage pieces from my grandmother. At some point I liked everything, but recently I found myself rarely reaching inside my jewelry box because most of it didn’t excite me.

I’ve been organizing like crazy lately. While sorting through all of my jewelry, I finally rid myself of the guilt causing me to keep those cheap earrings from 2003. I feel so much better but the problem is I still don’t know what I want my capsule jewelry collection to look like. Enter Rocksbox!

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PinkBlush Stylin’ + A Giveaway

PinkBlush Maternity Clothes

I know some women who are less than thrilled with the prospect of having to purchase maternity clothes, but I have been looking forward to this day for years! When faced with the many facets of infertility, I acknowledged certain dreams of mine (such as wearing maternity clothes) might not become a reality for me. Now that I am here, I want to fully embrace this beautiful season of life which includes new pieces of clothing to celebrate my growing baby.

I first heard of PinkBlush Maternity through my friend Teresa and loved their sexy, playful, and affordable clothes. I am so excited I now have the opportunity to wear them!

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New Frames with Warby Parker

I am a member of the Warby Parker affiliate program and this post has affiliate links. My opinions and review are my own. As always thank you for supporting the brands which help my space grow. Love ya’ll.

Warby Parker Spring 2016 Launch

Glasses and I developed a relationship way back when in 1994. I was eight years old. I didn’t realize at the time what sort of bond would form between us. Now, glasses might as well be considered another appendage. My eyes are no good solo. Once when I lost my glasses white water rafting in Idaho I tried to persevere without them, but that’s a story for another day.

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