#Reverb16 / / Intentions

#reverb16 Intentions

I’ve never participated in a writing challenge before such as the ever popular NaNoWriMo. I have no desire to write a novel but some people choose to write blogs instead. After following Sarah’s blog for a while, I became intrigued by the writing challenge she organized with her blog/writer friends, Reverb.

“Do you like to write? Or do you want to get back into the writing habit? Or do you want to start a writing habit? Do you like to reflect? And also think forward?

Then come join in #reverb16!

A project where you write on one prompt everyday for the entire month of December.”

I thought I’d jump in for the 2016 version and write on some of the daily prompts. Let me know if you are participating!

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This is 30

Turning 30

Today is my 30th birthday. I am 30 years old. It feels odd typing that sentence out. I thought I would have something profound to say about entering a new decade. But honestly, Phoenix turning six weeks today is far more interesting!

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Phoenix David Short

Phoenix David Short

He’s here and he’s perfect. World, meet Phoenix David Short.

After laboring for seven hours, Phoenix surprised us all by his breech positioning. He was delivered by cesarean section at 7:19 am Wednesday, July 27th. A complete, 8 lbs 2 oz and 19 inch bundle of squishy goodness.

We can’t get enough. We’re completely smitten.

If you are in need of viewing cute baby pictures over the weekend, just follow me on instagram.

A Pantone Baby Shower

Pantone Baby Shower

A few weeks ago, some Nashville friends gathered around us to celebrate the arrival of Baby Short. Jordan and I feel so blessed (an overused word, but also true) by our Nashville community and when I originally sat down to write this post, all I could think about was gratitude. My heart is bursting with love.

Moving to a new city is overwhelming for a multitude of reasons, but quite possibly one of the biggest reasons is the fear of loneliness. Will I be able to find a tribe? It’s a valid concern as finding friends isn’t a guarantee. Through some luck (and a little effort), we have found ourselves embraced by an amazing group of people. This tribe came together to host a lovely and relaxing baby shower.

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A Chicago Baby Shower

baby shower

On a cold Saturday in May, Jordan and I gathered with close family and friends to celebrate our sweet baby boy. We were extremely touched by the details and arrangements made by my sister-in-laws (+ moms!). Everything was so darling! I enjoy going to other people’s wedding and baby showers, but there is an element of unconformability when it is your own. Who will come? Will they enjoy themselves? Will I be able to talk to everyone equally? Thankfully, my fears were subsided pretty quickly.

Jordan and I wanted our day to be relaxed and a time to catch up with people we don’t get to see very often. And we were able to do just that!

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The Freckled Fox | Emily and Martin

I had another post in mind for today, but a more pressing matter has consumed me this week. 

Emily Freckled Fox

I’ve been reading Emily Meyer’s blog, The Freckled Fox, for nearly two years. I stumbled upon her while searching for larger blogs to place some advertising on. I was struck by her ease and style. Emily seemed like the kind of woman who lived with intention. Despite having five kids under six, she still managed to produce quality, informative and uplifting content for her readers. Her beautiful spirit quite literally leaps from the page.

Last year Emily shared that her husband, Martin, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma Cancer. Instantly, I told Jordan he needed to have his skin checked as skin cancer runs in his family (not melanoma, but still). I couldn’t imagine being a few months shy of delivering my fifth child and hearing such lifer altering news.

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Currently / / June

Jenis Ice Cream

It’s the start to a new month in which means another currently post! Share what you are currently up to this June in the comments below.

Planning | My non-work time. As of today I am 33 weeks pregnant. Eek! Depending on my energy level, I’m slowly checking off small tasks around the house. Jordan and I cleared out a lot of unnecessary items in our apartment this weekend, but we still have more organizing to finish.

Enjoying | Slow days that include naps, listening to the Gilmore Guys podcast with Jordan (we’re preparing for the reunion!), throwing junk away and Jenis ice cream dates.

Buying | Furniture. Jordan found two shelving units to replace what we had in our bathroom and put them together over the weekend. These pieces give us so much more storage, which is exactly what we need.

Craving | Watermelons. I’ve eaten one a week for the last few weeks basically all by myself.

Pinning | Baby sleep schedules. I’m gathering general ideas so Jordan and I can come up with something that works for us and our baby. I will return to work so it’ll be important to find a rhythm that works for all parties…most of the time of course!

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When People of the Internet Go Away

Blogger Hey Natalie Jean

I was casually scrolling through Twitter (aka procrastinating my to-do list) when I saw my favorite blogger, Hey Natalie Jean share a post. She said it was her last. While still looking at my phone, I immediately started crying.

That might sound like the most pathetic sentence I have ever written but gosh darn it, it’s completely earnest and not entirely due to pregnancy hormones. Let me explain…

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Currently / / May

China Town San Francisco

Celebrating | Entering my third trimester! After waiting nearly three years it’s a little hard to believe I’m in the tail of this experience.

Reading | Not nearly as much as I would like. I always think I’ll read a lot on trips, but Jordan and I stay busy so once my head hits the bed I crash. I am about halfway through A Homemade Life which I am loving.

Pondering | The end of a successful road trip through California. These next few months are going to be filled with a lot of baby prep so it was really special having time where life was put on hold.

Sipping | Sparkling water with lots of lime or decaf iced mochas. I have tried a lot of iced mochas on this trip and I have to say the best one I had was from Peet’s Coffee.

Going | Home! Today we are flying home and will have about a week to re-acclimate before we travel to Chicago for our baby shower.

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Eight + Lessons Learned

Eighth Wedding Anniversary + Lessons Learned

I will be the first to admit I didn’t know anything about marriage when I said my vows at the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed age of 21. I may not have known the ins and outs of marriage but I knew Jordan and I would make a great team. Waking up today on our eighth year wedding anniversary with a husband in California (for work) and our growing baby in my womb, I couldn’t be more thankful.

There is no secret method for a “successful” marriage but I have learned a lot in the past eight years. Here are a few of the key things I’ve learned

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