Weekend Links / / The Start of Summer

Weekend Links / / The Start of Summer

How was your week? On Wednesday I scheduled a baby-sitter for four hours. I ran a couple of errands and knocked out a bunch of work for the week. I’d much rather pay to expedite my weekly work-flow. Even though Phoenix goes to bed early, I rarely have enough energy to get as much work as I actually need done. I am not a night person!

Phoenix and I are spending this morning at the zoo and on Sunday my parents arrive for a few days. I’m so excited to see them, especially because Phoenix is at such a fun age right now. We will visit our favorite burger place and check-off a few house projects. Jordan and I plan to sneak away for another day date.

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Weekend Links / / Oil and Mac

There is a lot of transitions going on in our house. Jordan rebranded his company, which allows for me to take on a bigger role in the business. And, of course, while also chasing Phoenix everywhere. In the next few weeks, I need to buckle down and focus on planning for his birthday party!

Are you all watching The Keepers on Netflix? I’m not usually one for murder mysteries, but we were fascinated by Making a Murderer so we thought we’d give it a go. We are only three episodes in, so I don’t know how satisfying the ending will be. We chase The Keepers with Master’s of None. Aziz Ansari’s writing is poignant and funny. We’ll probably have it finished by this weekend!

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Weekend Links / / Beginning of Summer

Weekend Links / / Beginning of Summer

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The highlight of my week was spending Sunday afternoon with my college roommate. Her family (including her four-week old baby boy) passed through town on their way to their vacation destination. Planning moments like this, months in advance (with three kids!) might not actually workout. But, it did! The predicted rain held off, giving us time to catch up while the kids played.

Sarah and I bonded over our love for Gilmore Girls. Even after I transferred to a different school, I drove to the school every Tuesday night to watch Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars. 🙂 Did you have a good roommate experience in college?

In other news, my hormonal acne is flaring up again. Between infertility medications, pregnancy and breastfeeding my body has gone through a lot of transitions. I’m not surprised by my acne, but I am annoyed! I went through an elimination diet a few years ago and sadly, I discovered diet changes don’t really do much for my hormonal acne. BOO. Have any of you used Mario Badescu’s drying lotion?

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Refresh with VIIcode Oxygen Eye Masks

Product Review VIIcode O2M Oxygen Eye Pad

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of VIIcode. The opinions are mine own. 

My mother once told me you will latch on to a particular age and mentally cling to it. For her, the age was 37. As the baby in my family, I’ve been the one to age up. I haven’t had to witness younger siblings go through milestones I felt like I just went through. Jordan is the oldest, so I am experiencing this with his siblings.

But, back to aging.

I thought turning 30 would be more traumatic for me. 30 sounds finite, no? Now that I am 30, I feel great! Despite the loss of my ab muscles, I’m in better shape since having Phoenix. My age only emerges when I discuss cultural references with my co-workers.

“Who’s Dashboard Confessional?”

“Mulan is a classic Disney movie.”

My main area of focus right now is skin care.

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Weekend Links / / Day Dates

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Most days it feels as though Jordan and I are constantly juggling childcare. No joke, this week, we had four different sitters for four different days. Usually, our sitters are not for nights out together, BUT this week was a different story. Monday evening we went to see one of our favorite (maybe my favorite?) bands live, Phoenix! We last saw them in 2013.

While listening to their albums, you don’t immediately think they’d put on a high energy show, but they are amazing live. Funnily enough, we didn’t think of the name Phoenix (for our son) until we met another Phoenix in person.

Our time alone continued into Tuesday. Tuesday morning I scheduled a sitter so Jordan and I could have a work date! Shoutout to Kelsey who constantly sings the praises of day-dates. We had four hours and knocked a lot out, including invoicing for Jordan’s business and several photo sessions I needed. I hope to make these day-dates a regular occurrence.

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Weekend Links / / A First Mother’s Day

^ One more photo from Monday’s post.

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Life is full and busy and constantly evolving, but I’m enjoying my days as a family of three. A friend and her band was passing through Nashville on Tuesday. Instead of catching their show, I baby-sat her baby girl. I thought how this would have been impossible a few months ago. Okay, maybe not impossible, but Phoenix’s unpredictability and neediness made last-minute plans challenging.

I’m telling this story as an encouragement to any parents (or future parents) who have wonderful, but not laid-back babies. It gets easier!

In other news, we have officially become a zoo membership family. There aren’t a ton of places to take children in Nashville or at least places where you feel comfortable letting them run around without potentially migrating into the street. It’s a short 20 minute drive, so it’s perfect for a morning walk or playdate!

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Weekend Links / / A Natural Guide to Being an Adult

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Weekend Links / / A Natural Guide to Being an Adult

^ Slightly out of focus, but I’m in love with his grin.

Jordan’s parents are here for a quick visit. They leave early Saturday morning, so we’re spending the day in Franklin, TN. Franklin is about 30 miles south of Nashville and is full of cute little restaurants and shops. Think southern Stars Hallow. Jordan and I both have been to Franklin separately many times, but we haven’t gone all as a family.

On a completely unrelated note, I’ve been thinking a lot about being an adult. Okay, go with me for a minute. You know how when you are a kid you can’t wait to be an adult — to do what you want and when you want. Somewhere a long the line I forgot I am in control — not social media or social expectations. I don’t need to delete insert social media forum off my phone, I need to put the phone down and pick up a book. I want to read, but I’ve lied to myself that I don’t have the time.

Social media is one example. My house is more clean and I am crossing things off my to-do list. So, don’t forget the agency you have in your life.

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Currently / / May

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Baking | A granola recipe I shared years ago. To keep the recipe even more simple, I omit the dried fruit and use only oats and pecans (or whatever nuts I have on hand). One day I added honey and realized a honey/maple syrup combination creates a better chewy consistency.

Our go-to breakfast of late is yogurt or an acai bowl with granola and berries. Sometimes I add chia seeds on top for added crunch.

Listening (to) | Sylvan Esso and Feist’s new albums. I listen to so many podcasts I often forget to keep up with new music!

Loving | Family Sundays. It took months for Phoenix to get on a schedule, so I don’t jeopardize nap times often. Lately, we found skipping Phoenix’s second nap (once a week) to go to friend’s house or party doesn’t create meltdowns or bad habits for the week. Getting out of the house, all together, as a family helps to break up the monotony of the week.

Planting | We moved into a new build and landscaping was already put in, thankfully, because we don’t have the time for major gardening. I would like to pot a few herbs and place them on our front porch.

Remembering | May of last year when I looked like this!

China Town San Francisco

Jordan and I had arrived from our California trip with rejuvenated energy to prepare for Phoenix’s arrival in July. Time moves by slow and quick all at the same time. 😉

Linking with Anne and Nancy.

Weekend Links / / Productive Days

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^ We had a visitor (from my niece’s kindergarten class) with us this weekend.

Last weekend was really relaxing. Sunday was one of those rare days where Jordan and I both didn’t have to work. It was refreshing for us all! Due to work and coordinating childcare, we don’t often have full days off together. We shopped for items we needed for the house, enjoyed an impromptu playdate with friends, and capped the night with Chipotle and a movie. Marriage goals, guys.

I followed up our amazing Sunday with quite possibly the most productive parenting day on Monday. I went to the grocery store and meal prepped (two meals + snacks), wrote a blog post, ran a load of laundry and kept the house clean all before Phoenix went to bed at 6 pm. This was needed as the rest of the week was a whirlwind, which is why this post is late! I usually only work three days a week, but this week I worked an extra day.

We have a party to attend this afternoon, so I’m off to pick up a cheese plate!

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Weekend Links / / Ant Invasion

Weekend Links / / Ant Invasion

Before I go into our ant invasion, let’s backtrack to Easter Sunday. Jordan, Phoenix, and myself joined our friends for an Easter lunch at their neighbor’s house. It was a lovely meal. We also snuck in some family photos! We went with the understanding Phoenix would be skipping his afternoon nap. I had no idea how Phoenix would handle the day, but he did so great. Being outside, surrounded by nature and friends, gave him the right amount of distraction.

So, yes, back to ants. I noticed a few ants on our side porch on Tuesday, but I didn’t think much of it. Well, by Wednesday morning ants were all over our kitchen! ACK! I immediately called pest control and set up an account. In the meantime, I googled natural remedies. I soaked cotton balls in a paste mixture of water, borax, and powdered sugar (I’m sure regular sugar will work too). I placed the cotton balls on paper plates luring the ants while tricking them to go back home. It actually worked quite well! Homeownership, yay!

I’m hoping for a more relaxing weekend — one without ants!

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