Weekend Links / / A Little Boring

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Weekend Links / / A Little Boring

^ Jordan took this while on a walk with Phoenix. This kid cracks me up!

This week slipped away from me. I usually work Wednesday, Thursdays and Saturdays, but this week I worked Tuesday instead of Thursday. Somehow that slight shift completely through me off! Tuesday night I had such a terrible sinus headache I went to bed at 7:30. I kept dousing myself in peppermint oil, which apparently is not advisable while you are breastfeeding. Whoops! It felt good going to bed so early.

Lately, most of my weeks feel rather low-key and boring or mundane rather but that is simply the phase of life I am in. It’s okay to be boring. 🙂 This week I finished reading After You and started Four Seasons in Rome again. I am trying to remember to read more when I am on breaks at work (I pump in our back room so it’s not always the most quiet) and during little snippets of quiet throughout the day.

Okay, while my week was a little boring these links aren’t!

Onto the links!

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Currently / / March

Currently / / March

Watching | The Academy Awards. In honor of the Oscars, Jordan and I finally watched La La Land over the weekend. Jordan and I get into all of the awards shows. There was one year (the year Gwyneth Paltrow won for Shakespeare in Love) when my mom kept sending me upstairs because the clips were too “scandalous”. HA! 

Eating | Pink Lady apples everyday which are my current favorite apple variety. Also, too much frozen pizza. I did manage to roast lots of broccoli to eat with said pizza, so all is not completely lost. Nursing makes me so hungry (hungry for carbs!!) but I need to start eating better. 

Saying | “Phoenix, why are you getting so big?!” But seriously, how is my baby almost walking??? 

Wearing | A mixture of my summer (I wore shorts last week) and winter wardrobe. Nashville has weird weather! 

Posting | I shared Phoenix’s seven month update on Monday. The photo included in that post was an extra from a recent family walk. I’m contemplating doing a reader survey soon. I’ve been a little uninspired lately. My topics always center around what is happening in my life but my days feel very mundane. Do you find surveys helpful? Do you fill them out for other bloggers?

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Weekend Links / / Blogging Basics, Ramen and Naps

Weekend Links / / Blogging Basics, Ramen and Naps

I told Jordan earlier this week I finally feel like I’m not simply surviving hour to hour. Maybe it’s a hormone shift or maybe it’s because Phoenix is sleeping better. Either way, it’s a nice feeling. We started nap training (for real this time) and a few other schedule and eating tweaks this week and it made a huge difference. I’ll share more in Phoenix’s seven month update next week.

When Phoenix wasn’t napping consistently, I became really behind. Behind on blog posts and personal and household goals. It was weighing on me. I am excited to see what I can accomplish now that I am not as exhausted and worn out. This week, I gave myself permission to veg out during his naps. I read a bunch and starting catching up with This Is Us!

What are your plans for the weekend? I always work Saturdays but on Sunday (besides watching the Oscars) I want to pop into Madewell. I’ve had a gift card for a while and am curious about their jeans. Have you tried them?

Onto the links!

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Weekend Links / / Cuba, Tiramisu and Good Girls

Weekend Links / / Cuba, Tiramisu and Good Girls Revolt

Hey Friends!

We’re at the point of the year when I begin to dread all the work I have left to do before filing taxes. It always gets done, but I still dislike the minutia. Though, who enjoys tax season? Except for maybe accountants. It’s not realistic for me to spend extended periods of time compiling everything, so I’m working in 15 minute increments. This is far less overwhelming.

Jordan had food poisoning over the weekend (the WORST!). At first we were concerned it might be the stomach flu, but, thankfully, it was only food poisoning. By Tuesday night Jordan had an appetite for something other than chicken noodle soup and Gatorade so for Valentine’s Day we ordered take-out from Maggiano’s and watched a movie. We haven’t been on a “date” in months, but this reminded me of the kind of date nights we enjoyed while in college.

Phoenix finally started enjoying food this week. The last few weeks he would cry after a couple of bites but now he squeals and gasps like a little bird until the spoon is in his mouth.

Onto the links!

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Weekend Links / / Flat Tire Injuries

Hey! I’m sorry I missed posting a Weekend Links on Friday.

Last week was long for many reasons, but adding to it all, I got a flat tire Wednesday night. Cars are a necessary annoyance, am I right? The culprit? A nail in my tire. I arrived to work fine, thankfully, but when I walked out, at 10:30 pm, my tire was completely flat. Phoenix makes everything so worth it, but in moments like this you realize kids do complicate matters. In other years, Jordan would just come get me, but we try to avoid waking a sleeping baby!

I’m grateful for friends who don’t mind taking you home.

Thursday morning a friend drove Jordan to our car and once we realized we would have to call a tow truck, Phoenix and I went to pick Jordan up. Phoenix was happy and content watching all of the commotion. He sits up and scoots constantly and gets himself into all sorts of funny positions. It’s fun to watch except when he does it during nap time. HAHA.

Onto the links!

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Currently / / February

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Currently / / February

Packing | Away clothes Phoenix has outgrown. He is long and lean, so we retired most of his six month sleepers.

Jonesing | Nursery’s on Pinterest (like this one). I’m still not really sure how I want to decorate Phoenix’s room. We have a few decorative pieces hung but I would like to find a chair to put in the corner and a few other storage elements.

Texting | I always have several text conversations going at once. Besides face-to-face communication, texting is the next best thing for new moms (or really busy people everywhere). I don’t mind phone calls but it’s hard to coordinate them.

Reading | I finished two books last week: War and Peace (audio) and Maisie Dobbs. I started reading Anthony Doerr’s Four Seasons in Rome but I had to return it to the library before finishing. I request most of my library books online, but more often than not they arrive all at the same time!

Hearting | Iced mochas and banana bread. Dinner dates with friends. Reading a book during nap time. Simple evenings at home. Laughing with Phoenix. Simple pleasures, really.

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Weekend Links / / Vanishing Mean Girls

Weekend Links / / Vanishing Mean Girls

^ A sneak peak of our New Years card I finally received this week!

Phoenix kept me on my toes this week, but I managed to finish listening to the audio of War and Peace and I’m only a few chapters away from the end of Maisie Dobbs. Next up (for my reading challenge) is Sense and Sensibility. I’m realizing reading and practicing yoga (even a few times a week) help me feel like I’ve accomplished something in my day.

Phoenix has started to sit-up and crawl. Just in time for his six month birthday. Let’s not talk about how old he is getting. After Phoenix’s well-visit this afternoon, my parents arrive for the weekend! I wasn’t prepared for him to become mobile this early. HA!

We don’t have any major plans during my parent’s visit, except Jordan and I hope to steal away to see a movie. Most likely, La La Land. Have you seen it?

Onto the links!

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Weekend Links / / Survive and Thrive

Weekend Links | Survive and Thrive

Some weeks you thrive, while some you only survive. This week was all about survival. Phoenix is still sick and besides coffee runs, we mostly stayed home. Only time, hydration, and sleep will cure this cold (of course try telling a six month old to sleep longer!). I wanted to allow for as many successful naps as he’d give me since nights are hit or miss.

Prior to getting sick, we had arrived at a relatively reliable place of bedtime around 6-6:30 with two wakings between 12-4 AM to eat. A couple of nights this week Phoenix was up frequently coughing and had a really difficult time settling back down. It felt like newborn days again.

One of those nights, we had friends over for a movie night and it felt like I was upstairs more than I was downstairs watching the movie. Poor buddy. I’m grateful winter in Nashville isn’t as long. At least when you have a cold in the summer you can go on walks!

This week is ending on a high note. Last night was January’s Wine Club which came at the perfect time. I needed to get away and chat with other women!

Onto the links!

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2017 Reading Challenge

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Reading Challenge 2017

It’s time for another reading challenge!

I never finished Modern Mrs Darcey’s 2016’s reading challenge. I did read books that weren’t on my original list. Though, once Phoenix was born, I found myself entrenched in books on how to get Phoenix to sleep. If I had a moment to read, I chose to sleep instead. The newborn fog has lifted and so I’m forging ahead with finishing 2016’s list along with a whole new set of books for 2017!

I combined a few categories from Anne’s 2016 and 2017 list for my new 2017 reading challenge! In typical Catherine fashion, my selections run from classics to historical fiction to memoirs (so many memoirs) to parenting books. My plan is to mix reading physical copies with listening to books on audio because, hello, I spend hours breastfeeding a week.

As the year progresses, I update and cross off any book I finish.

But first, my 2017 list!

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Weekend Links / / Peace, Snow and Sickness

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Snow Day Fun

Nashville experienced its first snow last weekend, obviously, we bundled Phoenix up. Phoenix didn’t quite know what to make of the snow when we set him in it.

Jordan got hit with a nasty cold and has spent most of the week out of commission. Phoenix is now full blown teething. A teeny tiny tooth has emerged! I don’t think it’s related to teething, but he also has his first cold. We told Phoenix it’s good to share, except for our germs. 😉 After several very cold days the weather is warming up this weekend. Hopefully, the added moisture will help us all.

Miraculously, I was off work last weekend so we laid extremely low — lots of cuddling (for the babes), football and Golden Globes on the tv  and plenty of coffee since Phoenix woke up earlier than normal. #teething

The pictures I planned to hang over the weekend are still on the ground But, we finally disassembled the Christmas tree (I miss the twinkle lights) and replaced the greenery with houseplants! Our house lets in a lot of natural light, so hopefully the plants will survive the winter and my black thumb!

Onto the links!

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