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Hi Friends! Are you staying warm? It’s still really cold in Nashville. Phoenix’s school had a two-hour delay on Thursday due to the cold. Also, can we address the frustration that is finagling last-minute childcare arrangements?! I pray this winter is gentle on us.

We met Jordan after Phoenix’s nap on Friday afternoon to finally take our 2017 family photos! It’s still the beginning of January, so I think we’re okay. 😉 November and December are busy months for us, so I’m wondering if we should, in the future, take the photos in September. When do you usually have your family photos taken?

P.S. If you’d like our New Years card, DM me your address on Instagram.

Yesterday, Jordan and I went to a wedding. The ceremony was outside (it was maybe 30°!). Don’t worry, we were told to dress in layers. I basically brought a blanket. 🙂 The wedding itself was in the late afternoon, so Jordan and I had time to grab Jeni’s ice cream before relieving our sitter.

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Currently / / January

Starting | Yoga with Adriene’s 30 Day Yoga Challenge. She begins one every January and I felt like it’s the perfect way to reset my body. My left hip has been bothering me again (it pops out of it’s socket easily) and one way to alleviate my discomfort is strengthening all of the surrounding muscles.

I had this allusion that to workout effectively I needed to find time when Phoenix was asleep. But, honestly, I don’t want to use his bed or nap time to workout. Instead, I roll the mat out and Phoenix climbs on me while I’m in child’s pose.

Hoping | We all remain healthy this winter. The flu is running rampant around town and I pray we don’t get it. Phoenix and Jordan had colds in December, but thankfully their colds didn’t land them in the hospital like everyone I know who has had the flu!

Phoenix’s colds do lean towards turning into croup, but our humidifier and some essential oils appears to help. The key is keeping him from coughing.

Scheduling | I’m not working as much this month, so in-between beginning our taxes I also need to schedule doctors appointments. The dentist mainly.

Reading | I just finished Instructions for a Heatwave (which I really liked), but have yet to begin anything else. I’m sure I’ll discover a few recommendations from all of you!

Playing | Phoenix’s great-grandma and grandparents gifted him plates, bowls, cups and spoons for Christmas. He immediately started pretending to eat and drink from them. I’m having a lot of fun watching him begin playing imaginatively. I loved my play-kitchen as a child. Down-the-line, if we move to a bigger house, I’d like to clean to up and let Phoenix have it.

Linking with Anne.

Weekend Links / / Happy New Year!

Weekend Links / / Happy New Year!

Weekend Links / / Happy New Year!

This post contains affiliate links.  You can see my full disclosure here.

Jordan’s parents and youngest sister left this morning. We enjoyed celebrating Christmas 2.0 together. Phoenix (with the help of FaceTime) has developed quite a relationship with his extended family. It’s very sweet to see his excitement anytime we are all together.

It was a busy holiday season (or year rather) for Jordan and his business, so having a few relaxing days together was the perfect Christmas present. We went on a date to see The Disaster Artist. Have you seen it? The Room (the movie The Disaster Artist is about) is quite the tale of a creative vision gone wrong.

What are you New Years Eve plans? The past two years we went to a party, but this year we’re joining a few friends for dinner. Everyone will put their kids down and the adults will enjoy dessert and drinks. I’m already looking forward to it!

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Weekend Links / / Mom Schedule Reset

Weekend Links / / Mom Schedule Reset

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Hi Friends! Are you staying healthy? It seems like everyone is getting over a cold. Jordan is still sick. Poor guy. Tuesday night we finally finished decorating our tree, despite Jordan not feeling well. Phoenix is mostly leaving the ornaments alone. He keeps trying to take the glittery ball ornaments off of the tree, so I’ve had to remove a few. I’m working a total of three more days for the rest of the year, so I’m taking advantage and checking a few things off my to-do list.

I wanted to give an update to my cleaning and home management post from last week. After reading through your comments I began to rethink how I structure my day. To be honest it’s really hard for me to muster energy when I get up for work at 4 am (sometimes earlier!). But I don’t work everyday and I’m rarely working for the next few weeks. SO, because I much prefer to go to bed early and wake up early (not 4 am early) I’m going to wake up before Phoenix and shower and get ready. I am productive when I am dressed.

Getting up earlier than your kids isn’t always possible. When I first went back to work I closed two days (getting home at 10:45 and feeding Phoenix still 1-2 a night) and one early morning a week. That was not the season to get up any earlier than I needed too. But after hitting publish on that post I reminded myself my work/home situation is changing and it’s time for a shake-up. Phoenix is (mostly) sleeping through the night. Getting up an extra 30 minutes won’t alter my overall sleep totals that much, but it will drastically change how I start my day with Phoenix.

Here are the three practical steps I’m taking to add more order to my day.

  • Get up at 5:30 during the week.
  • While Phoenix eats dinner (even when he’s done and antsy to get out) quickly put his toys away. We keep a small amount of toys downstairs, so this task literally takes 60 seconds.
  • Do not begin dedicated evening television, blog work, or reading until 8. Utilize post dinner time for a quick clean up/prep Phoenix’s lunch/my own work prep, etc. Jordan’s work life is flexible, but also random. Sometimes he works really late or has an event to attend, sometimes he’s home at 4 pm or doesn’t start work until 10 am. Regardless of whether he’s home I need more structure to my evening hours. I started implementing this policy and I’ve already seen a major difference in my productivity.

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Currently / / December

Happy December, y’all! I’m excited to co-host this month’s currently link-up with Anne. Nashville is experiencing a cold front, which comes at the perfect time. On Saturday we are selecting our Christmas tree. Last year we bought our first real Christmas tree from Lowes and plan on doing the same!

Before we dive into the prompts I want to ask you to leave your favorite cheesy Christmas movie in the comment section below. Tis’ the season!

Lighting | Trader Joe’s seasonal candles. I never noticed their candle selection, but, on a whim, I purchased their fall pumpkin scent. Sadly, all of the pumpkin candles were completely gone by the time I went back. But to my surprise they sell a winter scent, cedar balsam! The candle base is soy and coconut and the aroma is pleasant — not too strong. I’m curious what other scents they carry throughout the year.

Spending | A few items of clothing have been hanging in my closet just waiting to be tailored. I found someone local (via our Nextdoor group) and I look forward to crossing this task off of my to-do list. Do you ever tailor your clothes?

Choosing | I talked about this a little bit in Monday’s blog post, but lately I have struggled with feeling unproductive when I’m home with Phoenix. I’m very logical so I rarely feel the common social media jealousy — I understand we all choose what to share — but sometimes I wonder what I’m doing wrong when I see how productive people are!

Jordan’s job goes through seasons of high demand, Phoenix needs a lot of attention and so, I find myself a little paralyzed when I have time to myself. THERE IS SO MUCH I COULD DO! But I’ve been reminding myself to choose to slow down and be present. This season of mothering a toddler for the first time is temporary.

Sending | Next week I bookmarked a day to buy (okay, most) all of our Christmas presents. I felt rather overwhelmed with all of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, so we decided to shop via Preemptive Love Coalition’s Gift Catalogue. They have beautiful soaps and candles and clothing too!

Singing | Christmas carols and songs from The Sound of Music to Phoenix at night. Between choir and community theatre performances I still remember a ton of songs from The Sound of Music!

Weekend Links / / Project You and Me

Weekend Links / / Project You and Me

Mixing it up for this week’s Weekend Links addition by participating in Ginger Parrish’s You and Me Project.

You: are 16 months old ▪️never stop moving ▪️silly and curious, but often get overwhelmed in new environments ▪️ never far from me (preferably with your hand down my shirt 🙃)▪️constantly asking “what is that?” to anyone that’ll answer ▪️have a hard time with transitions ▪️ love going to school (but equally love reuniting).

Me: Need to up my workout game aka start moving! ▪️wonder if I contribute enough to my family and community ▪️listen to podcasts all day long ▪️obsessed with mybyta cup (it keeps my iced lattes icy for hours!) ▪️in a love affair with TJ’s cookie butter sandwich cookies (often with hot chocolate at night)▪️still breastfeeding, but stopped pumping at work! 🙌🏻 #projectyouandme

Weekend Links / / Project You and Me

Weekend Links / / Project You and Me

Weekend Links / / Project You and Me

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Weekend Links / / Hey, Natalie’s Back

I’m dragging a bit this morning. Not only was wine night last night (I haven’t been able to go in months!), Jordan and I attended a HALFNOISE concert. Whew. Thankfully, I’m off work today. 🙂 Overall, this week felt like a reprieve from the busyness of the last couple of months. I was able to get my hair cut and colored and read several nights before bed. It’s the little wins, right?

Speaking of small wins.  I’d love to hear from you, moms of toddlers, (especially within the 15-20 month range) about what daily cleaning and organizing tasks you accomplish while they are awake. Though I know this often is the time when people might be adding in another baby, which obviously means nothing is getting done. 😉

Phoenix is into everything (we circle around making messes and cleaning said messes). He is so busy, but also clingy. As I’m  writing this out, I’m recognizing he must be going through a developmental leap as in the last week or so he started climbing on everything. Which rarely works out for either of us. HAHA.

Phoenix and I leave for Chicago on Monday, so as soon as I’m off work tomorrow it’s prep time! I hope you all have the best Thanksgiving. 😉

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Weekend Links / / Phoenix’s First Fall

Hey Friends. Friday is here! Phoenix had his first big fall on Monday. He tripped over his own feet. His nose started bleeding and it now looks like he has a rug burn on his face. Poor baby. Between daylight savings, Phoenix’s fall, and generally not adjust well to one nap a day I am ready for a weekend reset.

I finished my last week of working four days a week. Honestly, it was too much but as I tell myself during the grind, working decisions aren’t permanent.

What are your weekend plans? I see everyone already decorating their Christmas tree and I want to join in the fun! But, we’re saving that for December. I requested a whole weekend off to make a fun outing of it.

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Weekend Links / / Daniel Tiger Goes Trick-or-Treating

Weekend Links / / Daniel Tiger Goes Trick-or-Treating

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I couldn’t resist sharing several photos from Halloween. Phoenix went trick-or-treating as Daniel Tiger. The red hoodie Phoenix is wearing was actually my brothers! The red shoes are Cat & Jack from Target. Phoenix quickly got the hang of walking up the steps and going straight to the candy basket. I didn’t exactly know how the night would go, but minus the car ride home Phoenix had no meltdowns! And he stayed up two hours past his bedtime.

I’m continually amazed with this kid.

Jordan and I both had work this weekend, but we still found a little time to catch up on Stranger Things 2. Are you watching it? We still have three episodes left. I realized a rewatch of season one would have been helpful — I forgot a lot of little details.

Onto the links, but first a few photos.

Weekend Links / / Daniel Tiger Goes Trick-or-Treating

Weekend Links / / Daniel Tiger Goes Trick-or-Treating

Weekend Links / / Daniel Tiger Goes Trick-or-Treating

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Currently / / November

Currently / / November 2017

November is here! Surprisingly, this holiday season will be less crazy (for me) than the past few months. Ever since we got married (nearly 10 years ago) my jobs have always provided the insurance for Jordan and I. The company where I work (six years today!) has two audit periods a year. As long as you reach the required hours within the six months, it doesn’t matter how many hours you work in a given week.

To make November and December less hectic, I worked extra in September and October. I often regretted my decision but I know it’ll pay off here soon. In other news, we moved into our house one year ago, so while we set up a tree for Christmas it all felt like a blur. I look forward to selecting our tree and decorating our house again for Christmas!

Is your holiday season already hectic?

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