I Won’t Be Defined by My Birth Plan

Birth Plan

Jordan and I went to a birthing class recently. It was held in my doctor’s office and run by an experienced labor and delivery nurse. The information was conveyed to the group in a no-nonsense yet humorous way. It helped us feel even more at ease despite the fact that we have no idea how or when our baby will arrive. The hospital where I will deliver is extremely baby friendly*, which is important to me, but you know what isn’t important to me? Having a natural childbirth experience.

The topic of birth and birth plans among women my age is inevitable, and while many share from an honest, loving place, I’ve sometimes left those conversations feeling icky. Why has it become the norm to define our value as a mother by our birth plan? I won’t allow myself to feel less-than because I’ve opted for a more “Western medicine” approach.

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A Chicago Baby Shower

baby shower

On a cold Saturday in May, Jordan and I gathered with close family and friends to celebrate our sweet baby boy. We were extremely touched by the details and arrangements made by my sister-in-laws (+ moms!). Everything was so darling! I enjoy going to other people’s wedding and baby showers, but there is an element of unconformability when it is your own. Who will come? Will they enjoy themselves? Will I be able to talk to everyone equally? Thankfully, my fears were subsided pretty quickly.

Jordan and I wanted our day to be relaxed and a time to catch up with people we don’t get to see very often. And we were able to do just that!

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Second Trimester Musings

Second Trimester Pregnancy Tips

According to the internet the second trimester of pregnancy is from week 13 through week 28. I’m now into week 31 so before I completely forget how my second trimester went I figured I should write it all down and share my tips!

My first trimester wasn’t terrible but looking back it wasn’t all sunshine and roses either. I had all-day nausea though I never got sick. I was tired and bloated but still managed to go to work and get the basics done. My doctor kept telling me the second trimester was when you feel the best, but I didn’t wake up one day immediately feeling amazing. The transition into my second trimester was gradual.

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It’s a….

Gender Reveal Ideas

Walking into our 20 week ultrasound scan on February 29th, I was full of butterflies. And not just baby flutters! Up until this point my pregnancy felt very abstract. My body acted and looked pregnant but it was still hard for me to fully grasp all that was taking place. Knowing the gender of our baby was a no-brainer for me as I needed something to make everything more concrete. I couldn’t wait to start using a personal pronoun and narrowing down our name choices.

So without further ado…

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For When You Get Pregnant

get pregnant

Since the fateful weekend where I took five pregnancy tests and discovered I could get pregnant, I’ve wondered how I would address moving from the camp of “infertility” to the camp of “mom.”

There is a solidarity in finding others who are struggling the same way you are struggling. I found my journey to be much more bearable once I discovered I wasn’t alone. And while we are all hoping for our miracle baby, when someone leaves the camp, those still in the camp rejoice but a little bit of sadness still remains.

Most nights I think of all the women (that followed my journey or vice-versa) who are still waiting for their positive pregnancy test and I wonder, “Why me?”

It’s overwhelming to think about, and I want you to know I haven’t forgotten.

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PinkBlush Stylin’ + A Giveaway

PinkBlush Maternity Clothes

I know some women who are less than thrilled with the prospect of having to purchase maternity clothes, but I have been looking forward to this day for years! When faced with the many facets of infertility, I acknowledged certain dreams of mine (such as wearing maternity clothes) might not become a reality for me. Now that I am here, I want to fully embrace this beautiful season of life which includes new pieces of clothing to celebrate my growing baby.

I first heard of PinkBlush Maternity through my friend Teresa and loved their sexy, playful, and affordable clothes. I am so excited I now have the opportunity to wear them!

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First Trimester Musings

First Trimester Musings

I went from finding out I was pregnant and feeling fairly normal, albeit slightly bloated, to feeling very pregnant in a matter of days. The nausea, headaches and exhaustion were intense at times but manageable with the right tools.

On a typical work day, during my first trimester, I’d arrive home and eat a snack immediately. I’d then try to spend an hour or so blogging before the desire for a nap consumed me. Even with the nap I still went to bed around 8 each night. I never got “enough” sleep, but I was thankful for the moments of slumber. During the early weeks I had to limit my expectations and focus on accomplishing the absolute necessities. I’m pretty sure Jordan survived on cereal, business lunches and frozen meals from Trader Joe’s during that time!

Everyone’s pregnancy symptoms are different and experienced with varying degrees. I found a few things that helped me through those early weeks and wanted to share in hopes they might help you!

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Three’s Company

cute pregnancy announcement

I’ve always been a fan of sitcoms. Ever since I was a little girl… I even imagined what it would be like to star in one myself. One funny, not-so-secret trick that prop people utilize when one of a show’s female stars becomes pregnant is they make the actress walk around with boxes and packages or have them stand behind some obstruction to hide their belly. Well, If I was a star in a sitcom, I would be walking around with a box for nine months because… I’M PREGNANT!

It’s still a bit overwhelming to talk about but I will try!

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