A Day in the Life | Toddler Edition

A Day in the Life | Toddler Edition

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A Day in the Life

I have been meaning to document a day in our life post for months! The last time I documented our day was in December of 2016. These are honestly some of my favorite blog posts to read. I like taking a peek into other parent’s lives. I want to know how they maintain their home while wrangling their kids.

Before I dive into our day, here’s a little back story on the structure of our week. Phoenix is 20 months old and attends school two days a week, while I am at work. I work three days a week (Wednesday/Thursday/Saturday). We have a baby-sitter Saturday mornings too. This allows Jordan to wrap up work projects, so the rest of the weekend can be relaxing. #selfemployed

On weekdays, when Phoenix and I are home together, we usually get out of the house and do an activity in the morning – whether it’s the library, grocery store, or the zoo – and spend the afternoon playing outside and inside while I do housework.

My parenting philosophy thus far is to encourage independent play. Phoenix makes crafts at school, so outside of the occasionally coloring pages, I have yet to plan structured activities for him. Maybe that’ll change, but as of right now he’s either attached to me (usually reading books) or creating little imaginative moments with his toys.

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your Children (+ Why it’s Important)

My blog post was originally posted on Red Tricycle last year. 

Celebrate Valentine's Day with your Children (+ Why it's Important)

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! This day seems to stir up conflicting emotions for many people. I’ve always looked at the day as an excuse to bake treats and exchange meaningful words with friends and family.

I began thinking about why I don’t struggle with this day (and it’s not because I am married). It’s because my mom made it fun not at all about significant other’s. I wrote a blog post for Red Tricycle about Why You Should Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your Kids. My mother taught my brother’s and I life is too short to be cynical about a day where you have an extra reason to spread love around.

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Day Dates + How to Find Babysitters

Day Dates + How to Find Babysitters

This post contains affiliate links.  You can see my full disclosure here.

Saturday morning Jordan and I went on a day date. I had scheduled a babysitter, but instead of canceling when my work scheduled changed Jordan and I went out! Day dates, as parents, are far superior to evening dates. For one thing Phoenix is awake the entire time so it’s a legit break, but also I’m not nearly as tired.

We had a gift card to a coffee shop, so we grabbed coffee and breakfast and pursued several antique stores nearby. We arrived home just in time to put Phoenix down for a nap. Saturday morning dates are where it’s at!

Speaking of dates, the parenting question I get asked the most is “how do you find your babysitters?”

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Motherhood Right Now / / Seventeen Months

Motherhood Right Now / / Seventeen Months

This post contains affiliate links.  You can see my full disclosure here.

It’s been several months since I’ve written an update on Phoenix. He is seventeen months, growing quickly — too quickly — and the joy of our lives. He’s sweet and particular. When he’s ready to sleep he is R E A D Y, just like his mama. He loves BB-8 and can say several words including: book, car, baby (or BB), bye bye, mama, dada, woof (for puppy), hi, girl and nana (for banana). He still doesn’t like long car rides, but is doing better when we’re out running errands. I think supplying endless snacks helps.

His favorite song is “The Wheels on the Bus” (which keeps him happy in the car!). His two favorite books are Zingy and The Little Blue Truck. He asks, “What’s That?” all day long. Transitioning to one nap a day hasn’t been as seamless as I hoped. Around 16 months (maybe due to traveling?) he started waking up at 5 am with a dirty diaper! Thankfully, it’s settled out again and Phoenix is back to sleeping 12-13 hrs a night. I wonder if we hit the 18 month sleep regression early?

I do enjoy the flexibility of doing activities in the morning. We go to Story Time at least once a week (sometimes twice!). Jordan and I are doing our best to encourage independent play. Per what I’ve read, we keep a limited amount of toys out at a time.

Phoenix will now somewhat pay attention to a show or a movie. He usually watches a little Star Wars on Saturday mornings with Jordan. His favorite show is Peg + Cat on PBS. He caught a cold in December and shows were a great use in keeping him from running around and coughing.

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Raising Children in a Scary World

On Raising Children in a Scary World

“Why would you bring a child in to this scary world?”

I’m sure you are familiar with the above comment, an argument many use as reason to not have children. Before Phoenix was born, I didn’t ask myself that question but as I emerged from the newborn fog (and took a look at the world around me through my newfound mom perspective) I was scared.

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Two Tips for Extended Breastfeeding

Two Tips for Extended Breastfeeding

I didn’t have a particular need for my birth to go a specific way, but I wanted to breastfeed. I don’t glorify breastfeeding or put it on a pedestal, but it was important to me to give breastfeeding my best.

There is a lot of information available on breastfeeding a newborn. Lactation consultants are available at most hospitals, but ongoing breastfeeding offers unique challenges. I had a difficult time finding information on breastfeeding past the newborn stage, into what is called extended breastfeeding. The breastfeeding community can be extreme and some “advice” I read wasn’t practical or helpful (cue: it’s possible to breastfeed and not co-sleep)!

I’m sharing two concepts which greatly helped influence a positive extended breastfeeding experience. These two tips are the reason I’m still breastfeeding today!

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Phoenix at Twelve Months

Phoenix at Twelve Months

And just like that, Phoenix is one! Phoenix started walking the day after he turned eleven months. For the first week or two he took one-to-three steps at a time before deciding he’d rather crawl, but everyday he gains more balance and control.

His crawl is hilarious. He crawls on his feet, so I’m actually sad to see him crawl less. If you watch my Instastories you’ve most likely seen it in action. Around the time he started walking, he walked into a new leap according to the Wonder Weeks app. That app has been a saving grace over this past year. The change in this current leap has been particularly noticeable. He flipped the separation anxiety switch overnight and has been extra fussy!

Handoffs with baby-sitters are sad, but thankfully when Jordan and I aren’t around he finds someone else to cling too. Out of sight, out of mind.

Phoenix at Twelve Months

Phoenix takes two naps a day (usually three hours total). He was beginning to sleep through the night (12-13 hrs), but last week he started waking up once again. I hope he goes back to sleeping through the night because it was such a game changer. Two-three nights a week I get home from work at 10:45/11, so the nights he doesn’t get up I actually feel rested.

Phoenix is still breastfeeding. My desire is to continue breastfeeding Phoenix throughout the next year. I’m not ready to end the relationship and I don’t believe Phoenix is either. We did have a couple rough days earlier this month. I thought maybe Phoenix was weaning. He started biting again, but I think it was related to this developmental leap or possibly teething. For reference he nurses five-seven times a day and when I am at work, he doesn’t drink much from his bottles.

Phoenix is constantly babbling. We now know when he says “nananana” he’s referring to bananas, but also food in general. This boy loves his bananas! Fits and tantrums are also beginning. For now I find it funny, but I know that’ll change. 😉

And now for a few more cute photos of my kid!

Phoenix at Twelve Months

Phoenix at Twelve Months

^ the tipsy baby walk is my favorite.

Phoenix at Twelve Months

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Eleven Months | Smoothie Face

Eleven Months | Smoothie Face

Phoenix and Jordan shared a blueberry smoothie on July 4th. We snapped several photos most of which I didn’t intend to share, but I couldn’t resist. I loved Phoenix instantly, but my obsession for him grows with each passing day. His toothy grin. The way his hair curls when it’s wet. His babbling and even the little tantrums (get back to me in a few years on that one!). I miss him more now than I did when I first went back to work when he was 16 weeks old. Did you find that to be true?

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Phoenix at Eleven Months

Eleven Months Update

This was the month Phoenix began to act more like a toddler than a baby. He slowly replaced bottles with table food. When I am home he nurses several times throughout the day, but when I’m not home he loves the food! Phoenix continues to regularly sleep 12 hours a night, waking once or none at all! Sleep was an early struggle for us, but we are in a good place.

I went away for a night and I think it was harder for me than Phoenix! I was telling my friends I wasn’t sad about being away from Phoenix because I was concerned for him, but because I enjoy his company. He is at such a fun age. His playful and silly personality cracks me up daily.

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Splish Splash! Phoenix at the Pool!

Splish Splash! Pool Days!

We’re in that phase of parenting where everyday Phoenix discovers something for the first time. His first time seeing a flamingo at the zoo, his first bite of bacon, his first experience driving through a car wash and his first pool party!

Our apartment in Nashville had a pool (like most here do), but Phoenix never got to experience it. By the time I was cleared for swimming, we bought our house. I wasn’t sad to move out of our apartment, except for our easy pool access.

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