Weekend Links / / We Came, We Saw, We Conquered!

Weekend Links / / We Came, We Saw, We Conquered!

Veni, vidi, vici.

Jordan and I traipsed all over New York City with our 14 month old and lived to tell the tale! Seriously. In the coming weeks I’ll share more about our trip, especially what I learned about traveling with a toddler. Lessons such as: unless you go on large family vacations with reinforcement, vacationing with a toddler in toe isn’t relaxing. But, remember, everyday with a toddler is exhausting so why not go somewhere fun!

Would I label NYC family friendly? Probably not, but everyone was so helpful. Offering up their seats on the subway or lending a hand when we had suitcases and a stroller. Overall, it was a wonderful experience and my prediction that Phoenix would love the airplane was correct!

Do you have a specific question you want me to answer about our time in New York City?

Weekend Links / / We Came, We Saw, We Conquered!

Jordan and I are glad to be home though I do miss the little cafe below our AirBnB in Harlem — we practically became locals. Once Phoenix was asleep Jordan would go downstairs and order dinner for us. Our days started there with croissants and lattes!

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Weekend Links / / New York City Bound

Weekend Links / / New York City Bound

Phoenix had a blast at his birthday party. I’ve never seen him so confident. People he barely knew held him and it didn’t phase him. I mentioned last week I was baking his cake and it was delicious. Granted, a cake full of sugar and fat should, hopefully, taste good. 😉 I highly recommend Smitten Kitchen’s cake recipe and Kate’s frosting.

Phoenix and I both came down with a cold this week. My voice is still recovering. Phoenix bounced back after a day, so thankfully he was able to go to school. I sounded worse than I felt. Despite not being 100 % this week I managed to select my clothes for New York City next week! My friend inspired me to use packing cubes. Do you pack with packing cubes? Apparently, they make all of the difference.

Weekend Links / / New York City Bound

Oh, my sweet friends at True Co. interviewed me for their Femme Friday feature. We chatted about balance, nutrition, style, motherhood and a few Nashville recommendations.

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Weekend Links / / Welcome to Fall!

Weekend Links / / Fall Welcome

Hi Friends! Phoenix’s birthday cake is currently baking in the oven and I’m praying it turns out alright. I enjoy baking (and eating baked goods), but I don’t pay attention to details enough to bake many things that involve layers and icing. I followed Smitten Kitchen’s recipe. Deb never disappoints. The icing is Kate’s recipe. Keeping it simple. I’ll share photos next week!

We are excited to celebrate Phoenix with our friends, but come Sunday evening I am ready to buckle down and prep for our NYC vacation. There are still a lot of details to solidify, but I’m confident I can get a good grip on everything before next weekend. My ultimate goal is to finish the logistical details so next Sunday I can pack!

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Two Tips for Extended Breastfeeding

Two Tips for Extended Breastfeeding

I didn’t have a particular need for my birth to go a specific way, but I wanted to breastfeed. I don’t glorify breastfeeding or put it on a pedestal, but it was important to me to give breastfeeding my best.

There is a lot of information available on breastfeeding a newborn. Lactation consultants are available at most hospitals, but ongoing breastfeeding offers unique challenges. I had a difficult time finding information on breastfeeding past the newborn stage, into what is called extended breastfeeding. The breastfeeding community can be extreme and some “advice” I read wasn’t practical or helpful (cue: it’s possible to breastfeed and not co-sleep)!

I’m sharing two concepts which greatly helped influence a positive extended breastfeeding experience. These two tips are the reason I’m still breastfeeding today!

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Weekend Links / / It’s Been a Minute

Oh, hey there! I unintentionally took time off from the blogging. Between Hurricane Harvey and Irma and DACA and Charlottesville I felt burnt out. Then Phoenix got croup and, simultaneously, (on my BIRTHDAY!!) I had food poisoning. I went to a new hip juice bar/sandwich/salad restaurant in town (while waiting for Phoenix’s steroid prescription) and yeah, won’t be going back! I’m now hesitant to order salads at restaurants anymore.

My energy was limited to the absolute essentials (i.e. my jobs, Phoenix, Jordan) and thus my break set-in. We were supposed to have a party last weekend, but we rescheduled — Croup is highly contagious. We continued to accomplish a lot at home, including buying dining room chairs!! If you caught my Instastories this week I solicited everyone’s opinion about a navy blue accent wall.

To wind down, I read almost every night. I just finished My Glory Was I Had Such Friends. It is a beautiful memoir about Amy Silverstein who, at 24, received a heart transplant. This book picks up 25 years later when her donor heart begins to decline and she goes back on the transplant wait list. What are you reading?

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Currently / / September

Currently / / September

Celebrating | Jordan and I share a birthday and it’s tomorrow! On Sunday we’re having a belated birthday party for Phoenix/we-bought-a-house party. We tend to be the kind of friends who go to other people’s houses for parties versus host our own (I think because we had a kid later than many of our friends), but I’m excited for an excuse to actually use the many serving platters I own!

Watching | The West Wing (we’re in season three) and The US Open. Football season is also here, which is very exciting. I barely remember football season last year.

Welcoming | The cooler temperatures and slower days. I know some people thrive in the heat, but I get rather exhausted by the heat of the summer. The weather change inspires me (I’ve been on a purging binge). I’m ready for daily walks with Phoenix again too.

Preparing | Our New York City trip next month is approaching quickly. October felt much further away when we purchased our plane tickets in July. I still have a few more accommodations to nail down and then we will move on to our day-to-day plans.

New York City is my ideal kind of city for vacations. I love walking everywhere, but also accessing public transportation easily. London is also like this. I know many people feel overwhelmed in large cities, but I find them comforting.

Photographing | It’s been awhile since I’ve taken any photos. 😉 Jordan is the family photographer. BUT, I’m always snapping moments with Phoenix.

Linking with Anne and Lowanda.

Weekend Links / / Solar Eclipse Moods

Weekend Links / / Solar Eclipse Moods

Whew! This was one of those weeks that felt draining for no particular reason. Now that Phoenix is in school two days a week, I am adjusting to working in the mornings again. It’s more of an adjustment than I thought it’d be. When I initially returned to work, part-time,after maternity leave, I figured I’d pick back up with my usual morning shifts.

Phoenix wasn’t predictable at all, except for his 6 pm bedtime. Thus, this is, why I switched to nights. For many months I’d come home between 10:30-11 pm only to be woken up twice before morning. I do not miss those days!

Did ya’ll catch the Solar Eclipse on Monday? I was invited to a kid’s viewing event, but Phoenix was having a morning. I instead met Jordan at work and we watched together. We had cloud cover during totality, but it was still an awesome experience. Phoenix makes an appearance in this time lapse video.

It’s finally in the low 80s, so Phoenix and I are going to the Zoo this afternoon with friends and later Jordan and I have a date night.

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Organizing with UncommonGoods

Organizing with House Plants and UncommonGoods

This post is sponsored by UncommonGoods.  All opinions are completely, 100% mine.

We are in a season of decluttering and organizing. Not quite Mari Kondo level (who has the time?), but when I have a spare five, ten, or fifteen minutes I clean out a drawer. Phoenix empties all of the drawers he has access too. Seeing the contents strewn about continually reminds me to edit, edit, edit.

As you might know, Jordan and I bought our first house last November.  While this won’t be our forever home, we have been selective in our furniture choices. This is why we only recently bought a chair for our living room and Phoenix doesn’t have a dresser. Oh, how I wish we would have saved our money and limited the Ikea impulse purchases of our youth! I don’t know about you, but I was always far too optimistic that a piece of furniture would fit in any apartment we’d move to.

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Weekend Links / / Back to School

“Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come. You wait and watch and work: you don’t give up.” Anne Lamott

My little baby started school this week! He’s in a twelve-month class two days a week. This is such a blessing as it gives us more childcare consistency. Phoenix is adjusting (particularly learning to nap with other kids), but I know he’ll grow to love going.

As you know, this week was heavy. While preparing Phoenix and myself for school (and starting new work projects) Charlottesville happened. To be quite honest with you, I missed a lot of the aftermath. Phoenix is all consuming and it’s easy for me to completely miss major cultural events.

I want to stay informed, so I’m listening to podcasts and trying to educate myself on what to do…where to go from here?

How do you keep yourself informed?

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Ladies Who Lunch (In Style)

Copper Threads Blue Stripped Dress

My first professional job, outside of college, had a black and white dress code. I could wear colorful accessories, but very quickly my closet became a sea of black. The limited options made getting dressed in the mornings simple, but when choosing pieces to purchase, I didn’t spend time thinking about fit or cut or style in general. The only question I asked myself was, “does this come in black?”

When I moved on from that job, I wanted to own the rainbow.

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