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“Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come. You wait and watch and work: you don’t give up.” Anne Lamott

My little baby started school this week! He’s in a twelve-month class two days a week. This is such a blessing as it gives us more childcare consistency. Phoenix is adjusting (particularly learning to nap with other kids), but I know he’ll grow to love going.

As you know, this week was heavy. While preparing Phoenix and myself for school (and starting new work projects) Charlottesville happened. To be quite honest with you, I missed a lot of the aftermath. Phoenix is all consuming and it’s easy for me to completely miss major cultural events.

I want to stay informed, so I’m listening to podcasts and trying to educate myself on what to do…where to go from here?

How do you keep yourself informed?

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Ladies Who Lunch (In Style)

Copper Threads Blue Stripped Dress

My first professional job, outside of college, had a black and white dress code. I could wear colorful accessories, but very quickly my closet became a sea of black. The limited options made getting dressed in the mornings simple, but when choosing pieces to purchase, I didn’t spend time thinking about fit or cut or style in general. The only question I asked myself was, “does this come in black?”

When I moved on from that job, I wanted to own the rainbow.

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Weekend Links / / John Mayer Edition

Several years ago, Jordan and I took my parent’s film camera out of storage. I used to play with it as a kid, but somehow I never broke it! We brought it with us to California last year, but only finished enough rolls for development recently. I’ve missed the excitement behind getting film developed. You never really knew what you’d get back!

Tuesday night, Jordan and I joined friends to see John Mayer live. This was my fourth time seeing Mayer and even if you only casually like his music, he is worth seeing in concert. This particular tour was a combination of full band, acoustic, and his Trio. I first saw Mayer in 2003! My friend, Lauren, and I went together. Her mom drove us to the show and I assume waited around until it was over! Several years ago I explained how Jordan officially asked me out at a John Mayer Trio concert.

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Twenty-Four Hours in Chicago Part TWO

Start here for part ONE.

Twenty-Four Hours in Chicago Part TWO

I really can’t emphasize enough how beautiful Chicago is in the summer. I do not miss the endless winters, but I miss Chicago in the summer. A vibrant energy, after being cooped up all winter, is unearthed. We experienced near perfect weather during our twenty-four hour stay. Chicago gets humid in the summer, but we were quite fortunate!

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Weekend Links / / August Beginnings

Weekend Links / / August Beginnings

Phoenix was in rare form this week — equal parts cuddly, sweet and crabby. His top molars are cutting through and he was very uncomfortable on Monday and Tuesday. Despite the hard days we enjoyed a few last minute playdates this week. One of which was to a new restaurant in town — Caviar + Bananas. It reminds me of Dean & Deluca.

I officially know I’m the parent of a small child because I missed the openings of an entire slew of new restaurants.

Before Phoenix was born I envisioned myself to be the kind of mom who went to Le Leche League meetings and Story Time. Both of which never happened as he was the kind of newborn who randomly melted down. I also didn’t really struggle with breastfeeding, but that’s a tale for another time. Most Story Times in Nashville take the summer off, but I’m excited to work story time into our week. I think it’ll be a nice way to break up our day.

When Phoenix starts school in a few weeks I plan on starting the transition to one nap a day. He probably could still take two naps for a few more months, but for consistency sake I’m going to transition early. We transitioned early from four to three and from three to two and he napped better after each transition.

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Currently / / August

Currently / / August

Snacking (on) | Fruit, especially peaches. I could live off of fruit and so far Phoenix is the same way. I have yet to make a crisp this summer, but I have plans to make one this weekend. Gwyneth Paltrow has a recipe

Anticipating | Phoenix’s first day of “school”. For the past six months we’ve been coordinating baby-sitters, but Phoenix will attend a parent’s-day-out program two days a week. This allows me to work during the morning (instead of at night) and alleviate the stress of finding childcare.

Borrowing | My friend’s air mattress. We finally bought our own, but when my brother came to visit a few weeks ago we needed another bed.

Admiring | Warby Parker’s Lauren 17 in Rose Quartz. I almost bought new glasses last year, but I was hesitant as I didn’t know if my eyes would change while I was pregnant. Jordan and I went into their storefront last week and I fell in love with this pair. The rose quartz is like a blush pink.

Purchasing | Glass Spray Bottles for my homemade cleaners. This makes me sound a lot more “green” than I actually am. I wanted to pair down our supplies and keep this area of my life more minimal. Products I already keep on hand (vinegar, Castile soap, essential oils, baking soda, rubbing alcohol) can be used for cleaning products, so why not use them more!

Linking with Anne and Shea Lennon

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Phoenix at Twelve Months

Phoenix at Twelve Months

And just like that, Phoenix is one! Phoenix started walking the day after he turned eleven months. For the first week or two he took one-to-three steps at a time before deciding he’d rather crawl, but everyday he gains more balance and control.

His crawl is hilarious. He crawls on his feet, so I’m actually sad to see him crawl less. If you watch my Instastories you’ve most likely seen it in action. Around the time he started walking, he walked into a new leap according to the Wonder Weeks app. That app has been a saving grace over this past year. The change in this current leap has been particularly noticeable. He flipped the separation anxiety switch overnight and has been extra fussy!

Handoffs with baby-sitters are sad, but thankfully when Jordan and I aren’t around he finds someone else to cling too. Out of sight, out of mind.

Phoenix at Twelve Months

Phoenix takes two naps a day (usually three hours total). He was beginning to sleep through the night (12-13 hrs), but last week he started waking up once again. I hope he goes back to sleeping through the night because it was such a game changer. Two-three nights a week I get home from work at 10:45/11, so the nights he doesn’t get up I actually feel rested.

Phoenix is still breastfeeding. My desire is to continue breastfeeding Phoenix throughout the next year. I’m not ready to end the relationship and I don’t believe Phoenix is either. We did have a couple rough days earlier this month. I thought maybe Phoenix was weaning. He started biting again, but I think it was related to this developmental leap or possibly teething. For reference he nurses five-seven times a day and when I am at work, he doesn’t drink much from his bottles.

Phoenix is constantly babbling. We now know when he says “nananana” he’s referring to bananas, but also food in general. This boy loves his bananas! Fits and tantrums are also beginning. For now I find it funny, but I know that’ll change. 😉

And now for a few more cute photos of my kid!

Phoenix at Twelve Months

Phoenix at Twelve Months

^ the tipsy baby walk is my favorite.

Phoenix at Twelve Months

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Weekend Links / / No Gelato, Birthday Baby

Weekend Links / / No Gelato, Baby

Hey, friends. How was your week? Sunday night my best friend, Lauren, and I saw Tig Notaro live. Tig is one of my favorite comedians (maybe my favorite?). If you are unfamiliar with Tig’s varies comedy specials begin with this clip on Conan. It’s the reason Jordan and I are fans. One note on comedy shows, it’s weird how early they get out! Her set was done in an hour. I kept thinking, wait, no encore?

Phoenix turned one yesterday! I’m having a hard time putting my thoughts into cohesive words except that he’s the best (and most exhausting) part of my life. His birthday was quite relaxing. Phoenix and I met up with Jordan at Wilder Études. We wanted to take Phoenix to the nearby Legato Gelato once Jordan’s meetings were over. Phoenix didn’t quite know what to think of the gelato, but that simply means more for me! P.S. their vegan chocolate gelato is decadent and creamy.

It’s so hot in Nashville right now. It’s the kind of oppressive heat where even if you have access to a pool you don’t want to be outside in it. I suppose every summer (around Phoenix’s birthday) I’ll be reminded of how swollen my feet were while pregnant! 😉

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Chicago Explorer Style

Chicago Explorer Style | PinkBlush Maternity

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Right before leaving for our week in ChicagoI was eagerly awaiting several packages. One of those packages included this beautiful blue choker neck cutout dress from PinkBlush Maternity.  

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Twenty-Four Hours in Chicago Part ONE

Twenty-Four Hours in Chicago Part ONE

Jordan and I decided to visit our families in Chicago around Phoenix’s first birthday months ago. Chicago comes alive in the summer, which is why it’s our favorite time of the year to visit! I thought it’d be nice for Jordan and I to get away for a night, but I didn’t know if it’d actually work out. Thankfully, Phoenix started sleeping through the night a few weeks before, so I felt pretty confident we could make it happen!

Keep reading to see how we spent our twenty-four hours in Chicago!

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