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My husband and I met in chemistry class; I was 15, he 16. We were smitten, but didn’t begin dating for another four years. I am thankful for good friends who convinced Jordan to finally ask me out 🙂 Two and a half years later we said “I do” at the naive ages of 21 and 22. Many worry that getting married before knowing oneself would be inherently more challenging, but I disagree, I’ve loved growing up together.

I have a B.A in Psychology but have never used it professionally. Nevertheless, I use it often in one of my favorite pastimes: psychoanalyzing humanity 😉 I am a professional latte designer, full-time adventurer, part-time dessert baker and assistant for my husband’s design company. I strive to live more graciously than yesterday and to grow in my faith each day. For me, it’s important to stretch my mind, travel far, and always have a stash of dark chocolate.


When I began reading blogs a few years ago, I was inspired by how the online community was documenting daily life so beautifully! I wanted to save more moments. Jordan and I have been together since 2005 and the big events are still clear in my mind, but some of the small details are drifting: like the summer right after college graduation when I spent afternoons baking homemade pretzels and canning cherry jam, the meals we newly-weds ate on cardboard boxes in our first apartment, or my first visit to New Mexico to meet Jordan’s relatives. I wish these were photographed; I don’t want to forget this journey.

In the beginning of 2013, I came up with a name, Jordan began designing this beautiful space and teaching me simple photoshop skills, a few words were written for my first post and A Short Blonde was born. I hope to continue to document our life for as long as it feels right.

Thank you for reading!



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  1. Hello! We follow each other on Instagram, I’m eidolonhouse on instagram. I share about my husband’s and my bindery on Instagram and our website, but I also have a more personal blog called Millee-Margaret. I follow Casey Leigh’s blog and recognized your picture on her link-up this week! A rather long explanation there, I’m sorry, but I wanted to stop in and say hi, and tell you I enjoyed this blog entry and your insight! I hope you have a fantastic 2015! Jill Adams

  2. Found your blog from Katie’s (at Hope Engaged) and I’m so glad I did. I love what you wrote about you guys growing up together. We always say that too! We started dating just after I turned 17 when he was 18 and got married at 21 & 22. 🙂

  3. I just found your blog, and I LOVE it! You’re definitely inspiring for an aspiring blogger. I did have one question, what kind of camera do you use for your photos, I am looking for an amazing camera for blogging and just to take pictures of my family. I am tired of the photos I have due to my cellphone.

    1. Thank you, Sheila! Up until August we were shooting with a Nikon D5100, but we recently upgraded to the Sony A7II.

      We edit our photos with Photoshop and Lightroom. Let me know if you have any other camera questions!

  4. I am your newest follower and I am obsessed with your blog. We have a few things in common and I’ve barely done any exploring. I am short and a blonde as well so your blog name caught my attention immediately. I can’t wait to read more and become even more obsessed with your little corner ♄

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