Weekend Links / / California (Here We Come)

Our 2009 California Vacation Jordan has been in California all week for work and this afternoon I’m finally boarding my flight to join him! It wasn’t ideal spending our wedding anniversary apart, BUT we’ll be spending some much-needed vacation together in California so I say it’s a good compromise. We’ve been to Cali both separately and together … Continue reading “Weekend Links / / California (Here We Come)”

Weekend Links / / Fall Colors and Sad Car Faces

We spent last weekend in Illinois for Jordan’s grandfather’s funeral. While the reasoning behind our last-minute trip wasn’t a joyous occasion, seeing Jordan’s family was really nice. Phoenix loved being around his grandparents, aunts, and uncle. The last time we saw his family Phoenix was going through a clingy phase, but this time he barely needed … Continue reading “Weekend Links / / Fall Colors and Sad Car Faces”

Weekend Links / / John Mayer Edition

Several years ago, Jordan and I took my parent’s film camera out of storage. I used to play with it as a kid, but somehow I never broke it! We brought it with us to California last year, but only finished enough rolls for development recently. I’ve missed the excitement behind getting film developed. You never … Continue reading “Weekend Links / / John Mayer Edition”

Weekend Links / / Wonder Woman Nights

This post  contains affiliate links.  You can read my full disclosure here. This is an exciting week for the Shorts! The week began with a relaxing Father’s Day. The weather wasn’t ideal, but the night ended with Jordan’s choice of take-out (tacos) and the new Beauty and the Beast. Tuesday night friends of ours graciously offered to … Continue reading “Weekend Links / / Wonder Woman Nights”

San Francisco | On A Mission

Jordan and I spent 2.5 weeks in April and May of 2016 driving the coast of California. To start at the beginning click here. When Jordan and I stay in San Francisco again, I want to spend more time in the Mission district. After our brunch date with Kelly at Plow, Jordan and I made an ill-advised decision to walk to the … Continue reading “San Francisco | On A Mission”

Weekend Links / / The Start of Summer

How was your week? On Wednesday I scheduled a baby-sitter for four hours. I ran a couple of errands and knocked out a bunch of work for the week. I’d much rather pay to expedite my weekly work-flow. Even though Phoenix goes to bed early, I rarely have enough energy to get as much work … Continue reading “Weekend Links / / The Start of Summer”

Currently / / May

This post contains affiliate links.  You can see my full disclosure here. Baking | A granola recipe I shared years ago. To keep the recipe even more simple, I omit the dried fruit and use only oats and pecans (or whatever nuts I have on hand). One day I added honey and realized a honey/maple syrup combination … Continue reading “Currently / / May”

San Francisco | Brunch at Plow

Jordan and I spent 2.5 weeks in April and May of 2016 driving the coast of California. If you’d like to start at the beginning click here. After exploring San Francisco by bus, we met fellow blogger, Kelly, for brunch at Plow on our last full day. Afterwards, Jordan and I spent the afternoon exploring, shopping and eating ice cream … Continue reading “San Francisco | Brunch at Plow”

2016 | A Year in Review

It seems like a lifetime has passed since I rang in 2016. That night might also be the last time I’ll voluntarily stay up until 4 am. Haha! On the last day of January 2017 I wanted to take a moment and reflect on the past year. It’s almost impossible to put into words the impact 2016, as a … Continue reading “2016 | A Year in Review”

Weekend Links / / Vanishing Mean Girls

^ A sneak peak of our New Years card I finally received this week! Phoenix kept me on my toes this week, but I managed to finish listening to the audio of War and Peace and I’m only a few chapters away from the end of Maisie Dobbs. Next up (for my reading challenge) is Sense and … Continue reading “Weekend Links / / Vanishing Mean Girls”