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February Recap

January was a slow month, but February flew by! I’m trying to even remember why. Phoenix and I were both sick. I honestly haven’t had a cold since before Phoenix was born (and I currently have a fever, so I’m catching up for lost time apparently). I get sinus headaches and sometimes my throat will be scratchy, but it’s allergy related. Phoenix  started his croup cough and then woke up with gunk in his eye. We assumed it was pink eye, but his pediatrician diagnosed Phoenix with an ear infection.

Within a day the antibiotics cleared the eye gunk. Bless modern medicine. I had constant ear infections as a child. Tubes were put in my ears, so I’m very thankful Phoenix went 18 months before his first round of antibiotics!

I mentioned last month Jordan and I signed up for Movie Pass. I’m thinking through each month to make sure we have a chance to see a movie. Last week we saw Black Panther. I’m considering bringing a blanket with me next time. Our theatre has reclining seats and they are very comfortable!


Planning | Logistics for the month. Family is visiting, which is awesome because we won’t have to get as many sitters for the month.

Seeing | How easy it is to make impulse purchases. I’ll recap next month, but Jordan and I are in a no-spend March. We needed to reign in our budget to reach a few goals. How I approached this was to limit groceries to essentials — no new recipes that involve special ingredients (spices, sauces) — and a general mindfulness of not over stocking up.

Obviously no clothes, makeup, books, records (Jordan’s impulse weakness), household items, etc. Phoenix needed spring clothes, so I used credit card rewards points and ended up spending $5. He also needs new shoes, but I factor that as necessary.

An example of something I need, but isn’t completely necessary are cereal/dinner bowls. We still use our wedding registry dishes, but we’re down to 5 bowls. We replaced our glasses from a thrift store, so I’ll keep my eye out for bowls.

Making | Progress on our taxes. I know I keep talking about this, but if you are self-employed (or are married to one) you’ll understand the struggle! I always discover an error on a 1099, so that gives me solace. Tax season is hard on everyone!

Pretending | That winter is over. At least in Nashville!

Wearing | Looking through my closet I realized my basic t-shirts were lacking, so I purchased three Everlane box t-shirts. They are only $16 — affordable and ethically made. The slight crop works with all of my high waisted jeans. Last spring/summer I was still less than a year postpartum, so I didn’t quite know where my body would land and thus I wore through the few shirts that fit.

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25 thoughts on “Currently / / March”

  1. I think a no-spend month would do us good too. I do our budget and recently refreshed our expenses/income and found that we’re spending a lot more on unnecessary things than we should be; those small purchases add up!

  2. I am slowly changing my wardrobe to include will check ethical, sustainable, and organic clothing so I will check Everlane out! Thanks!

  3. A no-spend month would be so hard for me, but that probably means I should consider trying it! Even just cutting down groceries to “essentials” would probably be huge – I feel like I’m at the grocery store almost every day… But speaking of spending, I still haven’t tried Everlane, but every time I see a blogger friend mention it, I’m tempted 🙂

  4. I need to work on our budget. I swear we spend all f our money at the grocery store but then we are down to nothing by the end of the week, so we’re using everything. That’s so good Phoenix hasn’t had an ear infection until now! I think Leighton has had three and I feel like that isn’t many compared to a lot of kids.

  5. I love the idea of a no-spend month, too. We need to do that in the coming month! Also, I love that you state your goals for the upcoming month and do a summary of your previous month. It really helps us to stay organized when we lay it all out! Happy March!

  6. Budgets and taxes and spending sprees are taking soooo much space in my mind too lately! I want money to matter a lot less. A LOT less. I’m the opposite…I’m soooo careful and soooo tight, it’s not good.

    Winter seems to be over alll of a sudden here too. I’m not sure if it’s just faking us out though. Probably.

    1. As soon as I wrote that we experienced a weird cold spell — it even lightly snowed overnight! Ugh. We aren’t all that tight with money (some areas more than others), but with my husband being self-employed there just is stuff we have to buy (computers and cameras and office supplies). I am needing it to take up less brain space and I know much of that comes with creating better systems.

  7. Ah I love how I just talked about budgets and then I read this! We need to do a no-spend month – or even a no-spend 2 weeks out of every month or something haha.
    I am so sorry you’re sick (and have been sick).

  8. Everyone is talking about MoviePass!! We need to get on it!! I’m so sorry for Phoenix’s ear infection and all the sickness…We had no idea when Emma had one at 2 months!

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