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I’m taking a break from my weekly Weekend Links, so instead I’m going to use these currently posts as a recap from the previous month. Mostly for my own recollection, but I enjoy reading about the everyday, slightly mundane, moments. Maybe you do too.

In January, Nashville had a snow storm! My parent’s came to visit. Jordan and I went on several dates. We signed up for MoviePass and so far we’ve seen I, Tonya. I finished two books: Rules of Civility and Between Shades of Gray. I’m a slow reader, but I couldn’t put Between Shades of Gray down. I read it in 24 hours! Does anyone else love books with short chapters?

Jordan and I finally signed up for a Southwest Credit Card. Might as well reap all of the travel benefit! I’ve already purchase flights for Phoenix and I to visit my brother in April and I have two more flights to book for the first half of the year. Jordan and I want to find more ways to travel this year and know using points will be one way.

Finishing | Yoga With Adriene’s January 30-Day Journey. I wasn’t able to practice 30 days in a row, but I’ve been managing 3-4 times a week. Totally a win for me!

Subscribing | To unsubscribing? From unsubscribing to lists, expectations, podcasts, television shows and even people I follow online. Sometimes I forget the agency I have over how I feel throughout my day.

Wishlisting | It’s still cold, but I’ve been putting thought into clothing items I might need for summer. I have a feeling our weather will swing warm very soon! I’m constantly reevaluating my closet and I know I need jean shorts to round out my summer wardrobe. I’ll probably order these three from Levi (1, 2, 3) and select which one is best.

Watching | We finished watching Turn last month and besides fully emerging ourselves into the Winter Olympics we’re occasionally watching episodes of Seinfeld.

Hearting | It’s so cliche, but I love my little family. Phoenix and Jordan bring me a lot of joy.

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