Let’s Play in the Snow!

Let's Play in the Snow!

Growing up in Chicago snow days didn’t quite have the same special allure they hold in the south. Now don’t get me wrong I went sledding and made snow angels and igloos out of the mountains of snow, but there was always another snowfall to come. And life kept moving because of the use of snowplows and salt trucks.

People still act surprised when it snows in Nashville, but in the three winters we’ve lived here one or two small snowfalls have taken place. Here are photos from Nashville’s largest snowfall in 13 years. Ironically, this happened right after we moved here.

Schools are quick to close, grocery store aisles empty with urgency and adults frolic in the snow just as much as kids. The main danger in driving around isn’t so much snow accumulation, but ice and windy streets that aren’t treated. I used to make fun of the pandemonium surrounding an inch of snow, but I understand now!

Two years ago I got stuck going up a hill — I don’t want to relive that moment! I actually really hate driving in inclement weather, so I’m glad our winters are short.

Let's Play in the Snow!

Last week we had an ice storm and on Tuesday another snow fall! Phoenix and I made a last-minute Costco run on Monday afternoon for some essentials. I knew Phoenix and I wouldn’t be leaving for a few days. Jordan worked from home on Tuesday and after Phoenix’s nap we played in the snow for a bit. I almost forgot Jordan’s parents bought him snow boots last year. Surprisingly, they fit!

(affiliate link) Phoenix’s Jacket is in a size 18-24 months, so I’m hoping he’ll fit in it next year. The jacket is possibly too warm for the duration of our winters, but it also came in handy when we went to Chicago for Thanksgiving.

I wasn’t sure if Phoenix would like the snow, but he plodded through our yard on a mission. And now for more cute photos of Phoenix playing in snow for the first time.

Let's Play in the Snow!

Let's Play in the Snow!

Let's Play in the Snow!

8 thoughts on “Let’s Play in the Snow!”

  1. Adorable! I loved the Instavideos of him running around playing in the snow.
    I grew up in VA and we definitely lived that “one inch and life stops” life. I lived so rurally that one inch could close school for a week, if the conditions stayed below freezing…there simply weren’t enough plows for as many curvy back roads as our county had. It’s nice to hear someone say they get it now after previously thinking we southerners were all just crazy over snow, haha!

  2. That hat, that puffy jacket, that face!!! I can’t get enough. I love these photos. We mostly just had ice the last two days and the city shut down as well. We have been going stir crazy, I wish we at least had fun snow to play in!

  3. You also have a lot of hills to climb and that adds more challenging driving. He is so adorable with his chubby red cheeks..

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