Weekend Links / / Happy New Year!

Weekend Links / / Happy New Year!

Weekend Links / / Happy New Year!

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Jordan’s parents and youngest sister left this morning. We enjoyed celebrating Christmas 2.0 together. Phoenix (with the help of FaceTime) has developed quite a relationship with his extended family. It’s very sweet to see his excitement anytime we are all together.

It was a busy holiday season (or year rather) for Jordan and his business, so having a few relaxing days together was the perfect Christmas present. We went on a date to see The Disaster Artist. Have you seen it? The Room (the movie The Disaster Artist is about) is quite the tale of a creative vision gone wrong.

What are you New Years Eve plans? The past two years we went to a party, but this year we’re joining a few friends for dinner. Everyone will put their kids down and the adults will enjoy dessert and drinks. I’m already looking forward to it!

Onto the links!

We recently had Google Fiber installed and it’s a game-changer. Since moving to Nashville we haven’t been able to consistently stream anything on our TV. I’m generally listening to podcasts, but when I want to watch something it’s frustrating to not be able too.

Jordan and I finished The Crown and are now watching Turn. And I’m watching the first season of Victoria (streaming on Amazon Prime). It’s perfectly British and romantic, just the kind of show I like watching in the winter.

I listened to Jennifer Egan interviewed on Fresh Air and now I’ve added Manhattan Beach to my to-read list. My favorite sort of fiction is historical fiction. What to know how tired I’ve been this year? I didn’t remember I put together a reading challenge. Whoops! I read this year, but not from my list. haha.

Some really honest thoughts about investing in postpartum clothes that fit. After Phoenix was born, and I no longer fit in my maternity clothes, I bought one pair of jeans and wore them for a good six months. I sold them and bought a smaller size after Phoenix’s first birthday.

Chelsea reimagines the twelve days of Christmas with the little help of her toddler. I’m still laughing about it.

Happy Weekend, all!

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4 thoughts on “Weekend Links / / Happy New Year!”

  1. I’m so jealous of your Google Fiber! I have Victoria on my list but haven’t watched it yet due to Amazon not letting you use Chromecast to get it to the TV. I watched some of The Marvelous Mrs Maisel (sp?) on the train recently and fell in love, so I know I’m going to have to figure out some way to get Amazon shows onto my big screen. I’m waiting for my mom to visit to watch the new season of The Crown and she’d better hurry because I want to watch it so badly!

  2. I love The Crown! I binge-watched the first season in one sitting, and now that the second season is out, I’m just waiting for the perfect day to sit and have a The Crown marathon! It’s one of those shows I can’t get enough. I’m fascinated by The Royal family!

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