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Happy December, y’all! I’m excited to co-host this month’s currently link-up with Anne. Nashville is experiencing a cold front, which comes at the perfect time. On Saturday we are selecting our Christmas tree. Last year we bought our first real Christmas tree from Lowes and plan on doing the same!

Before we dive into the prompts I want to ask you to leave your favorite cheesy Christmas movie in the comment section below. Tis’ the season!

Lighting | Trader Joe’s seasonal candles. I never noticed their candle selection, but, on a whim, I purchased their fall pumpkin scent. Sadly, all of the pumpkin candles were completely gone by the time I went back. But to my surprise they sell a winter scent, cedar balsam! The candle base is soy and coconut and the aroma is pleasant — not too strong. I’m curious what other scents they carry throughout the year.

Spending | A few items of clothing have been hanging in my closet just waiting to be tailored. I found someone local (via our Nextdoor group) and I look forward to crossing this task off of my to-do list. Do you ever tailor your clothes?

Choosing | I talked about this a little bit in Monday’s blog post, but lately I have struggled with feeling unproductive when I’m home with Phoenix. I’m very logical so I rarely feel the common social media jealousy — I understand we all choose what to share — but sometimes I wonder what I’m doing wrong when I see how productive people are!

Jordan’s job goes through seasons of high demand, Phoenix needs a lot of attention and so, I find myself a little paralyzed when I have time to myself. THERE IS SO MUCH I COULD DO! But I’ve been reminding myself to choose to slow down and be present. This season of mothering a toddler for the first time is temporary.

Sending | Next week I bookmarked a day to buy (okay, most) all of our Christmas presents. I felt rather overwhelmed with all of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, so we decided to shop via Preemptive Love Coalition’s Gift Catalogue. They have beautiful soaps and candles and clothing too!

Singing | Christmas carols and songs from The Sound of Music to Phoenix at night. Between choir and community theatre performances I still remember a ton of songs from The Sound of Music!

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  1. One of my favorite super cheesy Christmas hallmarky movies is Mistletones. If you watch it you have to promise not to judge. I feel the same way about being productive during the day. I know I won’t get much done while she’s awake but during nap time I struggle with enjoying some me time and relaxing and trying to do all the things.

  2. Wait. You suuuuper casually mentioned that you did community theatre. That’s awesome!!! And SUPER impressive you all did the Sound of freaking MUSIC! What a hard play to do!! Trying to be productive makes me a worse mom, I swear. It feels like I’m only productive when I’ve finished a concrete task like washing all the dishes, folding all the laundry, etc. which means Aiden’s left to play by himself for a while. Tell me how you do it!! 🙂

    1. HAHA. Oh yeah. I did a ton of community theatre from like 8-15. Choir, voice lessons, piano, etc. I don’t think I can even read music anymore which is kind of terrible. I’m really thankful our house is fairly open concept (which actually just means small haha) so even if I have to do laundry the laundry is right next to Phoenix’s room. I keep throwing out and donating our stuff so I have less to keep track of!

  3. I love The Sound of Music! It works its way into my Pandora stations pretty regularly! Did you see the live version on television a few years ago with Carrie Underwood? Interesting!

  4. Black Friday shopping stresses me out too! We actually aren’t doing many gifts this year (just stocking stuffers), so I don’t have too much to get, but getting it done in one day sounds like a good plan of attack!

    1. It’s all too much! I have three more gifts to buy and a few to wrap but I feel pretty on top of it this year. Stockings weren’t super important growing up but once my son is a bit older I do like the idea of filling it with special items.

  5. Ohhh I LOVE the Sound of Music. You’re making me want to go watch it right now! For cheesy Christmas movies though, I love National Lampoon’s Christmas vacation. 🙂 I totally know what you mean about having time to yourself–sometimes I feel totally paralyzed when I have a surprise stretch of an hour or more too. I know there are a million things I could do, but what SHOULD I do??

  6. I love so many cheesy Christmas movies. Watching “Ernest Saves Christmas” takes me back to watching movies like that with my Dad. You can’t forget “Christmas Vacation” or “The Santa Claus” either!

  7. Ok the Trader Joes Cedar Balsam is AMAZING! I forgot I had that in my candle stash (the closest trader joes is like 50 minutes away) so I need to pull that one out! <3
    I love the next-door website (that's what you're talking about right?) it's been so helpful with finding new places! What new pieces are you excited to get tailored?
    I love what you're choosing to do; I have those same struggles with obviously a different situation. I'm always feeling like I can/should be doing xyzzy when in reality it's ok to focus on only X at the moment!

    1. I feel your pain — we didn’t live close to the TJ’s when we lived in Illinois but I actually work across the street from the only TJ’s in Nashville so its uber convenient for me. I had purchased two basic Everlane t-shirts last year but I hated the sleeve length. She took them in. I also had a sleeveless denim blouse that I had her cut open the back so it flairs out. It was like too blousy and looked awkward tucked in but also awkward out. AND a dress. 🙂

  8. The Sound of Music is one of my all time favorites! And I know how hard it is to get sucked into the comparison game. You’re doing a great job no matter what!

  9. That’s so funny you mention tailoring because I’m going to a tailor today to hopefully have some sleeves shortened on a jacket. It has zippers and a lining though so I’m not sure it’ll be easy, or if she’ll even attempt it. I’m 5’2 so tailoring is kind of a necessity sometimes. Good luck with yours! Thank you for co-hosting!

  10. Thanks for co-hosting Currently this month! It’s nice to meet you! We just drove through Nashville twice over Thanksgiving weekend, but we didn’t have a chance to stop and do anything cool. We’d like to go back up next year and explore a little bit. I’m guessing we might be able to find some good food!

    Cheesy Christmas movie? Anything on Hallmark this month! I do enjoy a sappy movie where everything turns out okay!

  11. I am not much of a movie watcher, but at Christmas time I always have to bring out Love Actually. And if I am scrolling through the channels and find Elf on, you better believe I am staying and watching 🙂

    And slowing down and being present in parenting… it can be such a struggle. As you probably guessed from my comment about how much I clean and tidy, I am not always good at it! Always good to have a reminder though.

    Thanks for hosting again – and have a fabulous holiday season. It gets more and more fun as the kids get older!

    1. Phoenix is using a lot of restraint each morning when he sees the tree. He goes up ever so closely and looks at the ornaments and I can see he wants to grab them so bad! haha. I really should buy Elf. It’s such a good movie.

  12. i am all about Trader Joe’s… but have never actually tried their candles! i will have to check them out now!
    you are right that most seasons we go through are temporary & it’s nice to remember to slow down every once in a while! thanks for the reminder & you got this mama!

  13. I’ve never really been a candle person, and recently, I gave away or threw out all of my candles. I figured with two young kids, I would never be relaxed enough to light them when they were awake, and I’d be too tired to be trusted myself once they were in bed. But a week or two ago, we were at a Friends & Family night at my brother-in-law’s store, and on the way out, they handed everyone a votive candle, all wrapped up. I barely noticed the scent at the time, (which is probably good, because I do have some scent issues, so I usually just reject anything I can smell even if it’s not a trigger for me), but when I got home, I opened it and it smelled like Christmas. Rather than throwing it in the garbage like I thought I was going likely going to do, I keep it on my counter and sniff it every time I go past. Probably not the intended purpose of the candle, but the safest for us!

  14. I used to have my clothes tailored–back when it was still cheap (i.e., when I lived in the Philippines). I wish I could do it by myself but alas, I’m not “gifted” in that area 😛

    1. Ahh. Yes. I’ve heard how easy it is to get things tailored in places like the Philippines. I took kid sewing lessons but I never got past the beginner level. It’s a skill I wish I had too!

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