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Currently / / November 2017

November is here! Surprisingly, this holiday season will be less crazy (for me) than the past few months. Ever since we got married (nearly 10 years ago) my jobs have always provided the insurance for Jordan and I. The company where I work (six years today!) has two audit periods a year. As long as you reach the required hours within the six months, it doesn’t matter how many hours you work in a given week.

To make November and December less hectic, I worked extra in September and October. I often regretted my decision but I know it’ll pay off here soon. In other news, we moved into our house one year ago, so while we set up a tree for Christmas it all felt like a blur. I look forward to selecting our tree and decorating our house again for Christmas!

Is your holiday season already hectic?

Realizing | There is a lot I want to do, but to accomplish anything well I have to commit to less. This explains why I haven’t been publishing blog posts as much recently. Sometimes I convince myself I don’t work outside the home as much as I actually do because it’s “retail” and “part-time”. 

Stirring | Vegan tortilla soup. When I’m feeling uninspired I always opt for soup. Generally speaking soups are full of vegetables and relatively easy to throw together.

Appreciating | Our childcare! Between a handful of sitters and Phoenix’s school, I am never concerned when I am away from him. It takes an effort to build a support network around you (especially when you don’t live near family), but it’s worth it.

Investigating | Travel strollers. I love our Uppababy Vista. It is a workhorse, but as we learned quickly in NYC the Vista is really heavy. We have a lot of stroller years a head of us, so even though I thought owning two strollers would be excessive investing in a lightweight option will be worth it. 

Following | I mentioned Karin Rambo in Friday’s post, but another recent favorite blogger is Kitty. I find her capsule wardrobe videos on YouTube to be extremely informative and approachable.

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8 thoughts on “Currently / / November”

  1. Hectic? Always! Looks like we are doing things in the very last moment! Wish I could have vacation at list two weeks before Christmas to have things done my way.

  2. oooo girl I FEEL YOU!
    That taking a step back from the blog sometimes MUST happen.
    That soup looks amazing.
    And I truly hope you find some down time in all the hectic and crazy.

  3. Good sitters are a major plus! I’m really lucky that we do not have a hectic holiday. It’s very relaxed and I don’t schedule anything but fun. I guess for us it all boils down to choices – we choose what we do and do not let a calendar or anything else dictate us! It works, woo hoo! Have an amazing day!

  4. Yayyyy for less crazy holidays! Getting to enjoy them more will totally make your fall push worth it. And we love our Maclaren for lightweight travel. It’s basically a glorified umbrella stroller, but it’s held up really well over 2 years. Got it on Amazon for a pretty good price!

  5. How did you find such reliable sitters? We’ve been relying on family & church friends as babysitting options, but I’d like to have others in the mix too! And amen on committing to less so you can do it well 🙂

    1. Some are coworkers or friends of coworkers or coworkers of friends. My aunt has family in town so her cousin’s daughter Babysits sometimes. I had to get used to having people I didn’t know babysit. But I always worked through a personal connection. Right now I have about 4 girls I reach out too on a regular basis, but I need probably 1 more as college schedules change so much!

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