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Oh, hey there! I unintentionally took time off from the blogging. Between Hurricane Harvey and Irma and DACA and Charlottesville I felt burnt out. Then Phoenix got croup and, simultaneously, (on my BIRTHDAY!!) I had food poisoning. I went to a new hip juice bar/sandwich/salad restaurant in town (while waiting for Phoenix’s steroid prescription) and yeah, won’t be going back! I’m now hesitant to order salads at restaurants anymore.

My energy was limited to the absolute essentials (i.e. my jobs, Phoenix, Jordan) and thus my break set-in. We were supposed to have a party last weekend, but we rescheduled — Croup is highly contagious. We continued to accomplish a lot at home, including buying dining room chairs!! If you caught my Instastories this week I solicited everyone’s opinion about a navy blue accent wall.

To wind down, I read almost every night. I just finished My Glory Was I Had Such Friends. It is a beautiful memoir about Amy Silverstein who, at 24, received a heart transplant. This book picks up 25 years later when her donor heart begins to decline and she goes back on the transplant wait list. What are you reading?

Onto the links!

5 Blog Posts I’d Want to Read | I first fell in love with the medium of blogging back when it was more day-to-day and a little less stylized. I’m planning on documenting a photo an hour post for next week. What are your favorite blog posts to read?

Widen the Road | This isn’t a post directly about politics, but it addresses how we fit into the larger picture.

“It’s about realizing how many times I’ve put myself in the center of the story and tipped the plot toward a place it wasn’t intended.”

Chia Jam, Three Ways | Did I ever tell you about the time I spent three hours making one jar of cherry jam? Only to realize my parents own a cherry pitter I forgot about? At least it was good jam.

Authentic Puerto Rican Rice and Beans | Since I’m not eating meat any longer (maybe a few times a year), I’d like to incorporate beans and rice meal into our rotation. I’ve attempted to make it before in the past, but neither the beans nor the rice were flavorful enough.

The easiest fall outfit (olive-green + stripes + denim). I’ve avoided buying a new demin jacket (mine is perfectly worn in), but both elbows are busted. I think it’s time.

Happy Weekend, all!

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10 thoughts on “Weekend Links / / It’s Been a Minute”

  1. UGH girl, food poisoning is the worst, especially on your birthday and when trying a new place!
    Taking a break is needed here and there, so never feel bad about it!
    The rice + beans look amazing and I LOVE that easy fall outfit!

  2. I’m honored you included me, Catherine! You’re so sweet! I can’t wait for your photo-an-hour post! 🙂

    I am SO sorry you were sick on your birthday. That is the absolute worsttttt, especially since it’s hard enough to balance work/mom life when you’re healthy! I’m praying you are all back to full strength 🙂

  3. Hope you are hanging in there! What a bummer birthday – it’s super hard being sick when you’ve got a kid to deal with, and then when he is sick too?! Croup is such a bad one too, they just sound so terrible and make me worry so much. Hendrik needed steroids for it last week too, and then we moved on to an ear infection (his first!) after that. Ugh, the first week of preschool hit us hard. Hope you are all feeling better, and excited to see more about this house progress 🙂

    And as soon as we get fall weather again I’m copying that outfit! I’ve been loving my olive pants and denim jacket so much lately, I’m not sure how I haven’t done that outfit yet. Also I know what you mean on replacing a denim jacket – when you have the right one, it’s pretty much impossible to find its substitute. I lost mine once (at a Starbucks, actually!) and was SO upset until I rescued it. My husband thought I was nuts, but I was like, “you don’t understand! it’s the perfect denim jacket and can never be replaced!” Ha!

  4. I’m a little behind on blog reading whoops. Food poisoning is the worst. I got it once from a gas station Subway. I love the post about blog ideas I would read all of those. I can’t wait to read your hour by hour post, those are some of my faves. I’ve been meaning to do a day in the life post, but never remember until half way through the day.

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