Currently / / September

Currently / / September

Celebrating | Jordan and I share a birthday and it’s tomorrow! On Sunday we’re having a belated birthday party for Phoenix/we-bought-a-house party. We tend to be the kind of friends who go to other people’s houses for parties versus host our own (I think because we had a kid later than many of our friends), but I’m excited for an excuse to actually use the many serving platters I own!

Watching | The West Wing (we’re in season three) and The US Open. Football season is also here, which is very exciting. I barely remember football season last year.

Welcoming | The cooler temperatures and slower days. I know some people thrive in the heat, but I get rather exhausted by the heat of the summer. The weather change inspires me (I’ve been on a purging binge). I’m ready for daily walks with Phoenix again too.

Preparing | Our New York City trip next month is approaching quickly. October felt much further away when we purchased our plane tickets in July. I still have a few more accommodations to nail down and then we will move on to our day-to-day plans.

New York City is my ideal kind of city for vacations. I love walking everywhere, but also accessing public transportation easily. London is also like this. I know many people feel overwhelmed in large cities, but I find them comforting.

Photographing | It’s been awhile since I’ve taken any photos. 😉 Jordan is the family photographer. BUT, I’m always snapping moments with Phoenix.

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  1. I love it that you share a birthday – this party sounds perfect! I’m not usually much of a hostess as an introvert, but I do love an excuse to use those serving platters every once in a while. I’m watching the US Open as we speak. And have thought about going back to The West Wing (we love it so much we’ve watched all 7 seasons twice), but I’m kind of afraid it would just make me really depressed about politics…

    And this photo of you is gorgeous, by the way! What a chic and flattering look.

    1. It is a little depressing, but also oddly comforting. Like maybe we can go back? And thank you! I feel like I’m really starting to be able to dress for myself again — not constantly thinking of my postpartum body.

  2. How cute is that, sharing a birthday with the hubs?! Well, happy birthday to the both of you – I know this year was mighty special for you both. I can’t wait to see what all you’ll get into with your NYC trip coming up. I love your travel posts and it’s been ages since I’ve been to the city. Also, I’m with you on the whole summer being over thing. I adore fall weather and so happy you are beginning to see the first signs of it. I miss the foliage changing since moving to CA, but I can live through others like yourself 😉

    Happy hump day!

  3. I love that picture of you/your outfit. I get way too excited about busting out serving dishes and playing hostess especially since I feel like it so rarely happens these days. I also love a walkable city to explore. I feel like it’s even more important now with a toddler so you don’t have to mess with lugging around a carseat.

  4. Happy Belated Birthday!!! Yay for getting those platters out and playing hostess. 🙂

    Football season is my favorite of all sports. Minus being able to watch college basketball on TV. That’s pretty fun too!

    What they say about the magic of fall breathing life into things is sooooo true. Enjoy it!

    NYC is going to be AMAZING next month!!! I find the same comfort in big cities.

  5. A trip to NY sounds sooooo fun!! (Plus I love that you’re not afraid of big cities! Come to Philly and let’s meet up!) Happy belated birthdays to you & Jordan….and I LOVE that you two share a bday. Sweetest thing ever.

  6. I don’t think I knew that y’all shared a birthday!
    Happy Belated Birthday! <3 <3 <3
    We are also hoping to schedule a trip to NY before we leave!

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