Weekend Links / / Solar Eclipse Moods

Weekend Links / / Solar Eclipse Moods

Whew! This was one of those weeks that felt draining for no particular reason. Now that Phoenix is in school two days a week, I am adjusting to working in the mornings again. It’s more of an adjustment than I thought it’d be. When I initially returned to work, part-time,after maternity leave, I figured I’d pick back up with my usual morning shifts.

Phoenix wasn’t predictable at all, except for his 6 pm bedtime. Thus, this is, why I switched to nights. For many months I’d come home between 10:30-11 pm only to be woken up twice before morning. I do not miss those days!

Did ya’ll catch the Solar Eclipse on Monday? I was invited to a kid’s viewing event, but Phoenix was having a morning. I instead met Jordan at work and we watched together. We had cloud cover during totality, but it was still an awesome experience. Phoenix makes an appearance in this time lapse video.

It’s finally in the low 80s, so Phoenix and I are going to the Zoo this afternoon with friends and later Jordan and I have a date night.

Onto the links!

Weekend Links / / Solar Eclipse Moods

^ This KID!

I could eat grilled margarita flatbread every night, all summer long. We don’t have a grill, but a broiler works too!

I know I’m not the only one that devours capsule wardrobe videos and blogposts. Perfectly curated closets and homes are addictive. The challenge I always found with capsule wardrobes is Nashville doesn’t have enough seasons to constitute the need for four or even three entirely separate closets. I can wear a t-shirt essentially year-round.

I stumbled on Audrey Coyne’s channel and like her twist on capsules. You must first build a core (basic) wardrobe. The rotating capsule portion might only be a couple of sweaters for winter and a fun hat for summer. For years, I only owned two pairs of jeans and neither fit me well. It’s easy to think you need an entire new closet when your clothes don’t fit. I said enough of that. If I want to buy less, I need to first buy right. I now own three great fitting pairs of jeans.

I’m curious if any of my blogging pals has read this article on how social media influencers have become the unpaid interns?

“The myth is very much a meritocratic one: That if you are putting the most creative, unique content out there, and you have a special voice, you will rise to the top. And by rise to the top, I mean you will earn an income.”

Jordan and I know quite a few people who make their living through online platforms, but many of them also have other sources of income, either through photography or a family business.

What are your thoughts on influencer marketing?

Happy Weekend, all!

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Links / / Solar Eclipse Moods”

  1. That’s a very interesting article about the influencers. Most people who start a blog just to make money are not going to be successful, the same as people who fell into it naturally and end up trying will not. I do hope people are being paid for their partnerships and showing off brand products, but it is a lot of work for very little return in most cases.

    1. My views have changed a lot. There are a decent number of “influencers” in Nashville, but I now realize many of them actually make their money through other means. Either through real-estate (Airbnb is big here) or another business.

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