Organizing with UncommonGoods

Organizing with House Plants and UncommonGoods

This post is sponsored by UncommonGoods.  All opinions are completely, 100% mine.

We are in a season of decluttering and organizing. Not quite Mari Kondo level (who has the time?), but when I have a spare five, ten, or fifteen minutes I clean out a drawer. Phoenix empties all of the drawers he has access too. Seeing the contents strewn about continually reminds me to edit, edit, edit.

As you might know, Jordan and I bought our first house last November.  While this won’t be our forever home, we have been selective in our furniture choices. This is why we only recently bought a chair for our living room and Phoenix doesn’t have a dresser. Oh, how I wish we would have saved our money and limited the Ikea impulse purchases of our youth! I don’t know about you, but I was always far too optimistic that a piece of furniture would fit in any apartment we’d move to.

Built-ins and a pantry full of mason jars are amazing, but baskets and house plants are all you need for a budget friendly organized and stylish home. I store everything in baskets: hair tools, towels, throw blankets and toys! A set of open baskets are ideal in a nursery. We’re constantly picking up toys. I don’t want to meticulously separate everything into small bins, I just want the toys off the floor! Phoenix is beginning to understand small commands, like, “place your stuffed animal into their basket.”

Once everything is off of the floor, add a few plants. Plants breathe life into a space. If taken care of properly, plants will last a long time. The planters you choose add personality to a room. We like to use natural clay pots. I don’t know why Jordan and I didn’t own plants in our previous apartments. Have an empty corner? Place a giant plant there instead. Jordan and I talk about adding a bench to the corner near our front door, but until then we added several plants. It fills the space nicely.

I’ve mentioned it before, but Bev is the queen of house plants even with twins! For those of you who might ask, Phoenix mostly leaves the plants alone. We were pretty diligent about redirecting him anytime he’d get too close. More diligent than redirecting him away from my make-up drawer.

How do you stay organized? Do you decorate with house plants? I’d love to hear your tips and suggestions!

UncommonGoods sells everything from furniture to unique candles to  jewelry. They are one of my favorite online retailers for clever  gift ideas (someone must give a baby this ice cream swaddle!). UncommonGoods is focused on changing the way business is done by making sustainability a part of every decision they make.

20 thoughts on “Organizing with UncommonGoods”

  1. Baskets are my go to for storage. You can find some really pretty ones at thrift stores or even yard sales. Clean them up and I have even sprayed painted them to do in a certain rooms.

    1. Somehow we’ve kept our selection of plants alive since January!! I think the key is to actually ask questions before purchasing a plant. Or just go to Trader Joe’s and buy their herbs for 3.99.

  2. I am IN LOVE with uncommon goods! In all truth, I try to avoid their website because I could spend HOURS and HOURS and HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS shopping! 😛

  3. I am constantly weeding out things that aren’t used often, or for which I haven’t the space. I love plants, but they must be small…again, no space. One day we will own a house…or even a bigger apartment that will allow us to add things like the baskets and plants. Even then, I’m sure I’ll stick to my weeding regimen so I’m not overwhelmed by clutter.

  4. I don’t stay organized, haha! But I really trying to! We are currently preparing to hit the road in our RV full-time, so I definitely working on learning all I can to be better about staying organized. In such a small space it’s really going to make a difference. This post was super helpful! Thanks!

    1. That sounds like so much fun!! I recently listened to a podcast about organizing and they said don’t fall into the trap that you need to go and buy fancy jars or containers for organizing. I loved that as sometimes I just need to rearrange with the materials I already own! Good luck!

    1. Oh yes, we don’t have a separate play room either so I’ve cleared out cabinets in our entertainment center so the baskets can live somewhere when he’s not playing with them.

    1. It’s kind of insane. Though, once I wasn’t a baby anymore I mostly played with the somethings for years (toy kitchen, American girl doll, play mobiles, etc.) The baby stage is the hard one because they grow constantly!

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