Currently / / August

Currently / / August

Snacking (on) | Fruit, especially peaches. I could live off of fruit and so far Phoenix is the same way. I have yet to make a crisp this summer, but I have plans to make one this weekend. Gwyneth Paltrow has a recipe

Anticipating | Phoenix’s first day of “school”. For the past six months we’ve been coordinating baby-sitters, but Phoenix will attend a parent’s-day-out program two days a week. This allows me to work during the morning (instead of at night) and alleviate the stress of finding childcare.

Borrowing | My friend’s air mattress. We finally bought our own, but when my brother came to visit a few weeks ago we needed another bed.

Admiring | Warby Parker’s Lauren 17 in Rose Quartz. I almost bought new glasses last year, but I was hesitant as I didn’t know if my eyes would change while I was pregnant. Jordan and I went into their storefront last week and I fell in love with this pair. The rose quartz is like a blush pink.

Purchasing | Glass Spray Bottles for my homemade cleaners. This makes me sound a lot more “green” than I actually am. I wanted to pair down our supplies and keep this area of my life more minimal. Products I already keep on hand (vinegar, Castile soap, essential oils, baking soda, rubbing alcohol) can be used for cleaning products, so why not use them more!

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    1. I just linked to the bottles I purchased in my post — but they are from amazing and are about $5 a piece. I bought one set but I think I’d like to get another set to keep upstairs.

  1. We love peach season around here too. And hope the first day of “school” goes great. It may well be an adjustment period, but once you get through that, it will probably be great for everyone! Less stress for you on the childcare, and fun for Phoenix to hang out with other kids. And different toys – I think that was always Hendrik’s favorite part of his part-time daycare 🙂

    1. Right now he’s pretty oblivious to a lot of his toys at home, but I think it’ll help throughout the year as he gets older. He’s going in the middle of the week so it’s a nice change of pace for us all!

  2. I can’t get enough peaches either–they are SO good right now. I would love to start making my own cleaners, but I have to say I’m a little intimidated by it! I need to just try one to get started.

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