Weekend Links / / Mid Summer Ramblings

Weekend Links / / Mid Summer Ramblings

How was your 4th of July? Jordan, Phoenix and I came home Monday from Cincinnati. We were still recovering, so we didn’t do much of anything on the 4th. It was kind of nice! Phoenix and the car are not friends (he screams off and on for hours on road trips), so we needed a rest day. Jordan and I ate veggie burgers, sweet potato fries and salad for dinner and rented Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. We love Harry Potter but I wouldn’t recommend this film — it wasn’t very good.

I was worried the fireworks blowing off in our neighborhood would wake Phoenix, but he slept through like a champ.

On a completely unrelated note let’s discuss skin for a minute. I deal with acne, but my skin is normally not sensitive to the products I use. Until now! Two different products (a foundation and moisturizer) clogged my pores and now I’m reeling with intense breakouts. One item was from the drugstore, but the other was a “natural” product. I’m sticking with my favorite Glossier moisturizer from now on! (this referral link gives you 20% off)

What is your favorite mask for deep cleaning clogged pores?

Onto the links!

How to Remove Labels on Jars | I have more storage space in our kitchen, so I am building my glass jar collection up again. This tutorial is useful and eliminates any reason to purchase jars!

The Chicest Way to Wear a Silk Scarf for Summer | Do you wear scarves? Hats? I wear glasses the majority of the time so I gravitate towards hats, but I love the way scarves look on people. My grandmother gave me a lot of her scarves, so I should wear them more often. I admire the many ways Bridget ways scarves.

Just Like A Dream | My husband wrote and directed a music video for Bantug this spring and it was released this week! I’m obsessed with the song and I think you will too.

Vegan Meal Ideas | Earlier in the week I discovered Pick Up Limes on YouTube. I’m obsessed. I made her chewy peanut oat bars and plan on combining these two recipes (1, 2) to create a “chocolate” hummus dip. It’ll be great for me and Phoenix! I like discovering creative and simple ways to regularly incorporate plant based meals into rotation.

Happy Weekend, all!

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10 thoughts on “Weekend Links / / Mid Summer Ramblings”

  1. I’m obsessed with all things Bridget Hunt but could never pull off a scarf like her! And You guys are such champs for doing a road trip with a baby that doesn’t love the car. I’m a chicken and haven’t attempted one with Aiden (beyond day trips to the beach/NYC, both 2ish hours away) so I am suuuuper impressed with you two!

    1. It’s somewhat unavoidable as all of our families live far away, but thank you! Headphones help. HAHA. We leave for Chicago on Wednesday and are attempting the leave really early in the morning maneuver. I hope this will eliminate some crying.

  2. Glad you had a good 4th! I have a bunch of glass jars saved but I definitely need to read that article about how to get the labels off!

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