Chicago Explorer Style

Chicago Explorer Style | PinkBlush Maternity

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Right before leaving for our week in ChicagoI was eagerly awaiting several packages. One of those packages included this beautiful blue choker neck cutout dress from PinkBlush Maternity.  

Chicago Explorer Style | PinkBlush Maternity

If you’ve been reading my blog for a little while you know how much I love PinkBlush MaternityThey are known for their maternity clothes, but I love their non-maternity dress selection too. The two dresses I own keep their shape and look good styled in many ways!

This light blue (almost periwinkle) dress is breezy and light (but not see-through) and transitions from day-to-night easily with a change of shoes and accessories. For this particular outing, I paired it with my Birkenstocks, but I see myself wearing it with my white converse or clogs. I plan on packing this dress with me when Jordan, Phoenix, and I travel to New York City this fall. I can throw on a jacket when the weather begins to shift.

What is your favorite way to wear dresses? Do you wear them casually or only for special events?

If you’ve been waiting to order something from PinkBlush this link will give you 15% off your first order!

Chicago Explorer Style | PinkBlush Maternity

^ Unintentional, but I love how my new Matt & Nat backpack looks against the blue of the dress.

Chicago Explorer Style | PinkBlush Maternity

Chicago Explorer Style | PinkBlush Maternity

Chicago Explorer Style | PinkBlush Maternity

Thank you to PinkBlush Maternity for partnering with me on this post!

30 thoughts on “Chicago Explorer Style”

  1. I love this dress. I bought a couple jersey dresses this year and it’s the best way to look like you got all dressed up but with minimal effort and ultimate comfort.

  2. You are rocking that dress!! I love the color and style (though I haven’t tried a choker dress yet…#notbrave). Also you make me want to chop all my hair off and get a cute short cut like yours!!

  3. I am usually not so sure about this style of neckline, but you make it look so cool! Very flattering fit and the neckline adds a pretty snazzy style factor to a simple outfit. Can’t beat the double season possibilities of a good sightseeing dress either!

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