Currently / / July

Currently / / July

Documenting | I am in the very early stages of creating a photo book for Phoenix’s first year. We’re using Artifact Uprising. They have a lot of options and we like the quality of the end product. I’m also thinking of creating one specifically for my pregnancy.

Accomplishing | At the end of July I’ll have a one-year-old. I feel like this year is the biggest achievement of my life! The first year of parenthood is a rollercoaster. I plan on sharing my many reflections soon.

Enjoying | Simple veggie sandwiches for lunch. Introducing foods to Phoenix feels like a full-time job, so instead of over thinking what I should have for lunch I’m eating sandwiches. I slather hummus and guacamole and pile on lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes. It’s really satisfying.

Reading | The Royal We. It had been on my to-read least for a while now! It’s the perfect summer read. I heard Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman own the rights and are writing a screenplay. It would make a great movie.

Does anyone know of historical fiction books that take place in the prairie? I recently listened to an NPR podcast on the Donner party and I’d like to read more from that time period. It doesn’t seem to be a very common setting compared with WWI and WWII.

Spending | More time reading, organizing, purging, cooking, and exploring with Phoenix. Phoenix is in a busy stage and I’m trying to do my best to keep up with him while also resting. I recently went through my bathroom and purged old toiletries.

Linking with Anne and Stephanie.

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  1. I can’t believe Phoenix is going to be a year old! Crazy.
    I love that you’re setting up a book for him. I panicked when I realized I didn’t have many printed photos from the past decade of my life and have started creating photobooks for each year on Shutterfly. Not the same quality as AU, but definitely better than nothing. I’ve come across some amazing memories of times forgotten.

  2. Good for you getting on that photo book… I just finally did Hendrik’s first one, and it would have been so much easier if I’d just done a month at a time starting earlier! And I thought The Royal We was such a great summer read too. On the hunt for the next great summer read now – Paula Hawkins’ new one was pretty good, actually.

    1. Ohh yes, I really enjoyed girl on the train. We debated renting the movie last night though we opted for fantastical beasts. I think girl on the train would have been better!

  3. Hi there – Popping by from the link up! Good for you for doing a photo book of Phoenix’s first year! I did books with my first and second children, and totally have slacked on the third kid (poor guy). He’ll be two on July 23rd! Hope Phoenix has a good birthday!

  4. First of all, how did I not know you did this link-up too?! Anyway, I need to check that book out! I just started The Rosie Effect (sequel to The Rosie Project) and as of page 4 it’s great 😉 hahaha

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